A Maaneet Paradise

Baarish Maaneet FF

Charater Sketch-

a haapy go lucky guy, luvs spending his dad’s money n loves his mom a lot.
According to his dad-Maan is  the lazyest person ever found on earth n who just wants to njoy his life with working hard for it n in short he is aDHARTHI PE BHOJ.

According to his mom-Maan is the best gift she has ever got n her son is the best son in d whole world.Always supports him whn there is a father-son fight.
A multimillionaire of Bangalore n Maan’s dad, always behind him to join the office n curse himself tht such a son is born to him bt luvs Maan’s mom alot n even Maan bt never expresses it.

According to his wife-The world’s best husband,bt hates him when he starts cribbing abt her darling son.
According to maan-The world’s most uncool dad has objection for everything he doesn the world’s biggest KANJOOS bt he also luvs his dad bt never expresses it.
Wife of a multimillionaire n Maan’s mom,loves both her husband n maan vry much. Her life revovles around the two.And always the BAALI KA BHAKRA in d father-son fight.

According to her husband-A really lovely mother n wife a person could get n the same lady who proposed him in a temple.

According to Maan- The best gift god has given him n the best mom in the whole world.For him mom’s words r the final ones.
A bubbly always happy girl whose life revovles only around her parents n friends n has very fasinating weird dreams to fulfill.

According to her dad-Geet is his princess n seeing her smile his heart rest at peace n cnt see a sindle tear in Geet’s eyes.

According to her mom-Geet is thd best gift of god bt is a bit spoilt bcoz of her dad’s love.
A retired army officer,very brave n luvs his wife n daughter to no end n owner of large coffee n tea estates in Madikeri.

According to his wife- The best husband n dad in this world,at times drinks too much bt love of her life.

According to Geet-The bestesttt dad in the whole world, wants to fulfill all her dad’s dreams n thinks wtever her dad decide’s for her is the best.
Geet’s mom n Capt.Rajeev’s wife, her world revovles around them n her best frnd who lives in Bangalore n can do anything to keep her husband’s reputation intact.

According to her husband-The girl with whom i ran away frm the train n got married n she has given me the best gift of my life our daughter.

According to Geet- The best moom bt smtimes annoying n sticrt mom bt luvs me a lot.

A young army officer,junior of Capt.Rajeev Handa for a mission n fiance of Geet Handa n he luvs Geet alot, for him it was First sight love.

According to Capt.Rajeev Handa- A really well matured n settled guy who i know will love n keep my daughter more happier than me.

According to Naina Handa- A carnation of god who saved her husband in the war field, and luvs him as much as she luvs Geet.

According to Geet Handa- A person with whom i m going to spend rest of my life n even may start loving him.


It was a windy day it looked like mother nature also was grieving with Maan for his loosing his love and his best friend on the same day.It seemed like a dooms day to Maan where he lost his most loved one for his Mom’s promise and her parent’s reputation.

Maan is standing on the edge of d Jog Falls the highest Falls of Karnataka n remembering the day when Geet his beloved had accepted his love standing in the same place.Today he not only lost Geet but also his Best Friend Devdas also died living him alone to bare his pain.

And he shouted this lines standing there-
The Rain Falls Because The Sky
Can No Longer Handle Its Heaviness,
Just Like The Tears,
It Falls Because The
Heart Can No
Longer Handle The Pain.

And it starts raining like always as whenever he is sad rain god is consoling him.

He god to the place where he buried his Best Friend Devdas n starts crying n tells “Thanks for coming in my life n also making me understand the meaning of Love n Friendship n i will never forget this part of my life even if i move on in my life”.
The bridegroom[Preet] arrives n Geet’s Mom welcomes him and he is made to were the traditional dress of marriage.

N then Geet is called.Geet is also dressed in the traditional saree.

Then Preet is made to try the mangalasutra around Geet and thy are married.

And Geet is happy tht her Dad took the right decision n got her married to Preet otherwise she would have ruined her life by running away with Maan.And now only thinking of starting a new phrase of her life.
The traditional clothes-
Part 1-
  That day was 19th AUG 2007 n today is also 19th AUG 2011 but still i cannot forget that day when i lost my love n best friend.Today after soo many years im going back to that same place to face my past n today im nt alone but with me im taking my wife Avani n our daughter Ashi there.

      Ashi is very excited tht she is just jumping in the back seat n sometimes sitting on my lap as im driving.Its a 6 hrs journey n Avani is also very excited to go to Madikeri as she has not visited that place yet.

         As Ashi n Avani dozzed off in the car i still remember the day 5th AUG. 
       It was my best friend Roopali’s birthday n we had a party at her place but i had forgotten to get her a gift n as my mom reminded me i just rushed to GARUDA Mall our usually hangout place where we there is a store called JASHN n she really liked a saree few days back n i was going to gift her that as she had demanded me to give her that gift.

      I went to JASHN n brought her that saree.
As i went to the car parking i found my cell missing so thought i would have left it at tht store.

      As i was about to go i saw a BEAUTIFUL,Hot,Sexy girl in skirt n white top it looked like as if the world has come to a stand still i could just see Her talking n cracking jokes with her friend with lots of shopping bags in hand n seeing her i just walked backwards to have a more clear look of the angel form of a girl. It was love at first sight for me n then the most idiotic thing happened to get a clear view of her i just kept walking backwards n i forgot there was a manhole theren i fell right into tht manhole n started shouting for help .

        That girl’s car was parked right next to my car n the manhole n she heard someone calling for help from tht manhole n so she extended her hand to help the person n as she help me come out tht was our first touch n it sent a current passing through my body.After seeing me in tht state where my face was full of mud she n her friend just laughed at me n went away n as soon as she left it started raining n i saw tht while helping me her watch had got stuck to my shirt n i kept it as a sign of her.

