A Maaneet Paradise

Baarish Maaneet FF – Part 31 onwards

Part 31




Avanii and Maan both started blushing hearing that n Ashi was giving them confussed looks as to what they were talking.


Maan “Look who’s talking who could not talk the whole day after her first kiss”n starts laughing’.


Man with the lady “He he he he he Maan Sir I mean Maan wht are you talking about””


Lady interupting…


Lady “Nothing at alll Puchki, Maan just tells things like that for fun”


Maan “Ohhh hooo no no wait I have to tell you”


Lady ” Just shut up ok Drama king dont act too much”


Maan still in teasing mood sings “Munni Baadnam hui Adii tere liyeee

Item yeh aam huiii Adii tere liyeee

Munniii reee ooo Munniii reee”


Ash (Lady) “Just shut up Maan I will kill you ,you know I hate that song why do you always tease me with that song”


Adii (Man) “Plzzz cool down Sweet heart anger is not good for you and the Baby” soothing her back


“Maan now just stop it why do you always have to tease Ash with that song (though  it suits her hehehehe -self talk) don’t tease her n that’s my order”


Maan “Okkk bosss but you know I cant help it to call Munni as Munni you know as its her pyaara sa pet name”


Ash cryinggg “Dekhoo naaa Avanii yeh tumhara pati mujhe kitna pareshan kar raha hai”


Avanii “Aab bas bhi kijiye Maan” glaring at him


Maan “Avanii tu is Baby DQ (drama queen) ke liyeee mujhe akhee dikarahiii hoo”n makes a cute pout


Avanii “Maan par dekhiyena Bhabhi roo rahii haiii naaa aab aap tho samaj  jayiye na”


Ash “Very good Avaniii aur datho Maan ko”


Maan “Vo mujhe nahi daath rahii hai samaj gayi tum” n they started fighting like small kids and their never ending fight.


Avanii “Maan par dekhiyena Bhabhi roo rahii haiii naaa aab aap tho samaj  jayiye na”


Ash “Very good Avaniii aur datho Maan ko”


Maan “Vo mujhe nahi daath rahii hai samaj gayi tum” n they started fighting like small kids and their never ending fight.




Ash and  Maan just looked at Adii and Avanii as to see why they were shouting n asked


Maan “Tum dono ese ku chilla rahe hoo, Yaha koi chilla ne competation nahi chal raha hai”


Avanii “Agar aap ka aur Bhabhi ka bachoo ki tharah ladna ho gaya hai tho plzz aap drive karna suru karenge???”


Maan and Ash “Sorrryyy”


Ashiii “Maami alto baddd maami mumma paapa tall(talk) n Maama no hiii Ashiii” n starts sobbing


N All are like not again ”’.  




Past continues



Part 32




Ashiii “Maami alto baddd maami mumma paapa tall(talk) n Maama no hiii Ashiii” n starts sobbing


N All are like not again ”’. 


Avanii ” aree mera bacha gussa hogayaaa’..”

Hearing this maan is remained of the past



After Maan had talked to his mom he got to know that it was Geet whom he had rejected even without seeing n his Dad was still angry on him for that.


Now his main aim was to manofy his Misthy who was realllyyy angry on him n he knew just the way to manofy her n smiles evilly at his naughty brains idea.



Maan goes to Geet room n as expected it was locked,so he knock it for sometime n then just goes to the kitchen n takes out a huge scoop of DBC *death by chocolate it’s the yummiest ice cream I hv ever had ‘. Muu mein abhi se hii paani araha haiii*  n sneaks into her room from her balcony to see Geet cuddled like a baby in her blanket as if she is in her mother’s womb n she looked sooo adorablyyy cute with her cute complaining pout n talks to babaji .



Suddenly Geet heard some slurping sound n peeps frm insie her blanket towards the door


Geet [self talk]”Babajiii door tho locked haiii tho yeh awaj kaha se arahiii haiii’ kaiii koi chor tho nahiii ‘vo mera murder tho nahi kar dega naaa ‘. Babajii bachaa lena meri abhiii shaadi bhi nahii huii haii..par yeh chor slurping kii awaj kyun kar raha haii.. sayad bhukha hoganaaa uske ghar mein meri Mom jaisi achi cook nahi hogiii'” n then gathering some courage but not looking outside the blanket



Geet ” Mr.Chor kyaaa aap yaha chori karne ayee hoo??? Yaaa mera murder karneee???? Dekhiye meri abhi tak shaadi bhi nahi huiii aur mein gud girl bhi huuu n sab kii madat karthii huu tho aap mera murder kyun karna chahthe hooo ‘. Aur aap koo zyada bhuk lagii haiii  ke aap itnaa awaj karke kharahe hoo n itna awaj karke khana bad manners hota haiii ‘ mummy ne nahiii sikhayaaa’haaan mujhe pata haiii sab meri mom kii tarah tastyyy khana nahi bana sakthee dnt worry yaha se right leke aap neeche javogena tho waha kitchen haii ‘kitchen mein frigde mein mom ne khana rakha hogaa aap kha lijiyegaa’ yese khalii peth kaam karna achi baath nahii hotii'” n then she heard someone laughinggg n wondered kee iss chor kii itni himat ke Geet  Handa ka mazak udaye n in full shernii mood just sits on her bed taking off the blanket n is shocked to see Maan on floor with DBC ice cream smugged on his face.


Maan [self talk] “ohhh goddd kya ladkii haii misthii phele tho daar thi hai kii chorii aur murder karne aya haiii n then itna concern dikha thi haiii n tht maaners line ‘ oh goddd  hw can I stop falling in luv with my misthy over n over again” n then just could not stop himself frm bursting into laughter on the floor.


Geet ” Maaan aap yaha kyaaa kar rahee hooo????”


Maan ” Mein thoo ice cream khaa raha huu vo bhi DBC”


Geet ” Oooh tho aap vo chor haii joo mujhe daarahe thee???”


Maan ” Mein koi chor nahi huu mein tho sirf ek dewana huu aur meinne kahii suna haii kii Geet Handa koo kisi bhi chiz se daar nahii lagthaa'”n starts smirking


Geet ” Haan tho mene chiz se  daar nahi lagtha bola tha insaano se nahii  n aap koo sharam nahii aatha aise lafangagiri karthe huve vo bhi ek kuwarii ladkii ke room mein akee”


Maan “lafangagiri nahiii dewangii kahoo misthyy aur yaha koii kuwarii ladkii bhi haii maine tho dekha hii nahii mera bhi intro karva doo mein bhi thoda line marlooo”


Geet just becomes red in anger n pouts her lips so cutely that Maan couldn’t resist n just went n sits next to her n Geet just turns her face away from Maan n when Maan went the other side she turns it the opposite side of Maan


Maan pouting just like Geet  “Aree mera bacha gusssa hogayaaa???” n seeing Geet trying hard to control her smile n peeking frm the corner of her eyes maan continues “Dekha babajii merii misthy ne mujhe chor bola phir bhi mein gussa nahii hua aur v uss baath ke liyee gussa hai jab mein usko jantha bhi nahi tha ‘yeh tho galat hai naaa mein tho bas apne aap ko establish karne ke baad dad kii chunii huii ladkii se shaadi karna chatha tha but mujhe tho dad ne baath karne se bhi mana kardiyaaa.. aab ismeee merii kya mistake haaaiii'”


Geet hearing this feels bad that out of no reason she was just angry on maan for a silly reason n also tht she called him a chor so she just saw Maan seeing upwards like she does n suddenly pushs Maan on the bed n comes on top of him’.



Past continues 

Geet’s mom doubts Geet 

a reminder to Maaneet abt Preet n Geet’s marriage they hv to come out of their maaneet land naaa 

4 days left for marriage


Part 33




Geet hearing this feels bad that out of no reason she was just angry on maan for a silly reason n also tht she called him a chor so she just saw Maan seeing upwards like she does n suddenly pushs Maan on the bed n comes on top of him….


Geet just starts coming close to maan who is in a sleeping position, she kisses him on his nape then comes to his eyes, cheeks, nose, chin, earlobe n even shoulders  n kissed slow n sensual kisses filled with passion n started unbuttoning his shirt n placing kisses all over his chest….


Maan who was enjoying her passion filled kisses but his lips went dry wanting Geet to place her lips on his n make it wet n lively as there bodies were now. He was getting hard but wanted to see the wild side of his Misthy so just kept his control by tightening his hold over her waist leaving no space even for air to pass through….


Our naughty Geet knowing his intension n feeling d tighting of his hold on her waist just bit his abs n Maan felt a jolt go though his spin n thought it was better to leave her otherwise thy both will be making love n as thy had just made love some hours ago Geet must still be Sore as it was her 1st time not tht it wasn’t his 1st time too but Geet did look a bit weak as she was also crying continously after coming back from the cottage after what happened downstairs…


But our Geet in her Naughty n Passion filled mood just came up to his lips n just smacked them on his lips n Maan was taken by surprise as he was still lost in his thoughts n whn he left Geet bitting his lips so that he can allow her inside his mouth just opened his lips n turned Geet so that she was under him n just kissed her more passionately n sensuously n as they were out of breath just pulled himself out of the bed leaving a panting Geet on the bed alone.


Maan just went n stood by the window which showed  a board put up below……..


