A Maaneet Paradise

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Baarish Maaneet ff Part 26

Part 26


It was like a dream come true for Maan  n he was sooo happyyy he was on t op of the worlddd n that nothing else mattered to him

N he just kept on kissing Geet’s cheeks,eyes,ears,nose n lips every 5 minutes to make himself realise that he was not



As Maaneet climb down the mountain and come back riding the cycle having all the romantic moments and as they arrive at the cottage Devdas runs to them n Maan tells him the good news of Geet accepting his proposal and telling him how happy he was and then realised that they also had to go back home so started the journey way back home.


As Maaneet reached home the whole house was tensed n they could see Rajeev pacing left and right n Naina and Meera were mumbling between themselves as if sharing a secret.

As Maaneet entered the house Naina and Meera hugs n kissed Geet and Maan forheads.Maaneet went towards Rajeev who was glaring angryly at them for being so irresponsible and as theycame forward Rajeev just hugged ”


Naina and Meera were soo shocked and shouted on Rajeev

Naina “Could not you just hug Maan n Geet”

Naina “Jiju I expected you to slap Maan for his irresponsiblity atleast scold him”


Both Maan and Geet turned confused to their mom’s

Maaneet ” what are you talking abt????????”

Rajeev “Soo much much money did you both lose” completely ignoring Maaneet’s question.


Meera and Naina “Rs 20 each”

 Rajeev ” Whattt??????? I earned only Rs 40″

Maaneet “Can some one just tell us whats going on here ‘..”

Rajeev ” Ohhh nothing beta its just that your mom n Naina had a bet as to what I would as soon as you both entered the house and as I knew this I just hugged Devdas instead”

Maaneet were like W*F”..

Rajeev “And now I get to know tht they had a bet for just Rs 20 each and here I was planning to buy a new rifle with the bet money I get”

Maan “But uncle why would you get the money if both didn’t win????????”

Rajeev “that is why I would get the money as even during our college days it was either me or yash who used to get the money if both didn’t win”

Maan ” uncle you I understand but even Dad used to play such bets and pranks??????”

Geet “What do you mean by my dad its okk if they play such pranks???????”

Maan ” Aree Geet im just telling tht my Dad is the biggest Sadoo on earth and your Dad is sooo jovial and nice”

Geet “Dare you tell a word abt my Yash uncle he is the best person in the whole world understand that and yes he is also not sadoo it is you he is just worried abt nothing else”

Maan ” but Geet you have never met my Dad how can you be sooo sure”

Geet ” I had come to your house and I just didn’t know tht the useless fellow they were talking abt was you” n angryly went off towards her room.

Maan is all confused and cursing his Dad to have complianed abt him not joining their buisness even to Geet


Precap-Maan knowing Why his Dad is always pissed with him


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