         N remembering myself falling in the manhole n her laugh i started smiling at myself n checked my face again in the mirror
Garuda mall[our IF friends of bangalore usual hangout place]
Saree gift
Girls dress
Part 2-

Geet along with her husband Preet and son Omi were settled in Mumbai n today morning they came down to Bangalore n were moving towards Madikeri.

N Geet saw the date 19th AUG the day when she got married n Maan had sacrified his love for her.

She found after reaching home n showing all her shopping to her mom tht her watch was missing n so next morning she along with her friend had gone to the same shop to ask thm if they had the same watch which she had brought as it was missing.

Shopkeeper”No mam,that was a single piece watch n its not available in the market as its just realised n we had only one piece”.

Geet”its ok ,no probs”.

N she went out dis heartened n continued her shopping with her friend.


Here Maan oned his radio n remembered the radio incident what had happened.

Maan after going home had a bath n went to party n told Roopali tht her bday was the lucky day for him as he had fallen in love.

All were sooo happy for Maan n as the party finished he reached home by 5 in the morning n saw his Mom Dad going for morning walk.
He just went inside but his Dad started shouting”See Meera your son,he is soo irresponsible.See the time he is coming home God only knows when he will become responsible”.

At 1 pm
Meera”Maan now get up its 1 pm come n have ur lunch beta”.

Maan”Wait mom i have to tell you something” n placed his head on Meera’s lap.

Meera”Ok tell fast otherwise your Dad will start off again”
Maan”Mom i have fallen in love i have found your bahu” n tells the whole scene n also shows the watch.

Meera”you are mad Maan u don’t even know her name or anything n ur in love with her n nw get ready n come down soon”.

After having Lunch
Maan takes his Dad’s BMW Z5 to garuda n parked his car in the same place as yday n went to the showroom of watch n told him tht he wanted the address of the girl who brought this watch.

But the shopkeeper told he didnt have any infomation n tht Maan just missed tht girl as she had come some half an hour ago.

So Maan went back to his car n oned the radio n got an idea.

He called 94.3 Radio One n told them tht he wanted to tell something to someone.

The rj told him to tell
“Whn i saw you yday it was luv at first sight for me n bcoz of tht i fell in the manhole n whn u helped me as u touched my hand a current passed through my body n u left ur watch with me.I really want you to meet me n im waiting at the same car parking whn we met yday with ur watch n will not go home till u come n meet me n yaaa thanks rj n i want to request the song HUMKO PYAAR HUYA PURI HUVI DUVA frm READYYY”

RJ”Ok Maan i will play the song n hope who ever tht girl is surely comes to meet u”.

Geet’s watch
Part 3-
Geet was listening to the song “HUMKO PYAR HUVA”n saw Omi also trying to drive the car sitting on Preet’s lap n then remembered her reaction on Maan’s proposal on the radio.
After listening to Maan’s proposal she spat out the Tropical Iceberg n her friend had the dreamy expression as if it was the world’s best thing ever done n she pulled Geet to the car park where they had been yday but 
Geet”I dnt want to go there, he just making fun of me. He has not even seen me”
Friend”Oh comon Geet,i want to see his face as yday his face was full of mud”
Geet “Leave it na yaar i dnt want to take that watch n he seemed like a Roadside Romeo”
Friend”Aree Geet come na yaar ok we will just take your watch from him n come back ok”
n they went to the car park area where thy went yday n thy saw a lot of crowd n she got a call as she had to complete some other work it was 3.15 when they reached there n saw a car going out n the crowd dispersing.
Maan was njoying the song “HUMKO PYAR HUVA” n making pattern on her hand n getting naughty with Avni n Avni only smacked him n showed that Ashi is awake. N so he went back to his driving n saw a lot of commotion on the road n remembered that day what had happened after the radio proposal. 
As Maan was waiting in the car park many of the people who had heard the radio show came to that place to see who this Maan was? n who this Girl was that he was talking about? n they gathered a huge crowd nn many police officer’s also came their seeing the commotion.
It was 3pm n no one came n that time Yash came n saw Maan has created so much commotion in the car park area n Maan was continuously staring at the manhole n then the watch like a devdas.
Yash “Maan enough of all this drama of yours now come home”
Maan “No Dad,she will come my heart is telling me Dad”
Yash”Maan if she had to come she would have come n do you even know the girl’s name”
Maan “No Dad, but i know that she is the world’s most beautiful girl in the world like an angel from heaven”
Yash” Now enough is enough just sit in the car n lets go home n this time i don’t want to hear anything just do as i say”
N so Maan sat in his car with his dad n left the place.
Tropical Iceberg[njoy it its vry yummyyy]
Part 4-

Maan n Ashi were having fun trying to drive the car together n then Ashi jumping to her Mom Avni’s lap n is busy seeing the scenery when the car stops with a jerk n it starts raining.


As Maan reached home his Mom told him that he was accompaining her to Madikeri to her best friend’s house n he told Ok.
Next Morning
Maan is driving for 2 hrs now and telling his story abt tht girl to his Mom n hw they misssed meeting yday
n then suddendly the car stops with a jerk n so he is like wt the hell???? and goes out and sees a flat tyre n he is like now i will have to change ittt n as he finishes changing the tyre and as it was raining a car with full speed just passes by and bcoz of the speed the mud on the road splashes on Maan’s face and he runs after the car n suddendly the car stops and he sees …