Geet was just confused by Maan’s actions when she expected him to go down kissing her nape n fondling her curves… Maan just left her alone on the bed she didn’t understand what was going in Maan’s mind n to add to it he was standing by the window placing his back toward her… She felt Rejected but before coming to any conclusion she wanted to ask Maan what was bothering him…


Geet went to Maan n just held his hand as if assuring him that Im with you dnt worry just tell me what is troubling you and then when she didn’t feel Maan responding to her She followed Maan’s grace n saw Maan intenllyyy looking at a board which says


                             Geet Handa




           Preet  Aluwalia




Maaneet comes back to reality from there Dreamland 

n  Twisttt



   Character Sketch rewritten –
Maan Singh Khurana-
5 Years ago-
a happy go lucky guy, luvs spending his dad’s money n loves his mom a lot.

According to Yash Singh Khurana-

Maan is the laziest person ever found on earth n who just wants to enjoy his life with working hard for it n in short he is a DHARTHI PE BHOJ.


According to Meera Singh Khurana-


Maan is the best gift she has ever got n her son is the best son in d whole world. Always supports him when there is a father-son fight.


5 Years later-

a very Responsible Son ,Husband n Father.Owner of Khurana Construction which is the leading construstion company in India. Is a self made Man. His life revovles around his family .


According to Yash Singh Khurana-

 The best son anyone can get,he is very proud of his son. Is happy that his son didn’t use his own business or father’s name n has come up on his own feet.


According to Meera Singh Khurana-

 She is reallly proud of him but doesn’t show it still angry on that 1 mistake done by Maan n knows tht her son is still waiting for her forgiveness but her trust was broken by him so just needs some more time but can go to any extend to keep him safe n sound n can even die for him.


According to Avanii Singh Khurana-

 Maan is the best Husband n best father she could get for their Daughter.Is also the Best Friend of Maan n respects him a lot bcoz when she needed her Family n Friends only Maan was there to support her in no matter what circumstances.


According to Ashii Singh Khurana-

 Maan is the BEST Daadaa anyone can get,fulfills all her demands n also saves her frm Mummy‘s gussa n plays with her n luves her vry much.

Yash Singh Khurana-

5 Years ago-

 A multimillionaire of Bangalore n Maan’s dad, always behind him to join the office n curse himself tht such a son is born to him bt luvs Maan’s mom alot n even Maan bt never expresses it.


According to Meera Singh Khurana –

 The world’s best husband,bt hates him when he starts cribbing abt her darling son.


According to Maan Singh Khurana-

 The world’s most uncool dad has objection for everything he doesn the world’s biggest KANJOOS bt he also luvs his dad bt never expresses it.


5 years later –

a very cool retired person has handed his company to his Bahu Avanii or telling Daughter would be better.Happy enjoying his old age with his Family


According to Meera Singh Khurana-

 Still thinks he is the Best husband of  the world but gets irritated when with Ashii he starts acting like a child n teases her.



According to Maan Singh Khurana-

Now a cool dad n no more a KANJOOS n luvs him a lot n even expresses it to him n the person who gives him advises when he is in need of it in both his Professional n Personal life.



According to Avanii Singh Khurana-

 Is not his Father in law but her Dad who has thought her Business from the Scrath n her partner in crime for solving the tension between Meera n Maan n she luvs him alottt.


According to Ashii Singh Khurana-

 Her Dadu n Dost who luvs her sooo sooo much n saves her frm Dadi who will be back of her to drink Milk n she teams up with him to irritate Dadi by enacting her actions.

Meera Singh Khurana-

5 Years  ago-

Wife of a multimillionaire n Maan’s mom,loves both her husband n maan vry much. Her life revovles around the two.And always the BAALI KA BHAKRA in d father-son fight.


According to Yash Singh Khurana-

 A really lovely mother n wife a person could get n the same lady who proposed him in a temple.


According to Maan Singh Khurana-

 The best gift god has given him n the best mom in the whole world.For him mom’s words r the final ones.


5 Years later-

a very happy n proud Wife, Mother n Dadi. The only matured person in the house full of matured kids who start fighting for small things. Is the life of the family though doesn’t talk to Maan but keeps in check all his activties n is just tired of Avanii n Yash trying to patch up Maan n her.


According to Yash Singh Khurana-

 Seeing her shouting n scolding him he cruses God why did he have to tell Yes to Meera when she proposed to him in the temple but luvs her move than anyone in this world as she is his jeevan sangini n cnt do a work of his without her help.


According to Maan Singh Khurana-

 The Bestest of Best Mom in the world though he is sad that his Mom doesn’t talk to him but he knows she has forgiven him but just needs some more time as she always trusted him n he had broke her trust.


According to Avanii Singh Khurana-

 Her Mom who teaches her to make variety of new tasty dishes n even makes her fav dishes once a week without fail n a person who always support her in all her decisions n also helps her to take care of Home n Office together n she loves her alottt for always being there no matter wt time or situation it is.


According to Ashii Singh Khurana-

 The Best Dadi who makes her  different types of cartoon chocolates but also the one who makes her drink the yuck milk but also the one she luvs to imitate n irritate.

Avanii Singh Khurana-

a loving Sister, Wife, Daughter in law n Mother. Her life revolves around her family n she is over protective about her family bcoz of the circumstances.She has brought life n success to Maan’s life.She has brightened up Khurana’s life n also bonded Yash n Maan’s realtionship.


According to Yash Singh Khurana-

 His beautiful n sexy daughter with whom he goes out to eat roadside Golgappa’s ofcourse hiding frm his Wife n Son who are health freaks.Luv’s avanii as a daughter since the time she came home n wishes that  she becomes a bit free to the outer world n has handed his business completely to her.


According to Meera Singh Khurana-

 Her cute n bubbly daughter who would go to any extend  for her family just like herself. She considers her as an ideal partner for Maan n considers her a gud mom who would luv n also scold her child.Thankful to her that she brought Ashii into their lives.


According to Maan Singh Khurana-

 She is the most unique takela piece in this whole world as he often teases her but luvs her to no extent n wants her safe n is over protective abt her after sm incident but cnt leave a chance to romance with her even if in front of the family n always ends up fighting like kids n they are best friends.


According to Ashii Singh Khurana-

 Her pyaari strict Mumma who doesn’t pamper her sooo much but luvs herrr n is vry over protective n who gets her Golgappa’s when she Dadu n Mumma go for walking in the park.

Ashii Singh Khurana-



The Princess of all the Khurana’s life whose one smile makes the day bright n one tear make the world go gloomy for the Khurana’s who can go to any extent to fulfill her tantrums n wishes.


According to Yash Singh Khurana-

 His Pari grand daughter with whom he playsin park n teams up with her to irritate Dadi n also to tease Maan n Avanii n will not spare the person who makes her cry.


According to Meera Singh Khurana-

 Her Parchaiye who imitates her every action n who demands different cartoon chocolates n if demand not met will make such cute pouting faces tht u instantly melt n can go to any extent to keep her happy.


According to Maan Singh Khurana-

His Princess who is his world n she is d only one who gets angry more than him n throws tantrums that even MSK looks a small kid in front of her. Pampers her to no end n fulfills all her demands wishes.


According to Avanii Singh Khurana-

She is her Princess n also a Nautankii who will do anything to get her wishes fulfilled but luvs her vry much n is also strict as all of them pamper her to no end n she can go to any extent to keep her safe but is vry over protective abt her bcoz of her past.

Capt. Rajeev Handa-
 5 Years ago-

A retired army officer,very brave n luvs his wife n daughter to no end n owner of large coffee n tea estates in Madikeri.


According to Naina Handa-


The best husband n dad in this world,at times drinks too much bt love of her life.


According to Geet Handa-


The bestesttt dad in the whole world, wants to fulfill all her dad’s dreams n thinks wtever her dad decide’s for her is the best.


5 Years later-


He still drinks till no end but now is happy  that his family is happy n is counting his last days though his wife,son in law,daughter n grand son doesn’t know abt it.


According to Naina Handa-


The best husband who is ageing day by day wt what worries her is his excessive drinking but always there to support him as his shadow.


According to Geet Aluwalia-


Still believes he is the Best dad n regrets the day she thought of not going by her Dad’s decision n luvs him 10 times more than before.


According to Preet Aluwalia-


His role model his father in law who was more than his Dad when he needed his support. Always supports Rajeev in all his decision n respects him very much.



According to Omi Aluwalia-



His pyaare se nanu who gets him new video games n new cycles n also teaches him how to use a gun.

Naina Handa-

5 years ago-

Geet’s mom n Capt.Rajeev’s wife, her world revovles around them n her best frnd who lives in Bangalore n can do anything to keep her husband’s reputation intact.


According to Rajeev Handa-

The girl with whom i ran away frm the train n got married n she has given me the best gift of my life our daughter.


According to Geet Handa-

The best mom bt smtimes annoying n sticrt mom bt luvs me a lot.


5 years later-

 The same as 5 years before but just aged n now just luvs her son in law more than anything in d world n always cooks his fav food but is irritated whn d annoyed father daughter pair up against her.


According to Rajeev Handa-

The Same girl whom I married just that over the years after no other work is just annoying me by telling me to quit drinking but I know she luvs me alottt.


According to Geet Aluwalia-

She luvs her mom vry much after being a mom n knowing its difficults n gets annoyed when her mom just ignore’s her whn Preet comes with her it looks like she is not the daughter pf the home at all.


According to Preet Aluwalia-

His darling  Mother in law who always takes his side against Geet when she throws tantrums n also handling her whn she gets emotional n always seeks advise from her if he isnt sure of any personal thing.


According to Omi Aluwalia-

His Sexy Nani as he calls her he is her pet n she fulfills all his wishes n tantrums n if he has a frown she will turn this world upside down to make him smile.

Preet Aluwalia-

5  Years ago-

A young army officer, junior of Capt.Rajeev Handa for a mission n fiance of Geet Handa n he luvs Geet alot, for him it was First sight love.


According to Rajeev Handa-

A really well matured n settled guy who i know will love n keep my daughter more happier than me.


According to Naina Handa-

A carnation of god who saved her husband in the war field, and luvs him as much as she luvs Geet.


According to Geet Handa-

A person with whom i m going to spend rest of my life n even may start loving him.


5 Years later-


a team leading captain who lovs his country as much as he luvs his family. Is a perfect example to all young army officers n a perfect son in law husband n father.


According to Geet Aluwalia-


A Perfect husband n a perfect friend he is all that she wanted her husband to be like. He is just like her Dad’s younger version in everything from repect to disipline n she feels she is blessed to hv him n she luvs him vry much.


According to Omi Aluwalia-


The best Dad of the whole universe.He is the one who plays video games n basketball with him where he n his mom r one team n dad is d other team.he feels his dad is very strict but he also fulfills all his demands n wishes.


According to Rajeev Handa-

He was the best decision I ever made in my daughter’s life n I respect him n also luv him for keeping my daughter happy .


According to Naina Handa-

He is the son she never had. She luvs him more than Geet now n wants to see both of them happy  n no trouble should even touch them.


Geet Handa-
5 Years ago-
A bubbly always happy girl whose life revovles only around her parents n friends n has very fasinating weird dreams to fulfill.
According to Rajeev Handa-
Geet is his princess n seeing her smile his heart rest at peace n cnt see a sindle tear in Geet’s eyes.
According to Naina Handa-
Geet is the best gift of god bt is a bit spoilt bcoz of her dad’s love.

 5 Years later-

Geet Aluwalia-



A very Responsible wife n mother to her family.Is the owner of a very reputed Fashion Brand “KHWAB”  n is learning new experiences everyday in both professional n personal life.


According to Preet Aluwalia-

The Luv of his life the women who made him lose his senses the 1st time he saw her n respects her decisions regarding family as he knows she is very protective abt it n he just needs a chance to romance with her.he everyday finds a new geet with soo many different emotions.


According to Omi Aluwalia-

His cute sii protective Mum who will just leave the world behind just to be with him n his Dad n who will sacrifies all her dreams for Preet n Omi.


According to Rajeev Handa-

Still his Princess but now he has seen her growing to be a beautiful Queen who takes care of everyone even without being told n has grown responsible over eyes.


According to Naina Handa-

Her Darling daughter but one who has become a bit matured n luvs her but just to tease n annoy her supports Preet to much but knows tht one day she will make all of them proud n is vry happy for Preet n Geet.


Omi Aluwalia-


The prince of Preet n Geet’s life.he is the one for whom all will always make themselves free.The cute smile he got frm his Mum n d chram n disciple of his Dad makes him a vry responsible n  naughty boy at the same time.


According to Preet Aluwalia-

The best gift Geet had given him n his pride his son.

He loves his son when he goes all naughty n emotional like Geet plays video games n basketball with him n also loses to see his Geet n Omi make fun of him. He stays home only for sm  months as n whn his country calls he has to go tht time he misses his son vry much.

According to Geet Aluwalia-

Her Prince who always helps d dasmel in distess thts Geet n says Mum ur again in trouble uffs Babaji kya hoga inka’

N always imitates Preet n is a carbon copy of Preet with a mixture of her features.


According to Rajeev Handa-

The only relief of his old age away frm his darling annoying  wife  who makes him bend to all his wishes just like his own Daughter used to do.


According to Naina Handa-

A copy of Geet in tantrums n takes the whole house on his head if he wants something but luvs him to no end n thy have their own secret which no one is aware abt.




Adityaa Khanna-


Also known as Adiii n Briyani aunty’s son

He is the CEO of Khurana Construction
Best friend of Maan
Brother of Avanii
Mama of Ashii
Husband of Aishwariya aka Ash
Son of Briyanii Aunty…

Aishwariya Khanna-


Also known as Drama Queen aka DQ
Co-Partner of Khurana Companies lead by Avanii
Best friend of Maan n Geet
Bhabhi of Avanii
Guru n Maami of Ashii
Wife of Aditya aka Adii
Pyaari dulaari Bahu of Briyani Aunty




He needs no Introduction



Part 34




Geet went to Maan n just held his hand as if assuring him that Im with you dnt worry just tell me what is troubling you and then when she didn’t feel Maan responding to her. She followed Maan’s grace n saw Maan intenllyyy looking at a board which says

                             Geet Handa


                          Preet  Aluwalia


Geet was shocked for a min as she had forgotten her marriage  which was after 4 days but seeing Maan tensed, she decided to lighten his mood abit’..


Geet “Kyaaa asee muu latkayee kadhe ho???”


Maan deep in thoughts “Hmmm”


Geet “Kyaaa hmmm?????mujhe shaadi karni nahi haiii?????”


Maan “Hmmm’.”


Geet just gets annoyed by his Hmmm n pinches his hand


Maan “Ouchhh” n he is shocked’..

“What D ” Kya kar rahiii hooo Geet?????”


Geet “Kyaaa Wt D ‘. mujhe tho badii baathe kar rahe the uss din ke shaadi karunga’bache ka naam tak decide kar liya tha na..”


Maan “Haan tho, isme pinch karne wali kya baath thi???”


Geet “Tho jab mene yeh kaha ke shaadi nahi karni mujhe se tho apne Hmmm kaha’..”


Maan “Who tho mene baath suni nahii issi liyeee’.ek min tumne abhi kyaaa kaha???”


Geet “Kyaaa?????”


Maan “Tumne mujhe yeh pucha ke mein tumse shaadi’..”


Geet “Tum tho duffer hooo kabhi puchoo ke nahii tho meine hiii puch liyaaa”


 Maan “Mein tumhe duffer dikh tha hu???”


Geet “Oyeee apni yeh badi badi akhene neech karoo n haan tumne abhi thak mujhe shaadi leyii pucha nahi haiii tho tum duffer ho’.”


Maan “Par mein ne tumhe bola tha ke agalii baar agar milgayiii tho shaadi kar lunga”


Geet “Haan tho????wo tho phele kii baath thi abhi mein ne I Love You bola uske baad nahi ‘.”making a grumpy face


Maan seeing her grumpy face just went behind Geet n sat down on his knees’..


“Miss Geet Handa, Im Maan Singh Khurana, a very happy go lucky guy who may not have all the money in world to buy you all the things but will surely not miss to fufill all ur cute demands n I may not be the Best husband in the world but will surely be the best one for you N may not always keep u happy may give u some pain n may also get angry but will also make sure tht at the end of each day u will sleep with a smiling face’.


N now as my knees are paining I will not prolong my proposal n just ask u

Will You become Mrs.Maan Singh Khurana?”


Geet already had tears seeing his stupid but truthful proposal n sat down on her knees n peaked on his lips n answered on his lips telling


“Yesss I accept ur Proposal  n will accept u as Mr.Geet Handa” n thy kiss turned to be more passionate with them sitting on the floor in each other’s embrace.



Maaneet n Shaadi Shopping


Part 35




Geet already had tears seeing his stupid but truthful proposal n sat down on her knees n peaked on his lips n answered on his lips telling

“Yesss I accept ur Proposal  n will accept u as Mr.Geet Handa” n thy kiss turned to be more passionate with them sitting on the floor in each other’s embrace.


They sat on the floor for some hours in each others embrace just feeling d warmth of each other’s love and the silence in which they could hear each other’s heartbeats’


Around 2 am Geet was feeling sleepy n her eyes turned droopy


Maan “Geet tumhe needh arahii haiii nahii chalooo soo javoo

Mujhe bhi needh arahii haiii

Aree 2 baj gayeee

Mishtyyy tumaree saath tho time ka patha hii nahii chaltaa”

Geet ” Accha haiii naaa sariii zindagiii kese kat jayegiii pathaa hiii nahiii chalegaaa n Yaaa Gud night

Tum javo subha ko milte haiii” n pecks his lips

Maan “Hellooo javo se kya matlab haiii tumara

Mein yaha sooo raha huuu” n goes n falls flat on Geet’s bed

Geet “Kyaa?????? Nahi tum yaha nahi so sakthee

Mama Papa ne dekh liyaaa thoo’.”

Maan “Ohhh agar Mama Papa naa dekhe tho koiii problem nahiii haiii naaa tumheee”

Geet “Misthyyy koo apnee Maan ke paas rehne mein kya problem ho saktiii haiii'”

Maan “Haaaiii mein marjavaa

Kuch jada hiii pyaar arahaa apne Maan paar

Iradda kya haii Madam???”   n winks at Geet

Geet “Don’t worry irrada tho bohat neek haii

Bas tumhariii bahooo mein sar rakhke sona haii”

Maan “Bas itna hiii Meine tho kuch aur hiii socha tha’..” n giggles

Geet “Chi Chiii Babajiii dekhona Kesa hone wala patiii mila haiii mujhe

Hamesha chidaa tha rehthaa haiii mujhe’.”