Geet sees its raining outside n a car with a flat tyre n she remembers 


Geet sees a person with mud splashed all over his face by her car and so she stops the car and gives her hankyy to tht guy n tells the driver to drive.
Ash “Hey Geet u should have stopped the car i wanted to see his face”
Geet “why what was so special in that guy?”
Ash “Geet you are a fool didn’t u see it was the same guy who has your watch n fell in that manhole”
Geet “Whattt?????????I seriously didn’t recognise how did you recognise him”
Ash “Geet its so simple yaar he had mud on his face and u should have seen his eyes he was sooo surprised”
Geet “Oh Ok leave it I may never meet that guy again then y should i bother abt him”
Ash[Kawaii_geet] Hey this is Geet’s friend who is very eager to see Maan’s face n she is our very personal DQ[Drama Queen]
Part 5-
As Maan came in after changing the tyre Avni took out her hanky n wiped Maan’s face n Maan just held d hanky m started singing…
Maan was shocked,surprised and wt not he just started to run behind that car but he was not fast enough and that car zoomed off and Maan holding the hanky folded it n kept it on his neck [Aamir Khan style in Ghulam movie] n started singing Athi kya Khandala to his Mom n drove off to Madikeri thinking of the girl n without anymore mishaps n as he reached his Mom’s best friends house, he left his mother and told her that he will come back by evening and zoomed off to the nearby market for timepass.
Preet suddendly stopped the car as Omi was sleeping and it was a deserted road  and had a vry beautiful sceneric view.
He came out and brought Geet out and then slowly with care pulling her in his arms and Geet reading his intensions just hugged him and then Preet captured Geet’s lips n started kissing her collarbone n then bit her shoulder and as Geet was lost in the moment suddendly she felt some metal touching her neck n she saw a beautiful diamond heart shaped necklace wished her Happy 5th Anniversary Jaan n then Geet thanked him for the gift by giving a even more passionate kiss to Preet n the journey to Madikeri continued.
As Geet was in the shop seeing many diamond pendents for Ash as her bday was just a day away and she had some how sent Ash to some other shop so that she could shop for ash’s surprise gift and then after buying the gift she was seeing some heart shaped pendents n as she was trying one pendent.
Guy “Hey thats not suiting you it looks too loud”

Geet just ignored him n went to try some other pendents
Then Geet took a really simple pendent to try

Guy “See its very simple but your face is more brighter than this pendent it looks really low in front on you”

Geet “Hello Mr i never asked your views so why are you bothering me”

Guy “Oh so now im bothering you,just wait a sec n then he asked the shopkeeper if he had mud”

Geet “Nw what do you want to prove with mud”

Guy “Miss im not at fault if you cant recognise me with mud over my face”

Geet “Oh so your that manhole guy “

Maan “Yes im that manhole guy n Hii im Maan Singh Khurana n you are????”

Geet “Hiii im Geet Handa n now can i have my watch n hanky back”

Maan “No u cant have them back”

Geet ” Why not its mine “

Maan “It was your but now its a symbol of our love”

Geet “What??? I just saw your face today n wt do you mean by our love.
Just out of humanity i helped you but no road side romeo’s like you can never be happy without Troubling girls for timepass”

Maan “Geet enough if im nt telling anything dont mean i cant talk, n for me it was love at first sight u agree or not “

Geet “I will not agree what will you do? hun”

Maan ” See our meeting is destiny you like it or not n i promise the next time I meet you I will fill your mang with my blood n tie a Mangalsutra at that very moment. n that is Maan Singh Khurana’s Promise”

Geet “Lets see Mr. arrogent”

Maan ” surely my Angel”

n Geet just pulled Ash who had just come there when she saw Geet showing her finger to some stranger to the car n Maan saw them going n then it started raining.
Preet’s gift
Geet  seeing pendents
the loud one
the simple one
Part 6-

Maan comes to his Mom’s best friends house after meeting his Angel n he was very excited to tell his mom about his meeting n searching his Mom, when 

Aunty “Hello who are u?What do you want?Some salesman???”

Maan “No aunty actuallyyy…”

Aunty “Then wt????U want funds for Independence Day???”

Maan “No aunty I…”

Meera “Aree Maan what are u doing outside,come inside”

Aunty “Meera is he Maan”

Meera “yaaa he is Maan “

Aunty “wowww he is sooo handsome just like my jiju,
Maan come on in”

Aunty made Maan sit on the sofa n they started chatting n then entered aunty’s daughter…

Daughter “Hiii Mom ohhh choti maa when did you come?
where is uncle?”

Then she saw Maan sitting on the sofa with his jaws open
n she said “Hiii “

Maan “Hiii “

Aunty “Maan meet my daughter Geet Handa n Geet this is Maan Singh Khurana”

Geet was smirking looking at Maan n his so called promise that he had made n goes away to her room.

Here Maan was roaming around the house when he reached the open bar n meet Geet’s Dad n sees a rifle in his hand n thinks in his mind “first i have to impress him then his daughter”

Rajeev “Hello young man so you want a drink?”

Maan “Sir everyone tells not to drink n here you are offering me a drink”

Rajeev “Very good young man i like it,i like ur nature,young men should be truthful like you”

Maan in his mind “Wah bhuda impress hogayaaa yepieee”

Geet comesss n asked her Dad 
“Dad did you have your medicines?”

Rajeev “Yaaa dont worry this is my 1st n last drink of today”

Maan in his mind “yeh bhuda kya bol raha hai?????”

Then Geet went near her Dad n put the Hearing aid n asked “Dad did you have ur medicines?”

Rajeev “Yes Geet i had it “

Then Naina n Meera comes n introduces Maan to Rajeev.
Rajeev “Welcome young man welcome”

Maan “Thank you sir thank you”

Rajeev “Atlast im nt alone in this house to look after the wedding preparations”

Maan “Wedding preparations?????Whose wedding??? “

Naina “Meera tune Maan ko bataya nahi?? “

Meera “Nahin yaar warna Maan atha hi nahi “

Naina “Maan Geet ki shaadi hai iss 19th ko aur isliye tum aur Meera yahan help karne jaldi ayeho “
Part  7-

Maan after hearing that it is Geet’s marriage and they have come here for that he is sooo angry on himself for making that promise to Geet n falling for her n so he rushes towards his car.