Maan “Areee Babajiii soo rahe hongee unhee disturb nahii karthe

Aur chaloo avoo soo javo meri bahoo meinn”

Geet ” Maan paar Mama Papa?????”

Maan “Misthy don’t worry door locked haiii

Kisko ko kuch pata nahi chale gaaa’

Mujhe abhi needh arahiii haiii

Chaloo soo javooo”

N Maaneet slept peacefully  in each other’s embrace for the last time not knowing the storm coming into their lives


Next Morning

5 am

Maan woke up to see his Misthy closely snuggled into his chest n hairs all over her face made her look like a cute adorable child’.

Maan freed himself from her embrace, pecked her forehead n went to his room

As soon as he just fell asleep for like 5 mins he heard a knock on the door n he saw the time n knew who was at the door to trouble him

Maan “Abbb yeh buddha itniii pee kee bhi correct subha ke 5 am ko kese uth jatha haiii”

Rajeev “Young Man kya huaaa tum darvaza kyun nahi khol rahe hooo????”

Maan “Yesss sir mein shoes pehen raha huuu

Aap jayiyeee mein bas abhii ayaa”

Maan “Chaloo beta Maan hoja ready sasurjiii ko impress bhi tho karna haiii”

Maan got ready n went outside to see Rajeev lost in some deep thoughts

Maan “Sirrr’..” n pats Rajeev’s shoulder

Rajeev “Huhh'”

Maan “Sirrr aap thik haiii???

Kuch problem haiii kyaaa ????

Aap mujhse share kar sakthe haiii”

Rajeev “Aree kuch nahii Young Man Shaadi mein aab sirf 3 din reh gayee haiii naaa tho bas vohiii soch raha thaa

Chalooo walking pe chale the haiii”

N they leave for walking

Maan worried about how he n Geet will convince Preet n all the family memebers n

Rajeev lost in his thoughtsss”.



Geet woke up when she felt someone nibbling her fingers

Geet “Maan yeh subha subha kya tang kar rahee hoo’ mujhe abhi bhi needh arahiii haiii

Mujhe sonaa haiii”

N then spreads her arms to feel Maan but she is not able to feel so she opens her eyes n sees Devdas with a letter tied to his neck

Geet “Gud morning Devdas”

N opens the letter


Gud Morning

Have gone for some important work

When we meet will take my Morning Kiss

Dnt forget to give it to me *Wink*

Luv u lotsss

Ur Boyfriend


Geet kisses the letter n goes into the bathroom to take shower but leaves the letter on the bed

Naina enters Geet’s room to wake her up n sees the letter n gets tensed becoz she knows Geet’s childish nature so she just exits the room without talking to Geet’


As Maan got freshen up Naina comes into his room

Maan “Aunty why are you looking so tensed??? Any problems???”

Naina “Maan promise me that what im going to ask you

you will answer it correctlyyy”

Maan “Yess Auntyy ask meee

If I know I will surely answer you”

Naina “Maan you know Geet is very childish n from small she had a dream on running away n marrying but now I just found a letter from her boyfriend

You are her Best Friend na Maan

Plzzz tell me if you know her Boyfriend

Plzzz Betaaa I beg you if you know that guy plzzz telll me”

Maan  “Nooo aunty I don’t know that guy”

N thinks what a surprise it would be for aunty n how much happy she will be when she gets to know im Geet’s choice’.

Naina “Okkk Betaaa I trust you

You are matured enough to know that she is getting married in 3 daysss

I just asked you bcoz if she runs away with that guy Rajeev will die that instant

From childhood Rajeev has fulfilled all her wishes n now is her chance n she will totally break us off if she runs away

Beta I trust you so if you get to know anything plzzz let me know”

Maan “Okkk aunty”


As Naina leaves

Maan is left in a dilemaa n has a guiltyyy feeling for lying n cheating Naina who trusts him sooo blindlyyy n she never suspected that it could be him

N the word TRUST was just going round n round in his mind.

If he was doing right or whether he was wrong’



 Shaadi Shopping


Part 36




N the word TRUST was just going round n round in his mind.


If he was doing right or whether he was wrong’


As Maan was lost in his dilemma  Geet got ready n saw Maan lost in his thoughts standing by the window


She went and hugged him frm back


Geet “Kya hua Maan???? Aap kaha khoyee hue haiii???”


Maan as he didn’t want Geet to know abt the talks between him n Geet’s Mom


Maan “Kuch nahii Geet’. Mein tho yeh soch raha tha ke tume hamare Suhaag Raat pe kaise kaise positions mein pyaar karuuu’..”


Hearing this Geet just hid her face in Maan’s back n moaned Maaannn”..


Maan getting naughty huskily said “Geet abhi se Moan karne kiii practice kar rahiii hooo????”


Geet getting more naughtier  *ofcourse how can she let Maan win???*  “Nahiii mein tho yeh apni wild fantasies ke baare mein soch rahi thi ke if you can fulfill it’..”


Maan feels offensive “Kyaaa matlab haiii tumharaa’. That I dnt have that much stamina to fulfill all your fantasies????”


Geet “Dekha Maan’.. meine kuch nahi kaha tumne apne muu se hii kaha haiii” shows him her tongue n starts running


Maan running behind Geet “Tum rukho Geet mein tume chodunga nahiii”


Geet dashs into Meera n says “Sorrryyy Auntyy”


Meera “Itsss Okkk Beta itni jaldi mein kaha baagh rahi hoo???”


Maan “Mom usse pakadoo who mujhe ched rahii thiii na aab dekhooo ????”


By the time Meera holds ‘.Geet starts running on the sofa n around it n Maan is on 1 side n Geet on the other side


As Naina comes there Meera n Naina both are seeing the Tom n Jerry Live show n seeing the mess just shouts “Stoppp Ittt Youuu Twooo”


Maan n Geet stops n tells “Sorry Mom n Aunty” together n turn towards each other n tells “Dnt Copy My Liness” n turns there back n twists their lips n stand


Naina “Geet aab tho bas karoo chotee bacho ki taraha ladnaa

Aur haan tumhare uss Desginer ka phone aya thaa ke Bridal Design baan gaya haiii you just have to go n select it”


Geet “Aree haan Mom mein aaj hii jaa ke dekh lethi huu’ akhir Geet Handa ki Sariii haiii esii wesiii thodii na chalegiii”


Naina “Haaan Meri Maa jaaa abhi jaaa ke dekh le aur Maan plzzz tum bhi iske saath chale jav”


Maan “Jii aunty meiii kaiseee”


Meera “Chalee jav Maan waise bhi tumne abhi thak shaadi ke liyee koi sherwani select hii nahi kii haii

Wo bhi saath mein karke anna”


Maan “Thik haii Mom”


Maan n Geet were sooo happy as their Mom’s only sent them all alone outside where they could spend some time alone n discuss how they would break their luv’s news to the Family’.


Maan n Geet reached the designer store n like 1 of the design


Maan “Geet dekh Red colour kitna acha lagraha haiii”


Geet “nahii mujhe Blue colour zada pasand haiii or kitna different haii normal brides ke colours se”


Maan “But Blue se zada Red tumpe suit kartha hai…”




Preet “But Blue se zada Red tumpe suit kartha hai”


This statement just brought Geet out of her past thoughts


Geet “Huhhh”


Preet “Kya hua Geet tum decide nahi kar pa rahi thiii'”


Geet “Nahiii meine tho Blue waliii leni haiii jiii”


Preet “Haiii tum kitni cute lagthi hooo jab delii waloo jese bolthi hooo..”


Geet “Yese hiii cute nahi lagthiii ????” n pouts her lips


Preet “Haiii meri Jaan aap tho hamarii Zindagii haiii aur hamesha hiii har pal alag lagthi haiii”n nuzzles Geet’s neck


Geet “Preeettt sab dekh rahe haiii”


Omii “Mom Mom dekho yeh kaisa haiii'”


Preet groans “Isse abhi anna thaaa'”


Geet giggles n says “Humara hii beta haii Jaan”


Omi “Yeh kaisaa hai Mom????”


Geet “But beta aap tho aeroplane ya car se khelthe haii naa tho fir yeh Barbie…”


Omi “Mere paas tho bohat sarii Cars haiii but meri princess ke paas tho sirf kuch 50 Barbies haiii”


Geet “Beta Princess abhi chotiii hogiii vo abhi inse nahi khel sakegiii aur abhi tho Mom ke pet mein haii naaa abhi 4 months bakii haii”


Preet “Tho kyaa hua Jaan hum tho Princess ke liye sab lengeee’. Haii naaa Champ'”


Omi “Right Dad chaloo kuch aur dresss our soft toys dekh the haiii phir pillow sab kitnaa cute aur pink pink colours hai yaha peee'”


Omi n Preet went towards the Babies section


Geet patting her Baby bump “Dekha Princess abhi tum ayiii nahii aur yeh haal haiii already tumhara Room full hogaya haiii par tumhare Dad aur Bhai tho shopping bandh hii nahi kar rahe haiii

Bhagwan hii jane kya hogaaa jab tum aajavogiii”


N selects the Blue saree as it was Preet fav colour.




Meera slaps Maan



Part 37




Omi n Preet went towards the Babies section.


Geet patting her Baby bump “Dekha Princess abhi tum ayiii nahii aur yeh haal haiii already tumhara Room full hogaya haiii par tumhare Dad aur Bhai tho shopping bandh hii nahi kar rahe haiii…

Bhagwan hii jane kya hogaaa jab tum aajavogiii”

(See Princess,You have not come yet n this is the situation already Ur room is full but ur Dad n Bro dnt stop shopping only…..

God only knows what will happen when you come)

N selects the Blue saree as it was Preet fav colour.


At the same time Maan was settling a sleepy Ashi in their hotel suite room which was filled with lots of toys n he knew it was done by Avanii.


After settling Ashi Maan made his way to the other room where Avanii was unpacking their clothes n Maan just movd the things n made Avanii sit n settled himself on the floor n kept his head on her lap.


Avanii “Mamaa kii yaad arahii haiii????”

(You are missing Mom)


Maan “Hmmm”


Avanii “Tho phone karlo na Mamaa koo….”

(Then  why dnt you call Mom…)


Maan “Woh baath karengiii nahi abhi bhi mujhse naraz haii bas ek galtii ki thiii unki nazar mein aur uskii sajaa aaj thak derahii haiii Mama mujhe”

(She will not talk, she is angry with me bcoz of one mistake in her eyes n till today she is punishing me for it)


Avanii “Maan itne udaas maath hoo Jab Mamaa ko sachaii kaa patha chalega naa tho vo tumhe maaf kardengii aur baath bhi karengiii”

(Maan don’t be sad when Mom will get to know the truth, she will forgive you n also talk to you)


Maan “Mein bhi ussi din kaa intazaar kar raha hu lekin yaha akee Geet kii bohat yaad arahi haiii”

(Im also waiting for that day but coming here im missing Geet very much)


Avanii “Dont worry Maan Geet jaha bhi hogii Preet ke saath khush hogii”

(Don’t worry Maan whereever Geet will be she will be happy with Preet)


Maan “I also hope so….”


Avanii couldn’t see Maan sooo sad so called Meera n kept the phone on speaker mode


Avanii “Hey Mama aap kaisi hooo??? Papa kaha haii??? Aap dono ne khana kha liyaa naa???? Papa ne daviii leli naa????…”

(Hey Mom how are you???How is Dad???You both had ur food???Dad had his Medicines???…)


Meera “Areee avaniii rukoo rukoo apni express ko station pe rokoo….Mein thik hu, tumahre papa bhi thik hai aur haan humne abhi tak teen bar khaa liya haiii aur tumahre papa ne tanturms dikaha kar daviii khaliii aur aab soo rahee haiii….ab tu bol Beta Ashi aur tum kaise hooo???? Aur wo bhi thik haiii naa???? Bahar jaake thik se khana nahi kayegaa aur dekhna beta Khana zadda thikaa naa hoo…..”

(Areee Avaaniii stop stop ur express on a station…. Im fine,Ur dad is also fine n Yaa we have had food thrice till now n ur Dad with tanturms had his medicines n now he is sleeping….Now you tell child How is Ashi n how are you???? n how is he???? He will not have outside food properly n also check the spicyness in food….)


Avanii “Maa hum teeno theek haiii aur haan mama mein ne khana taste karne ke baad hii unhe khanee diyaa dnt worry aur aap unse itna pyaar karthi hoo thoo ek baar baath karloo naa mama

Aaj bhi apko bohat yaad kar rahe the”

(Mom we three are fine n yaa I have tasted food n then only given him n dnt worry n when you love him sooo much why don’t you talk to him n he was also missing you lotss today)


Meera “Nahii mujhe baath nahi karni hai usse….

Pyaar karthi hu iska matlab yeh nahi hai kii maine usse maaf kar diyaa haiii aur Miss tho mein bhi karthi hoo uskoo”

(No I don’t want to talk to him…

I love him but that doesn’t mean that I will forgive him for his mistake n I also Miss him)


Maan was smiling through tears hearing that his Mama was Missing him


Maan “I miss you tooo Mamaa n Love you n rona maath plzzz

Happpyyy Mother’s Day Mama”

(I miss you tooo Mom n LoveYou n Plzzz don’t cry

Happpy Mother’s Day Mom)


Meera just cut the call hearing Maan’s voice n she knew he was also crying just like her.




Maan and Geet come back from shopping n Meera saw Maan n Geet coming hand in hand n Maan pulling Geet towards him holding her waist n as they reached the door they sepreated themselves n stood as if totally innocent.


As Maan entered Meera called him n told him to come to the room as she wanted to talk to him something very important. Meera n Maan reached the room, Maan sensed some danger as Meera eyes showed soo many questions n anger in it which he had never seen in his lifetime n was a bit scared seeing his Mom’s this avatar.


Meera “Maan,Kuch yesi Baath hai kya joo tum mujhse kehna chathe hooo????”

(Maan, do you have to tell me something which I don’t know????)


Maan “Mama, Aap kya bol rahii hoo mein kuch nahi jantha…..”

 (Mom, what are you talking about I dont know…..)


Meera “Meraa matab woh Watch wali ladki ke bareemein????”

(I mean about tht Watch girl????)


Maan “Ohhh haan mama mujhe apko baatha naa haii lekin…..

(Ohhh yaa that I want to tell you Mom but….)


Meera “Lekin kya Maan????”

(But what Maan ????)


Maan “Mama aap mujhe gussa nahi hongii naaa

(Mom you will not be angry on me noo)


Meera “Thik haiii phele mujhe uske baare mein bolo tho sahiii

(Okkk first tell me about her)


Maan tells everything to his Mom even Maaneet spending a night together n all the other things except the name of the girl.


Meera was happy that Maan has found his dream girl but wanted to recheck it was not Geet as the girl seemed so different from Geet but the scene she had seen outside the home just didn’t let her rest in peace.


Meera “Ohh tho mere Bete ne apni Dream Girl ko dhund liyaa….. Mujhe uskaa naam nahi bologee????”

(Ohh so My Boy has atlast found his Dream Girl….Will you not tell me the name ????)


Maan “Mama uska naam Geet haiii…….”

(Mom her name is Geet……..)


As soon as Maan said the name he felt a slap on his cheeks n saw Meera crying n slapping him continous, he was shocked from such a response from his Mom he thought she would hug him with all the happiness but here it was complete opposite.


Meera just fell of the floor crying n Maan got worried to see this Mom this way.


Meera “Kya soch kar tumne yesa kiya Maan????Parsoo uskii Shaadi haiii…….Kya tum dono koo koi ilm bhi haii tum kya kar rahe hoo????

Mein tumhe yaha is liye laii thi ke tum shaadi ki tayarii mein Rajeev aur Naina kii madat kardoo aur naa ke iss liyee kee tum hone walii Dulhan ke saath koi affair karooo…….

Jab humne tumare liye Geet ka proposal rakhtha tab tumhe shaadi mein koi interest nahi tha…..

Aur aab jab woh shaadii  ho rahii haiii tum dono bhaag nee kii koshish kar rahe hoo…..

Tumhe kya lagtha haiii ke jab tumare Papa koo patha chaleegaa tho woh tumhe aur Geet ko aapna lengee????

Aab Bhoot jeese kyun kadee hooo kuch bolo????”

(What did you think Maan before doing this????Its her marriage day after tomorrow…….Do you both have any clue what you are doing????

I brought you to this marriage so that Naina n Rajeev get some help n relief  in the wedding preparation not that you go n have an affair with the Bride to be…..

When we had sent you Geet’s proposal, you were not interested in marriage….

Now when she is getting married you are planning to Run away with her……

Do you think if your Dad will get to know this he will accept you n Geet????

Now why are you standing like a statue talk something????)


Maan “Mama par mein aur geet ek dusre se Pyaar karthe haiii”

(Mom but I and Geet love each other)


Meera “Kyaa tumahara Pyaar itna kudhgarsh haii kee Rajeev aur Naina kii izzat bhi tum log mithii mein milaa dogee????

Aur bhag ke shaadi karne ke baad agar tere Dad tujhe ghar se nikal denge tho kyaa haiii tera????Kaise khush rakhegaa humariii phool si Geet koo???? Bolll kuch javab haiii tere paas….

Mujhe tho apni parvarissh pe ghin aathi haiii kee tu mera Beta haiii aur isee acha tho mera koi bacha naa hotaaa

Chala jaaa mujhse durrr Shakal maath dikhana mujhe tumahriii aur mein teri saar kii kasam kathii huuu ke mein ussi din tumsee baath karungiii jab mujhe lageegaa ke tum mere bete kehlanee kee kabil hogehooo”

(Maan is your love soo selfish that you don’t care about the honor of Rajeev n Naina n want to tarnish it?????

 N after running away n marrying if your Dad doesn’t accept you n throws you out of the house then what do you have????How will you keep our dear Daughter happy????Do you have any answers for this……

Im ashamed of my way of upbringing  n that you are my son n it would be better if I was childlesss

Go away from me,don’t show me your face n I take your life’s promise that I will not talk to you till the time I think you are capable of calling yourself as my son)



 Maan “Mama……”



Meera “Mujheee tera chera nahii dekhnaa bolaa naa meinnee Bas Kehdiyaaa”

(I don’t want to see your face I told Naaa)


Meera pushed Maan out of her room n closed it on his face n sat on the floor crying n Maan not knowing what to do just went away to his car driving  to a near by pub n drinking this he was high n just fell asleep taking a room in that hotel.