As he was headed towards Bangalore in his car in 150 km/hr speed n he stepped out on a deserted road n throws the watch n hanky which he considered his luvs sign’s n starts crying n then suddendly his phone rings n sees its frm his Mom so he picks it up

Maan “Yes Mom”

Meera “Maan where are u?I have been looking for you from so long n are u alright beta “

Maan “Yes Mom n Im going back to Bangalore,you know na i dnt like marriages n all then why did u lie to me n got me here”

Meera “Maan please i know but its my best friend’s daughter’s wedding n i wanted all of us to be here”

Maan “But Mom I dnt like ittt n Im nt coming back,you just give me a call when you want me to pick you I will come “

At that time Geet saw that Maan has left n she told Meera that she will talk to Maan

Geet “Aree Maan where are you?you remember your promise na”

n saying this Geet moves to her room

Maan “See Geet Im very sorry i didn’t know that you are getting married “

Geet “Oh ho Maan i thought after hearing about my marriage news as you told you love me you will not let my marriage happen but here tho you are acting like a coward n running away”

Maan “Geet I really love you but I dnt want to create any trouble for you or your family “

Geet “Oh cummon Maan dnt make excuses.I really thought you were really different from all those road romeo’s n d way you promised me i thought you would live upto it and nw when I starting feeling n thinking about you you act like a chicken “

Maan ” Geet Maan Singh Khurana is not a chicken n i will prove you wrong i will not go away ,you just wait i will run away with you on your marriage day itself just wait Im coming back” n he cuts the call n goes back to the place where he had throwed the watch n the hanky .

He searched the watch n the hanky but didnt get it but then he saw a cute white rabbit sitting on the road with the watch n the hanky n he looked sad n it started raining n so he took the rabbit with him n named him “Devdas” his Best Friend.

Meanwhile Geet was getting ready to go to Ash’s bday party n at the same time Maan arrives n Geet’s mom dad tells Geet to take Maan with her to Ash’s bday party.

Maan is wearing this

Geet is wearing this

Ash is wearing this

Geet reach’s the Disco n takes Maan with her n introduces her to Ash her best friend.

Ash “Hey handsome”

Maan “Hey beautiful Happy Bday “

Geet “Hey DQ Happy Bday “

Ash “Hii Geet aur kya yaar itne handsome ladke ke samne muhje DQ kyun bularahi hai Ash bulana”

Maan “Dnt worry Ash i prefer to call you Ash”

Geet “Ok Ok Ash here’s your gift”

Ash’s gift from Geet

Ash “Maan don’t mind i talk a lot n sometimes you may not get a chance to speak”

Maan “Thats not a problem Ash I would be privilaged to here your voice it really sounds gud”

Ash “So Friends Maan?????”

Maan ” Yaa Friendss” n they hug each other sooo tightly 
n Roops thinks of singing a song here
Kab ke biche huve dono aaj yaha mileeeLOLLOLLOL

n Then Ash “Maan friends give a gift .So where is my Gift???”

Maan “As I got to know last minute u just ask what you want i will get you that”

Ash “Ok Be my date for today”

Maan kissing her on her cheeks “Yaa sure my Princess Im your date for tonight”

Ash is sooo shocked by the kiss Maan has given her that she just says Iishhh

n takes Maan to meet her other best friends Amrita,Alisha,Abhishek,Aman n Dodo.

n they all drink n dance together n then all request Ash to go a dance on a song Geet choose 

Geet chooses Munni Badnam Huyiii

Ash “There is no way im dancing to that song “

All “Oh ho Ash dnt be a spoilt sport cummon yaar for us plzzz danceee”

Ash “No you all are doing this wantedly you all know I dnt like this song i know you all want to tease me” n starts crying.   

Maan “Aree Ash plzzz dnt cry na im your date for today na plzzz for me you dance even i will join you “

Ash “Ok only bcoz you are telling me im doing this n Promise you will join me”

Maan “Promise”

After the dance

Maan hugs her n tell her that she is fantastic dancer n she should try it as a profession.

n soon the Party ends.
Part 8-

On the way back home Geet was silent n Maan was making her talk but she just ignored his talks n they soon reached home n all were sitting in the hall talking about Geet’s mom dad love story n Maan came to know that thy had ran away n got married n Maan’s mom had helped them n he was totally surprised that his Mom could do such a daring thing.

n Then Maan told about the girl he fell in love with n then all there meeting except the fact that the girl was their daughter Geet n then
Rajeev “Dnt worry young man next time you see her take her to a near by temple n get married to her I will help you”

Maan “Uncle your serious na after kidnapping the girl you will not back out na”

Rajeev “No Maan I will not back out who ever the girl is”

Maan “n Aunty you are you with me n uncle should i kidnap her n marry her”

Naina “Yes surely you should n i will only dress her up for her marriage n always with you don’t worry “

N after Rajeev n Naina told that Maan sees Geet n winks at her saying her to be ready n she just gets angry n leaves the hall telling Gud Night.

As Geet leaves Maan is also like Im also feeling sleepy n nw i will go n dream abt my angel my Dream girl.Byee Uncle Aunty n Mom.Gud Night.

n then went towards Geet’s room n at that time Geet was in the washroom n so he was just looking around the room.

As Geet came out of the washroom she saw Maandoing something in the balcony.
Geet “Maan wt are you doing in my room”

Maan “Geet Im tieing thid saree in the balcony so that its easy for you to slide down when we have to run away”

Geet “Run away ?????? n why will i run away am I mad?”

Maan “Aree Geet I know your Mom n Dad are giving me full support but then also cant trust the oldies if they come to know I was talking of there daughter n he back’s off then we will have to run away n do you want to practice once its very easy “

Geet “Maan its my marriage for what you have come n just for fun I told u that I want to run away n marry n you believed me n came back n however I dnt want to marry you “
Part 9-
Maan “But Geet you only told na that u started liking me n that is why i came back “

Geet “Maan I just told that so that you dnt go n see my wedding with your own eyes n stop dreaming unwanted dreams”

Maan “Dn’t worry Geet its just 8th Aug n ur wedding is on 19th Aug.I still hv 11 days n I will make u fall in luv with me n let this saree be tied here as a symbol of my promise”

Geet “Yaa even I want to see what you do to make me fall in love with you”

n then Maan told Geet Gud night n kissed on her cheeks n left n Geet was shocked by that action of Maan.