 Maan –Geet Face to Face in Present  



Part 38




Meera “Mujheee tera chera nahii dekhnaa bolaa naa meinnee Bas Kehdiyaaa”

(I don’t want to see your face I told Naaa)


Meera pushed Maan out of her room n closed it on his face n sat on the floor crying n Maan not knowing what to do just went away to his car driving  to a near by pub n drinking this he was high n just fell asleep taking a room in that hotel.




Maan got up when he heard the phone ringing n shouted “Avanii plzz phone uthaoo naa mujhe sona haiii…”

(Avanii plzz pick up the call i want to sleep)


 But didn’t get any reply n the phone was ringing continuously n he turned to see Avanii sleeping on the sofa with a file in her hand


Maan wacked his hand on his forehead n murmered “Mein Kaise bhool gaya ke if im a Workoholic Avanii is Double workoholic ,free time mila nahi ke file agayii haath mein”

(How did i forget If im workoholic then Avanii is double workoholic,she just got free time n took a file in her hand)


N again the phone ringing disturbed his thoughts


N in anger he picked up the call but before he could say anything he heard “Young Man, Tum Budhe horahe hoo, itna time lagtha haii kya phone uthane mein….”

(Young Man you are growing old,it takes you soo much time to pick up a call)


Maan smiled “No sir I was in the washroom kaise ho aap aur aunty kaisi hai???”

(No sir i was im Washroom ,How r u n Hws Aunty???)


Rajeev “Young Man jhoot mat bolo mujhe pata haii tum soo rahe the…

Chaloo jaldi se fresh hoke neech ajav mein tumara wait kar raha hu

Jaldi ana Young Man”

(Young Man dont lie i know you were sleeping

Get freshed n come down im waiting for you

Come fast Young Man)


Maan sighs that like always this old man disturbs his sleep n he freshen’s up n leaves a note for Avanii that he is going out with Rajeev Uncle”


As he comes down he finds Rajeev looking very weak n pale n goes n hugs him


Maan “Sir are you alright??? You look so weak n pale”


Rajeev “Young Man a solider is never weak its just the physical apperance that is weak

Come lets do go for a walk”


Maan “Yaa like that Idea Ad Walk n Talk Sirji” n leads the way out of the hotel


Rajeev “So how is Avanii  n my sexy Baby Ashii???”


Maan “They are fine Sir just sleeping after a long tiring Journey” n muffled a yawn


Rajeev “Ohh okk I hope you didn’t trouble them much” n gave a glare to Maan


Maan “Sir they trouble me n not the other way round but you all always support them n I just get scolding” n made a baby face


Rajeev “Young man you are not a Baby to make a baby face it suits only Ashi n not you

Act of your age Young Man”


Maan to divert his mind changed the topic “Sir so what reports came of your last session???”


Rajeev “Umm aaahhh actually Young Man….”


Maan “Ohh come on Sir don’t tell me you missed your appointment again…..” n glared at him


Rajeev “Nooo Young Man its just that Im afraid of the Injections that the khadoos Doctor gives…” n made a baby face


Maan mockingly “Sir, You a Ex.Soldier of the Indian Army is afraid of a small injection…

Tch tch tch Sir act of your age this baby face suits only Ashiii”


Rajeev “Dusht danav kahika Avanii ne sahii naam diya haii tujheee”

(Dusht danav Avanii has given you a very deserved name)


Maan “Mein kyaa karuuu Sirr mein huu adaat se Majboor” n smirks

(What can i do Sirr its my habit)


Rajeev smacks Maan’s head “Kuch zyada nahi horaha haiii tera????”

(Your not acting too much )


Maan “Kya karuu Raj  jab apne Beti ke Boy Friend se baath karni hoo tho yeh tho bilkul bhi zyada nahi haiii

Aap se hii sikha hai meine….” N winks at him

(What can i do Raj when im talking with my Daughter’s Boy friend then its not too much 

I have learnt from you only)


Rajeev “Mein sirf Avanii aur Ashi ke liye Raj huu tuu Sir hii bulaa mujhe” n raises his eyebrows

(Im Raj only for Avanii n Ashi u call me Sirr only)


Maan “Okk Sirrr now serious no more Jokes

What did your report say of the Last Session???”


Rajeev “The same thing Young Man that I just have some Months or Days to live…..”


Maan “Sirrr aap yese kaise bol sakthe haiii becarii meri beti ka Dil thod ke javoge aap….

Aap ko tho uski Shaadi thak Zindaa rehna haiii

Hum aab koi aur Doctor ko Dikhayengee

Im 100% sure You will be Fit n Fine Sirrr”

(Sirrr why do talk like this, you will break my poor daughter’s heart…

You have to be alive till her wedding

We will show to some other doctor

Im 100% sure you will be Fit n Fine Sirr)


Rajeev “Young Man aur kitna try karogee pichale 5 saal se tho try kar rahe hoo

Kuch faiyda nahi hogaa Betaa….”

(Young Man how much more will you try 

ur trying frm the past 5 years

it will not earn any anything)


Maan had tears listening to Rajeev n just hugged him tightly n again the fear of loosing Rajeev that he had seen before Geet’s Marriage came in front of his eyes


Rajeev “Its okkk Maan, aab ladkioo kiii tarah mat roo”

(Its okkk Maan now dnt cry like a girl)


Maan “Siirr aap ne Naina aunty aur Geet ko sab kuch keh diya hai na….”

(Sirr You told everything to Naina aunty n Geet…)


Rajeev “Nahiii Maan mein ne sirf Naina ko bolaa haiii aur Geet ko iss baath kaa kabhi pata nahi chalna chaliyee

Yaad hai na tumne mujhse Vaada kiya tha”

(No Maan i have just told Naina n Geet should nt know abt this ever

You remember you had given me a promise)


Maan “Haan yaad hai issi liye meine Dad aur Mom se bhi ye baath chupai haiii”

(Yaa i remember that is why i have not told this to even Mom,Dad)


N talking of sm more things of their lives they reached back at the Hotel n as they entered Rajeev felt someone hugging his knees….


Rajeev “Aree merii Sexy Baby I missed you sooo much” n kissed on Ashi’s cheeks

(Ohh Myy Sexy Baby I missed You sooo much)


Ashi “Ashi Mixd Rajj I Lub you” n kissed on Rajeev’s cheeks

(Ashi missed Raj I luv you)


Rajeev “Aww My Babbyyy n then asked “where is Ashii Mama???”


Ashii “Ashii mama office phone…..”


Rajeev “Young Man yeh kya, tumne Avanii ko bhi apne jaisa Workoholic bana diyaaa????”

(Young Man what is this ,You have made Avanii also a workoholic like you???)


Maan “Aap hamesha mujhe hii kyun dosh detho hoo”

(Why do you always blame me)


Avanii “Haan Rajj aap hamesha Maan ko hii kyun dosh detho hoo…” making a very serious face

(Yess Rajj why do you always blame Maan)


Rajeev “Kyunkii yeh issi ke layak haii”  

(Bcoz he is fit for only this)

n he Hi-five’s Avanii n they start lauging n Ashii who didn’t understand anything also starts laughing n this irritates Maan more n he goes away in anger to his Room.


Rajeev “Maan ek bachi ka baap hogaya lekin bilkul chote bache jese behave kartha haii”

(Maan has become a father on a daughter but still behaves like a child)


Avanii “Mein Maan ko dekh ke aatha huu”

(I will see Maan n come)


Rajeev “Haan haan jav warna jada gussa hogaya tho aaj ki party mein MSK se samna hogaa mera aur meri band bajegiii Naina ke haatho vo alag”

(Yaa Yaa you go otherwise he will get more angry n in today’s party i will have to face MSK n Naina will not leave me thats different)


Avanii giggles hearing this


Rajeev “Avanii ,Geet aur Preet bhi issi Hotel mein rehne arahe haii aur vo bhi issi party mein honge”

(Avanii ,Geet n Preet are also going to stay in this Hotel n they will also be attending the party)


Avanii “Aree wah atlast I will hv an image to the personality I hv formed of Geet n Preet”


Rajeev “Yaa I will introduce you to them in today’s party n now I will take Ashi with me n will leave her in 2 hours back


Naina was missing her very much n even Geet’s son is coming so thy will njoy together”


Avanii “Thik hai Rajj lejavo” n sits on her knees


“Ashi Baby don’t trouble Raj too much n no chocolates n ice creams



Ashi “Okk Mama n Byeee Ashi Raj going”


As Avanii went towards her room n rajeev turned to find Geet, Preet n Omi entering the hotel n Omi running towards him shouting Nanuuu….


Geet “Wowww Dad  kya surprise diya hai…..”

(Woww Dad what a surprise..)


Rajeev “Thank u Beta that you liked my Surprise”


Preet goes n touches his feet “Dad how are you???You are looking very pale”


Rajeev “No Beta Im fine now you go n get ur room keys n settle yourself I will meet you in the party n can I take Omi with me Naina wants to meet him n Ashi…”


Geet “Ashi??”


Rajeev “Haan this sweet baby over here”


Geet “Hiii Ashi, How are you???”


Ashi “Ashi mama no strangle talk, Ashii No hiii”

(Ashi Mama told not to talk to strangers so Ashi no tell Hii)


Rajeev “Sexy Baby Geet Raj frnnd tell Hiii”


Ashi “Hiii Raj Frilnd”

(Hii Raj Friend)


Geet “Hiii Ashi,Will you be my Frnd???”


Ashi “Ashi Frilnd”

(Ashi also Friend)


Geet “Yeahh Ashi friend”


Ashi “Ashi Frilnd big stomach”

(Ashi’s Friend has a big stomach)


Geet laughs


Omi “Not Big Stomach its Princess”


Ashi “Ashi frilnd talk nt u”

(Ashi talking to Ashi friend not to you)


Geet “No Ashi tell Hii Omi is my son”


Ashi “Hiii Omi”


Omi “Hii ashi”


Geet “Dad im very tired I will just go to the room n Omi don’t trouble Nannu n Nanni n No chocolate n ice creams”


Rajeev just shook his head listening to the same warning what Avanii had given Ashi

Rajeev left to home with Ashi n Omi n had a fun time

Avani was atlast able to manofy Maan with a Shower Romance

N Preet spent the 2 hours massaging Geet’s legs n Romancing with her but was very careful to not hurt her


After 2 hours Geet n Avanii got down to get ready as there was only 30 mins left for the party to start.

Maan got Ashi ready n Preet got Omi ready n it was time for the Party.



 Maan –Geet Face to Face 


Part 39



Rajeev left to home with Ashii n Omi n had a fun time

Avani was atlast able to manofy Maan with a Shower Romance

N Preet spent the 2 hours massaging Geet’s legs n Romancing with her but was very careful to not hurt her


After 2 hours Geet n Avanii got down to get ready as there was only 30 mins left for the party to start.

Maan got Ashii ready n Preet got Omi ready n it was time for the Party.

Maan took Ashi with him n went to the party n even Preet left with Omi. As they entered Ashi saw Rajeev n jumped down n ran to him.

Ashi, “Rajj Mujhe choki do…”

Rajeev, “Sexy baby yeh lo chocolate lekin Mumma ko mat batana warna Mumma daante gi”

Ashi smiled n said, “I lub you”

Rajeev, “I love u too”

Now Maan sees Aditya n moves towards him n at the same time Preet moves to meet Rajeev…

Preet seeing Ashii “Hey cutiie piee hw are u??? n hey u have a chocolate i also want ittt”

Ashii “Noo Nooo Ashiii chocki no givee”

Preet “Plzzz Plzzz give na Ashii plzz”

Ashiii cutting a small bite frm the chocolate she gave it to Preet n said “Okkk but oly thisss much”

Preet kisses Ashi cheeks n says “Thank u”

Ashiii “Welcume whr Omi ?????”

Preet “Omi is playing there baby with Ash Massi”

Ashiii “Ash Ashii Mamii no Omi Massi”

Preet “Okkk Ashii Mamiii there gooo”

Ashiii “Byeee” n runs to Ash feeling possessive n jealous of Omi n her Mamii playing n laughing without her.

Geet enter’s the hall n is searching for Preet but is shocked to see the sight in front of her…….

She saw Preet n Maan dashing against each other n then a surprised look n Preet hugging Maan n Maan hugging him back as if they were old friends….


One was who had betrayed her…

The other person who had held her when she was betrayed…


One who had promised to be with her no matter what… 

The other one who didn’t need to make any promise to assure her tht he was her’s…


One was had broke her heart in pieces…

The other one who fixed her heart with his love n care…


One who filled her life with bitterness…

The other one who filled her life with sweetness…


Such was the irony of Geet’s life n the view in front of her n the moment Maan turned towards Geet n saw tears in her eyes……




Next morning

1 day before the Marriage


Geet got to know that Maan n Meera Aunty had a fight n Maan had gone to stay off in the hotel where the wedding was going to take place.

Today was the final day of making their parents agree if thy didn’t agree Maaneet were going to run away from the house.

She excitedly went to the Hotel n asked to the reception about the room no.

Geet “Excuse me, Can u just let me know the room no. of Mr. Maan Singh Khurana????”

Receptionist “Just a Sec mam will let you know, Mam his room no. is 105 n must say that guy is hot n sexy that his Girlfriend came with him yday night n now a girl come to ask his room no. there must be something in him”

Geet “What do you mean by his Girlfriend came with him in night???? Im his girlfriend n would be wife”

Receptionist “Im reallly sorrry Mam I didn’t know that you his girlfriend, bcoz the way that girl was clinging onto sir it looked like she was his girlfriend n when Sir just booked 1 room I thought they were a couple realllyyy sorry Mam maybe im mistaken”

Geet “Itsss Okkk Misss but make sure you never do it again as it will just ruin your hotel’s reputation n I would not take long to sue your hotel for it” n just passes a smile n moves towards the room


Room 105


Maan was sleeping next to a girl who had his hands under her cheeks

Maan just smiles seeing the girl sleeping peacefully after having a very long night….

Maan just kisses her forehead n gets up n sees his shirt’s button’s broken n his chest full of scratch marks n just nods his head n goes into the washroom to freshen up.

Geet comes to the room n finds the room lock so she ring’s the bell n Maan opens the door in a towel tied on his lower body n his upper body nude.

Geet comes into the room n sees Maan chest full of scratch but by then Maan had gone into the washroom to change so she couldn’t talk to him…

Next Geet sees Maan shirt on the floor but with all the button’s broken n then finally oh the bed she sees a girl sleeping in Maan’s kurta.

As Maan comes out he sees Geet looking at his accussingly n Maan just gave her I Don’t care look….

Geet “Would you care to explain about all this???? If u remember today is the last day for us to make our parents agree to our marriage which is suppose to be tomorrow”

Maan “Chilll babes why are you screaming?????”

But Geet’s voice had already shaken the girl out of her sleep n she seeing Geet started shivering n Maan just forgot everything about Geet n went n just hugged the Girl n the Girl just stopped shivering but cuddled her face more into Maan’s chest n Maan was soothing her back.

Maan “Geet would you plz just go away from here….. come n meet me near the coffee plantation, I will talk to you later n now if you don’t mind just close the door n go”

Geet “Buttt Maan…..” n before she could complete

Maan “Cant you understand anything if I tell it once just get losttt….” He shouts n that scares the girl even more n she again started shivering

Maan “Luv….Honey….. see im here dnt get scared of tht Witch she will not separate us ever

Dnt worrryyy Sweetheart I love you naaa….. you also love me naaa

Don’t worrryy Babes im always here with you” n kisses her forehead n cheeks n the girl stopped shivering but hugged him tight….

N Geet sees this scene n feels betray’s but thinks to give Maan a chance to explain himself seeing the girl shivering like that so she goes away but her heart is broken in pieces when Maan told her a Witch n the scene is continously playing in her mind……

Coffee Plantation

Geet was waiting for Maan but the scene of some other women hugging Maan n Maan hugging her n kissing her cheeks n forehead just didn’t go off n it made her more frustated n angry….

As Maan came in front of Geet before he could tell anything he felt a slap on his cheeks n he saw Geet with anger that she didn’t even give him a chance to explain. As Geet was about to slap him he held her hand…

Maan “Miss Geet Handa????? Control your hands im not a toy in your hands that when ever you want you can slap n when ever you want you can hug it….”

Geet “Then what am I to you???? A mere doll whom you used to satisfy your desires n now when you are satified from me you went to some other Girl throwing me away like a Doll……

No Mr. Maan Singh Khurana im not sooo weak to let you do whatever you want with me…..”

Maan “Yesss Geet Handa I used you to satisfy myself n its not the first time im doing it….I have done it with sooo many girls before you sooo it realllyyy doesn’t matter to me what happens to you…..”

Geet “I reallly wonder if you are really loved me or that all was also a drama to make me fall for you”

Maan “Comon Geet, Love????? Are you serious????

When I told you I used you to satisfy my needs…. Are you reallly soo dumb to think that Love has any chance in MSK’s life its just Lust n always will be Lust…”

Geet “I curse you Maan that even after knowing you love a person you will never be able to get it….” N stands there having tears n slowly turns n goes away n it starts raining heavily……




Past – Maaneet breaking down

Present – Preet running behind Avanii who had tears in her eyes seeing Preet


Part 40

This Part is speciallly dedicated to rsroopali thats me n poojaaddis thats Pooja my best friend 

muahhh luv u lotsss n im always there 4 you n u also alwaysss be for me



Coffee Plantation


Maan “Yesss Geet Handa I used you to satisfy myself n its not the first time im doing it’.I have done it with sooo many girls before you sooo it realllyyy doesn’t matter to me what happens to you’..”


Geet “I reallly wonder if you are really loved me or that all was also a drama to make me fall for you”


Maan “Comon Geet, Love????? Are you serious????

When I told you I used you to satisfy my needs’. Are you reallly soo dumb to think that Love has any chance in MSK’s life its just Lust n always will be Lust'”


Geet “I curse you Maan that even after knowing you love a person you will never be able to get it’.” N stands there having tears n slowly turns n goes away n it starts raining heavily”


Maan enters the hotel totallly broken but he had to make himself strong n he couldn’t break down at the moment someone else needed him n he was her only support n some how controls his heart n sees the person crying her eyes out as if is lost alone in this whole world…


Geet got an call from her Dad that she should reach her wedding venue as soon as possible n Geet just forgot abt her heart break thinking smthing happened to her family tht her Dad was calling her with such urgency.