Next Morning 

Geet’s Bedroom
Geet felt something move from her leg to her waist tto her chest under her blanket n suddendly she opened her eyes to see who was it though expecting Maan doing it but it was Devdas with the watch tied around its neck n a letter with it.

Gud morning n plzzz wear this watch as I had promised ur Mom Dad to make d girl i select wear the watch as a indication n now i hv gone on a morning walk with your Dad n Im going to tell him that Geet ur d girl I was talking about yday.

Geet ears a t shirt n a jeans n runs to her Mom asking her where had Dad gone

n Naina told that Rajeev had taken his gun with him n Maan had gone with himn its been more than 2 hrs since they are gone n hearing this Geet starts to shiver n reach’s hill’s top where their estates are there as she knew her Dad goes for walk over that place n then she saw a Gun in her Dad’s hand n then she heard Gun Shot n shouts “Maannn”
Part 10-
then she saw a Gun in her Dad’s hand n then she heard Gun Shot n shouts “Maannn”

As she opens her eyes she sees Maan standing there with his back turned n sand falling frm the sack that was tied frm Maan’s shoulder to his hip n nw Maan shacking his a** n the sand falling on the ground.

Here Rajeev after hearing Geet shout asks her “Wt happened Beta?”

Geet “Nothing Dad i just saw a snake nearby so i shouted”

Rajeev “dont worry Geet there are no Posionious snakes around here bt i will inform the Forest Department to check the area once”

Geet “Leave all that Dad Wt are u doing here with ur gun?”

Rajeev “Geet u know this brave young man [pointing towards Maan] he got to know tht i wanted to practice gun shooting n tht all ou workers ran away as soon as i asked them so he became a volenteer for my gun shooting practice”

Maan [s.t] “oh god wt n all i have to do to impress Geet see nw im even hv become a volenteer to tht budha for his stupid gun shooting. Oh god u only save me frm him”

Geet “Dad do u hv some shame or mind atleast. its ur daughter’s wedding in 10 days n here ur practicing this stupid gun shooting n there all r tensed as to whr hv u gone?”

Rajeev “Sorry beta yaa come nw we will go n u dnt get angry n cool down”

Geet n rajeev were going through the fields when Rajeev was talking something to Geet n then suddenly some1 pulled Geet towards the big banana plants enough to cover them both.
Part 11-
then suddenly some1 pulled Geet towards the big banana plants enough to cover them both n then Geet sees that it was Maan n gets angry n shouts at him “wt do u think of urself,wt r u doing?”

Maan “i m sooo happy to see u here i knew u would come n u left the watch in d hills whn u shouted” n he made Geet wear he watch 

Geet “are u mad Maan ur making me wear this watch knowing tht u hv told my Dad tht u will put it on the hand of d girl u luv”

Maan “ohhh wowww i thought u never remembered my words n didn’t give a dam to them bt im surprised u remember each n every word of wt i said”

Geet “Maan just stop this madness u know tht i will nt marry you no matter wt.my marriage is in 10 days just stop all this its going no where u will just end up heart broken “

Maan “Geet wt ever it mayb even if im heart broken i want to tell my heart tht till the last moment i tried bt u were nt in my destiny n god knows u may even fall for my luv in these 10 days.sooo im nt giving up sooo easilyyy”

Geet “Do wtever u want but then dnt hold me responsible if ur heart is broken”

Maan “Dnt worry Geet i will never loose my luv”

Suddenly  thy hear Rajeev searching for Maan n Geet n Maan just went away frm there n as she turned she saw her Dad “Geet wt are u doing here n wts tht…”

Maan “aree Sir whr had u gone i just turned around n both u n Geet were Missing i came running searching u both as i thought tht u were lost”

Geet “Maan u are new to this area n not us hw can we get lost? its you who had lost ur way”

Rajeev “thats okkk nw come lets go home ur Mom will be waiting for us n Geet i saw something in ur hand. wt was tht ???”
Geet “nothing Dad see nothing’s there” n she shows her hand n the watch was kept in her other arm


As they finished there lunch a servent came running into the dining hall n told them that Rakha has come back frm jail n hearing this Rajeev took his gun n rushed out towards his jeep with the servant
Part 12-


As they finished there lunch a servent came running into the dining hall n told them that Rakha has come back frm jail n hearing this Rajeev took his gun n rushed out towards his jeep with the servant.

n here Geet was shaking in fear n Naina was hugging n consoling her n Maan was totally confused seeing wt just happened ????

So he also took his car n followed Rajeev.

After some 10 mins Rajeev came in front of a house n then he banged open the door of the house n Maan followed him in n he was shocked to see various pics of Geet in the room as if he was an obsessed lover n he was shouting “I will kill Preet or anyone who comes between us Geet”
N hearing this Rajeev’s blood boiled n he was abt to shot at Rakha but Maan consoled n calmed him telling he will take care of Geet n nothing will hapeen n seeing this Rakha just laughed n said Geet is only mine n no one will get her n hearing this made Maan blood boil n he punched on Rakha’s face but then just took Rajeev away as started breathing heavily n as thy reached home they helped him on the sofa n Geet brought his Asthma Pump n told
“Sorry Dad its all bcoz of me ,all bcoz of me” n just ran away to the terrace crying n as thy were going behind her

Maan said

“No i will talk to Geet as a friend then she may open up abt this matter”
saying that Maan went to the terrace n saw Geet cuddled in herself in a corner n he went n sat next to her n just hugged her n didn’t say anything n Geet was struggling to come out of the hug but Maan just hugged her even more tightly n Geet just started crying n hugged Maan back.
Maan “Cryy Geet hw much ever u want cryyy Im there for u always n will always be there”
Geet “Maan promise me even after hearing the truth you will not break your friendship with me plzzz Maan promise me”
Maan “I promise Geet after telling the truth n even if u get married to Preet I will never break our friendship”
Part 13-

At the terrace

Geet “Maan it all started whn i was 11 yrs old n it was summer holidays so i used to go to dance classes as i luved dncing n i was like the innocent kid who didnt know anything bcoz of d conservative family of mine”

Maan “but Geet wt does it hv to do with all of this??”