As Geet reached the Hotel n was shocked to see Maan  standing there hugging the girl n her Dad next to them

Rajeev “Young Man wese tumaharii choice haii bohat achiii’. Keep it up”

(Young Man by the way ur choice is vry nice.. keep it up)


Maan “Thank you Sir, aab apko apna promise yaad hai naaa humariii shaadi aapko hii karvani haiii”

(Thank you sir , now you have to fillful ur promise of getting us both married)

Rajeev “Haan Young Man mujhe yaad haiii afterall Capt. Rajeev Handa kaa Promise thaa marke bhii puraa karenga”

(Yes young man i remember my promise afterall its Capt. Rajeev Handa’s promise even after dieing he would fillful it)


Maan “Sirr yesii baathe kyu karthe hoo ????? apko tho mere bachoo kii bhi shaadi karvanii haiii”.” 

(Sirr why are you talking all this ???you have to get even my kids married )


N hugged Rajeev getting emotional n he saw tears in the girl’s eyes  n he wiped it n kissed her forehead n excused himself n the girl from Rajeev’


Geet was standing far away seeing all this”’


Rajeev “Areee Geet tum waha khadiii hoke kya kar rahii hooo???? Tum thoda late hogayii warna mein tumhe Maan kii Girlfriend se milaa detha mein inkii College walii bohat sariii pics dekhii thi aur Maan ke wallet mein bhi iski photo dekhi thi par sab poto mein uski innocence nahi dekhthi jo actual mein haiii”

(Geet why are you standing there???? you came abot late otherwise u would hv met Maan’s GF  i have seen soo many of their college picss n even in Maan’s wallet i have seen her pic  but the pics fail to depeict the actual innicence of this girl)


Geet “Thik haii Dad mein phir kabhi mil lungiii, par aapne mujhe itnii urgencyy mein kyun bulaa tha ????”

“Its okkk Dad i will meet some other time but why did you call me soo urgentyyy)


Rajeev “Areee tumhe Maan kii Girlfriend se hii milane ke liye’.. becharii rorahii thiii Maan kahi nahi mil raha tha kar ke woh tho meine uskii pic dekii thi tho pechan liyaaa”

(I called u so that u can meet Maan’s GF onlyyy .poor girl was crying her eyes out becoz she didnt find Maan but it was gud that i had seen her pic that i recognized her)


Geet “Thik hai Dad meriii kuch dress fitting bakii haii mein thodii der mein ghar ajavungiii”

(Okkk Dad i have some dress fitting left i will come home in some time)

n went away shedding her tears’.




So was the situation today when Geet saw Maan hugging Rajeev n then Maan hugging the girl n kissing her forehead n a tear just made way from her eyes but this time the tear didn’t fall on the ground but instead on someone’s finger n he just cupped Geet’s face


Preet “Geet ‘..Jaan kya huaa tum ro kyun rahii hooo????”

(Geet. jaan what happened. why are u crying ?????)


Geet “Kuch nahi Preet kuch yaadein yaad agayii”

(Nothing Preet just remembered some old memories)


Preet “Geet yaadein yaad karke muskurana chahiyee” ronaa nahii chahiyeee”

(Geet remembering old memeories we have to smile n not cry)


Geet “Kabhi kabhi yeh aasuu hii nahi rukthe jithna muskuranee kii koshish karoo yeh akhosee beh hii jathe haiii jasee ke tumaharii akhoo se uss kii yaad mein’.”

(Sometimes these tears dnt stop how much ever yiu try to smile…these tears make way from our  eyes as it does frm ur eyes remembering her)


Preet “Kya karuu Geet Pyaar bhi tho uthna hii kiya tha naa uskooo”” 

(What do i do Geet i also loved her her that much naa)

n tears made way frm Preet’s eyes also


Geet “Dekha meine tumhe bhi emotional kar diyaa”

(See i made you also emotional)

n wipes away the tears from Preet’s cheeks




Present –

Preet running behind Avanii who had tears in her eyes seeing Preet


Part 41




Preet “Geet yaadein yaad karke muskurana chahiyee…… ronaa nahii chahiyeee”


Geet “Kabhi kabhi yeh aasuu hii nahi rukthe jithna muskuranee kii koshish karoo yeh akhosee beh hii jathe haiii jasee ke tumaharii akhoo se uss kii yaad mein….”


Preet “Kya karuu Geet Pyaar bhi tho uthna hii kiya tha naa uskooo……” n tears made way frm Preet’s eyes also


Geet “Dekha meine tumhe bhi emotional kar diyaa”n wipes away the tears


Preet “Aree meriii Dramatic Wifey……” n hugs Geet tightly when suddenly Geet starts coughing continuosly n started breathing heavily

So Preet made her sit on a chair nearby n went to get a glass of water

But Geet coughing just increased n Avanii saw it n excused herself from Maan n Rajeev n went towards Geet…..


Avanii held Geet’s hand tightly n started patting her back to make Geet feel abit relief n then she kneeled down near the chair n kept her hand near the Baby Bump n starts carressing it n Geet feeling the Baby Kick n was slowly feeling abit relaxed …….


Preet came n saw someone kneeling near Geet but as of now Geet was his main concern


Preet “Dekha Geet aur karooo apni manmaniii

Tumhe tho mazza atha haiii naaa meri koi bhi baath na sun kar”


Geet with tears “Yesaa nahii haiii…..”


Preet n Geet were busy in themselves that they failed to notice Avanii who was just staring at Preet with tears in her eyes n walking backwards as if trying to turn back the last 10 mins of her life…..


As Preet saw upwards to thank the lady who was with Geet he was shocked to see Her…… he had tears in her eyes n Geet was confused as to what was happening……….


Avanii’s eyes were filled with tears n were trying to locate Maan but Maan was no where in sight n as she caught Preet seeing her she just turned her back n started running towards the garden….


Preet as he saw Avanii running told Geet to be sitted there he will just come in sometime……..


As Avanii reached outside in the garden she fell on the ground crying……….


Preet reached there n made Avanii stand n he couldn’t see her crying… he just hugged her…


Avanii tried with all her might to get out of the hug n run away frm Preet but Preet’s hold was strong n slowly when Avanii stopped protesting Preet lossened the Hug


Avanii “Kyun kiyaaa tumne mere saath yesa……Kyun?????????”


Preet “Meriii majboori thi………”


Avanii “Tumharee paas humesha hii koi na koi excuse hota hai…….. kya tumne kabhi mere baare mein soch nahiii humesha apne Mom Dad ka saath diya……. Chahe who sahi ho ya galat”


Preet “Par mujhe puri saachai nahi pata thi Avaniii….”


Avanii “Haan issi liye uss din mujhe ghar se bina kuch kahe bina kuch sune nikal diya…..”


Preet “Mein maan tha hu meri galatii thii par tumne bhi tho mujhe phele kuch nahi bola tha…..”


Avanii “Kyaaa boltiii tumhe ke ………….” N she starts crying again falling on her knees


Preet “Plzzz Avaniii mat rooo…..”


Avanii “Tumne mujhe zindagi mein asoo ke ilava kabhi diya hii kya haiii Preet……. Mein humesha yehii manthii rahii ke puri duniya yaha ki wahan hojayee lekin tum mera saath nahi chodoge…..

Lekin tum tho sabse phele chale gaya meri zindagii se saara ilzaam mujhpe daalke……….”


Preet ” Avanii mein maan tha huu meinne galatii kiii par plzzz mujhe sazza dedooo par plzzz dnt leave me plzzz”


Avanii “Kis haq se rok rahe hooo Preet……

Kaha the tum jab unhone mera Rape kiya tha…..

Bolo aaye tum waha mujhe bachane ke liyee……

Kaha the tum jab woh 2 mahine mera continous gang rape karthe raheee…….

Tumhe bas apne Mom Dad jo bola ussi pe yakin tha na…….

Kaha the tum jab unhone mere Bache ko mere peeth mein hiii maar daala……….

Aur woh bhi tumhare Mom Dad ke Kehne par…..

Kaha the tum jab tumare Mom Dad ne mujhe maarne kii suparii unhe diii thiii……..

Tumhe tho humesha se hiii laga tha ke merii tumare Mom Dad ke saath dushmanii thi naaa……..

Kyun unhone tum mein aur mujh mein humesha faraq rakha

Mujhe Betiii bolte the naaa woh

Tho phir Kyun??????????

Haiii koi Javab tumare paas Capt.Preet Aluwalia”


Preet “Avanii mujhe saach mein yeh sab patha nahii tha……

Tumhariii kasam……..”


Avanii “aaj tak tumne meriii naam kii bohat sii kasam kahii haiii

So aaj yeh sab Drama kyun Preet ???????”


Preet “Avaniii yeh koi Drama nahii haiii

I loved you yeh tum bhi janthi hooo

Par I mis understood you……….” N puts down his head in shame


Avanii “Yehii tho haii naaa Preet ke tum kitnii bhi galatii karooo I always supported you but jab tumhara time aya mujhe support karne kaa

You Mis-understood me n left me alone to face it alll

Bas itna hii tha tumhara pyaar mere liye……”


Preet just went on his knees n hugs Avanii’s waist “Plzzz Avaniii plzzz mujhe ek aur baar chod ke maath javv

Mein sab kuch phele jese kar dungaaa

I promise plzzz bas mujhe chod ke maath jav……”


Avanii “Kuch phele jesa nahi raha Preet

Sab kuch badal chuka haiii

Tum mein aur halat bhiii

Aur tum aab kuch thik nahi kar sakthe Preet

I have a Family now im not alone anymore ke koi bhi akee mere saath kuch bhi karke chodde…”


Avanii removed Preet’s hands from her Waist n as she turned towards the Hotel ….Preet held her hand










Present – Twist abhi baaki haiii …………








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