Geet “Maan plzz dont inteprut as it takes lot of courage to see back in the past”

Geet “So there were different guys n gals who would dance as a team n then i found a silent sitting n friendly guy who was 16 yrs Rakha n we became close friends n then we would just stay n talk 2 each other for 10-15 mins after the class n reach 15 mins early to class so tht we could talk to each other”

Geet “then 1 day sir had nt yet come n d classes were suspened n I didnt know tht bcoz Rakha told me tht sir will come n soo i was just sitting in the studio with Rakha n then he suddendly came n hugged me in a friendly manner n then he just kept his head of my lap n then slowly started tickling me n as i was realllyyy ticklish i ended up lieing next to him on the floor n as i said i was just a kid n was laughing really loud n suddendly he came on top of me n smacked my lips with his lip n as i tried to wriggle out he held me hand n legs more tightly n i started shouting n then he started pulling my pants n his pants off n then just puuled my t shirt out n bit my br***** n started kissing my navel point n then someone knocked on the door n sooo he just wore his pant n eft me in n went to talk 2 his frnd who had cm outside seeing d chance i just wore my clothes n ran to my home frm the back door n till date Mom n Dad doesnt know abt this thy just think tht he tried to mis behave with me last yr bt thy dont know tht whn i was 11 i was nearly rapped by this guy  n i dnt know y i told u all this i just felt like u would understand me”

Maan just hugged Geet tightly realising hw much she had suffered in her childhood n promised himself 2 fill her life with more n more luv.
Part 14-
Maan just hugged Geet tightly realising hw much she had suffered in her childhood n promised himself 2 fill her life with more n more luv.

Then after some time Geet stopped crying n dozed off on Maan’s lap n Maan was just carressingher hairs to sooth her n eventually he also dozed off.

Next Morning

Geet’s sleep was disturbed by the sunlight n as she got up she was shocked to see that she was sleeping on Maan’s lap n thn she remembered last nights events n she cursed herself for becoming so emotional n telling Maan the past which no one knows n she just ran away to her room knowing that if she stays there Maan will ask sm more questions of her past.

after sometime Maan wakes up feeling no weight on his lap n as he opens his eyes he doesnt see Geet n assumes she went away to avoid him as he knows a part of her past.

After getting dressed up Maan like always is helping in the arragements of the marriage n 1st thing under it was scrubbing n cleaning of the outside pathway where all the cars will b parked n guests will come in from so he was dressed only in a vest n 3/4th black cargo n looked sooo sexyyy that all the maids n some friends of Geet instead of finishing d work were standing in a corner n ogling at Maan as he was ordering the workers to scrub properly n also talking to Devdas whom he had kept in a baby carrying bag n tied on his chest to let the girls imagine him hw thy liked bcoz he had seen thm ogling at him.

Seeing all her friends ogling at Maan Geet became more angry n irritated.
Geet-“Dad im going to the railway station to recieve some of my friends”

Rajeev-“Beta who all are coming now”

Geet-“Garav jiju n Vidya dii”

Rajeev-“aree my army officer beta is cominggg”

Geet-“Viren bhai n Jeevika bhabhi”

Naina-“kyaaa Jeevika is halat mein yaha arahi hai??”

Geet-“Mumma mein mana kiya tha lekin usse anaho hai tho mein kya karooo bhai bhi pagal hogaye hai usske saath re kar”

Naina-“Bas bas mujhe patha hai tunee hi zidd ki hogiii n kabardar mere bete aur bahu ko pagal bola tho”

Geet-“Thik hai mumma nahi bolugi apke ladle bete aur bahu ko kuch bhi baath hi nahi karoogi ek tho itni der se areehai air anese phele hii mujhe daath kilvarahii hai”

Naina-“Virat aur Maanvi nahi arrahai hai”

Geet-“Aree Maa usss bhukad ko kyu yaad kar rahi hooo n vese bhi voo Honeymoon par gaye haii aur meri shaadi bhi attend nahi kar rahe hai”

Rajeev-“Aur kon kon arahaii betaa”


Rajeev-“Geet itne sarre naam kyun lee rahi hai sidhe sidhe bolna tere boyfriend arahaii”

Maan who was silently seeing this converstation was shocked whn Rajeev told that Geet’s boyfriend was coming n here he though that Rajeev was narrow minded.

Geet-“yesss Dad my boyfriend Abhinav is cominggg”
Part 15-

Rajeev-“Geet itne sarre naam kyun lee rahi hai sidhe sidhe bolna tere boyfriend arahaii”


Maan who was silently seeing this converstation was shocked whn Rajeev told that Geet’s boyfriend was coming n here he though that Rajeev was narrow minded.


Geet-“yesss Dad my boyfriend Abhinav is cominggg”


Maan was jealous that Geet was going alone to receive her so called Boyfriend.


As Geet walked near the car park & waited for the Driver to come n start the car instead of scrubbing the pathway.


But the Driver was in a confused state seeing Maan n Geet both glare at him as he was busy scrubbing as per Maan’s orders.


Then decided that he will follow Geet’s order n started washing his hands n walking towards the car.


As he was nearing where Maan was scrubbing soo hard  in his anger that he even didn’t see the Driver legs n the poor Driver slipped…


Maan-“Aree  Chandu [tonya ur ff chandu ] sorry sorry meine thumhee dekha nahii par tum yese kaise bhina dekhe chal rahe the”

N gave an Evil Smirk to Chandu that this will happen if u dnt follow MSK’s orders.

Rajeev-“Aree Chandu mujhe patha hai ye sab tumhare bahane haii kaam se bhag ne kee aur dekho iss Young Man ko subhase kaam kar raha hai”

Maan as if shying-“Aree Uncle mein kaam nahi karunga tho kaun kareega n janee dijiyena Chandu ko sach mein zor se laggi hai iss ko doctor ke paas lejaa …Nakul”


Geet-“Dad mujhe late hora haiii n ash mera intazaar kar rahi hogi abb mein jaa rahii huu khud drive karke”


Maan-“Aree Chandu,tu mujhe aaj subah railway station ke paas kisi ladki ka  ke baree mein tuu kuch bol raha tha naaa”


Chandu confused n then seeing Maan’s angry face-“Haan Maan bhai bhuhot bada accident hua tha kuch ladkee joo ladki drive kar rahi thi usko ched rahee thee aur uski car out of control hogayi n ladkii abhi thak critical hai”


Rajeev hearing this was shocked-“Geet tum nahi jaa rahii hoo n Young Man tum hiii Railway Station jaakee Guests ko leeke aavoo”


Maan[st]-“Aree iss bhudhe ko koi aur kaam nahi hai kyaa hamesha mera plan ulta kar mujhe Young Man bol bol ke kaamwala bana diya hai

Par mein bhi Maan Singh Khurana huu dekho kese mein Geet ko saath mein lekar jatha hu”


Geet-“Dad its okkk mein khud chali javoogiii aur Ash ko bhi pick karna haii”


Maan-“Uncle ek kaam karthe hai mein aur Geet dono Railway Station chalee jathe haii”


Rajeev-“Haan Young Man yahii karoo”


Geet-“Par Dad…”


Maan-“Chaloo Geet we are already getting late n Ash bhi wait kar rahi hogina”


Geet making a sad face sits in the car.

Part 16-

Geet-“Par Dad…..”


Maan-“Chaloo Geet we are already getting late n Ash bhi wait kar rahi hogina”


Geet making a sad face sits in the car.


As Maan started the car n was out of Handa Mansion Geet started glaring angrily at Maan n Maan was just making a cute baby face  looking at Devdas n as Geet took Devdas in her lap.

Maan-“Yeh mera Devdas haiii tum kyun lerrahi hooo” making a sad face as if his fav toy is taken frm him.


Geet-“Nahii Devdas mera bhi friend haii na” she asked making a cute face to Devdas.


Maan-“Lekin friends banne ke liye tho hand shake karna padtha haii aur tum ne mere Devdas see hand shake nahi kiyaa”


Geet-“Pheli baath yeh tumara Devdas nahi haii yeh hum sab ka Devdas haii n hand shake tho mein karna bhool hii gayi thiii” n then she took Devdas arms n shook itt.


Geet-“Maan tumne jaan bhujkar kyun Chandu ko giraya”


Maan-“Sach bolu yaa Jhot”


Geet-“Sachhh bollooo”


Maan-“Kyun kii mein tumare saath kuch time spend karna chatha tha after all you are to-be Mrs.Maan Singh Khurana soon”

Geet-“Just Shut Up Maan”


Maan-“Dekha Devdas bhalayii kaa tho zamaana nahi raha sach bolu tho bhi problem aur jhot bolo tho bhii”


N then the rest of the journey went on with Maan irritating Geet with his flirting talks.


As they reached the Railway Station

Devdas-“Maan iss ladkii ke jamele mee maat paad”


Maan-“Devdas tu chup kar mein Geet ke kilaf kuch nahi sun saktha”


Geet-“Yeh tum kisse baath kar rahee hoo”


Maan-“Kuch nahi”


Devdas-“Maan  tere liye Geet ka pyar humari dosti se zyada haiii kyaaa???????”


Maan got angry-“Haan haiii”


Devdas-“Jaa mein tumse baath nahi karongaa”


Maan angrily-“Jaa mat baath kar jaa maar ja” n left him on the bench n  went near the TC with Geet to ask abt the arrival of the train.


The TC told them that due to land slide the train is delayed by 5 hours.


Then Maan n Geet came to the bench where Maan had left Devdas n saw that he was not there n Maan started searching Devdas.


Then Maan saw Devdas sitting on the Railway track n a Train coming on that same track.

Maan  just jumped on the track n started running towards the train.


The train n Maan were just some distance away from Devdas.


Geet saw this n just shouted-“Maaannn…

Part 17-

Maan  just jumped on the track n started running towards the train.


The train n Maan were just some distance away from Devdas.


Geet saw this n just shouted-“Maaannn……”


As she opened her eyes she saw that the train had stopped and she got down on the track n then what she saw was shocked…….


She saw Devdas in the hands of Maan n Maan scolding Devdas n also caressing Devdas with love n care.


Geet seeing that both Maan n Devdas are fine just thanked God that both were safe.


Then Geet was just sitting on the bench waiting for Ash to come as she was late for nearly 1 hour n her call was coming switch off.


Then geet started scolding Ash in a low voice-“Dekha Babaji iss ladki ke nakree abhi thak nahi aayi aur agar mein 2 min late hojavo tho Dqgiri suru kardgii aur aab Madam khud 1 ghantha late haiii”


Maan-“Devdas  yeh kya hua tumari friend kisko dath rahi haii samne tho koi dikh nahi raha hai”


Geet-“Maan tum thodi der ke liye chup nahi rahe sakte kyaa mein already yaha tension mein huu”


Maan-“okkk finger on my lips”

Geet-“Ash Ash plzzz phone uthaa mujhe tension hora  haiii”


Maan-“Uskoo kyun disturb kar rahii hoo bechari phelii date pe gayii hai”


Geet-“Kya kaha tumne Date????? per vo tho yaha Railway Station aane wali thi”


Maan-“Haan mein tumhe batana bhul gaya tha ussne subha call kiya tha ke vo nahi asakthi”


Geet-“Par tumhe kaise patha ke vo Date pe gayi hai vo esii bathe phele mujhe hii bathathi tumhe nahi”


Maan-“Bhagwan sab kuch dee tumhe par galth famii naa dee Geet meine hii usski Date fix kii hai aur usne mujhe promise kiya tha kii tumhe kuch nahi bolegii”


Geet-“Okkk thik haiii par vo date kiske saath gayii haii”


Maan-“Vo Briyani aunty ka Engineering beta hai na uske saath”


Geet-“kyaaa????Uss Adityaaa ke saath…

Chiii Babajii”

Part 18-

Maan-“Vo Briyani aunty ka Engineering beta hai na uske saath”


Geet-“kyaaa????Uss Adityaaa ke saath’

Chiii Babajii”


Maan-“Uss mein chii kii kya baath haii?”


Geet-“Seriously Maan just imagine their date.

A romantic setting full of red roses n scented candles n Adityaa n Ash sitting on the opposite chair lost in each other’s eyes’.”


Maan-“But that’s gud naa wt’s sooo wrong in that?”

Geet-“The wrong part will start when Ash is hungry”


Maan-“Their date is set by mee n I hv arranged for Food dnt worry”


Geet-“You think Aditya will order something from that instead he will tell her he has a surprise for her”


Maan-“Surpriseee??????? But I hvnt arranged for one”


Geet-“That’s the thing’..He will close Ash eyes n as Ash will open her eyes she will see a Tiffin Box full of Home made Briyaniii by Briyanii aunty”


Maan-“Oh shit!!!!!!I totally forgot abt warning Aditya nt to bring the Briyanii as Ash hates itt”


Geet-“But it will be fun to see Ash’s face even for Aditya if she agree’s to eat the Briyanii , Aditya will start with his Meri Matha Maahan lectureee”


Maan-“Ayooo meine Ash ko kaha pasadiyaaa”


Geet-“Dnt worry Ash is a brave girl she will handle that Aditya n uskii esii halat karegiii na ke Aditya GF tho chodo kabhi kisi ladkii ko nazar utha ke bhi nahi dekhegaaa n incase dekh bhi liyaaa tho apni Meri Matha Maahan lecture kabhi nahii degaa”


Maan-“Sounds interesting kal subha uthkee phele mein Aditya ke ghar jakee uski halat dekoongaaa buhot mazzaaa aayegaaa”


Geet-“Sooo abbb we hv 4 n half hours free chaloo yaha buhot Famous temple haii hum waha ke darshan karke athee haiii”


Maan-“Par mein Bhagwan mein Viswas nahi kartha”


Geet-“Tum nahi karthe lekin mein karthii hoo aur mujhe jaana haiii” basss”


Maan-“Think haiii chalooo tum aur Devdas darshan karke ajanaa”


They sit in the car n Maan started to drive


Geet-“Maan what were you scolding Devdas for on the tracks”


Maan-“Ohhh nothing i was just telling him that if for urgent pressure I hv not run that way n this stupid made me run at that speed n whn I asked him why he went there?you know what is the reasn he told me???”


Geet-“Nooo Maan I dnt know what did he tell”


Maan-“He tells me that he was hungry n in your house you dnt give him enough food soo he went too eat”


Geet taking Devdas in her lap-“Sorrryyy Devdas now I will personally supervise your food, kkk”


Then Maan just was seeing Geet  making cute faces at Devdas n after some 15 minutes ‘.


Geet-“Maan what happened why are you sooo silent n not talking n nt irritating me??”


Maan-“You women are sooo strange some time u tell us tooo just Shut Up n when we dnot talk you ask why we are not talking n keeping Shut”


Geet-“Yaaa your talks are irritating but I got to know that behind this flirt Maan Singh Khurana there is a Emotional Maan just Maan”


Maan-“and why did u suddenly start to feel that?”


Geet-“The way you just ran for a Rabbit not even caring about the danger to your life explains that”


Maan-“Devdas is not just a Rabbit he is my Best Friend n I can guarantee you that even if no one in this world is with me Devdas will never leave my side no matter what”


Geet-“You have sooo much trust on Devdas”


Maan-“This whole world is built on trust then what am I”””


Geet-“Maan will you be my Friend??”

Maan-“Omg Geet am I dreaming you the Geet Handa is asking me to become your friend?”


Geet-“Oh nooo the Drama King is back cant you just

Answer my question”

Part 19-

Geet-“Maan will you be my Friend??”


Maan-“Omg Geet am I dreaming you the Geet Handa is asking me to become your friend?”


Geet-“Oh nooo the Drama King is back cant you just

Answer my question”


Maan-“Arrr I need time to think you know I just dnt make friends like that” n smirked


Geet getting irritated n says-“I dnt want your frndship go to Hell” n fumed in anger


Maan seeing Geet’s fuming face which looked sooo cute that he couldn’t stop himself frm pulling her cheeks n said “Mein tho apne dosto ka esse hii Mazak udakeee unke gal kichtha huuu”


Saying this Maan n Geet started laughing n Devdas also made cute sounds.


After 1 hour’s drive they reached the temple n Geet had got a sudden glow in her eyes as if she was in love with this place.


Geet-“Maan come fast u know im in sooo much love with this place you know from whn I was a child Dad,Mom n me used to come here on my every birthday n we used to pray here n then go to a nearby Lake”


Maan –”Oh nice I used to just go for movies n have birthday parties at home on my birthday”


Geet-“Come Maan wt are you waiting for come with me?” getting all excited.


Maan- “No Geet I dnt believe in God you n Devdas go n come”


Geet-“Maan even if you dnt believe in God just come with me na to give me company”


Maan-” Plzzz Geettt I always have a problem with your so called God u go n come”


Geet-“Okkk then I will also not go come lets go back”


Maan-“You know what Geet????”




Maan-“You’re the most stubbornest person I have seen after me”


Geet-“Oh god here also you are first”


Maan-“Okkk come I will give you company come lets go n pray to your God”


Geet-“Yaaa lets gooo”n starts reaching to the stairs


Maan sees many guys carrying girls on the stairs n found I really strange


Maan-“Gee why are all these men carrying women’s n going on the stairs cnt the women just climb the stairs tht would be much easier n faster”


Geet-“No Maan there is a belief in this temple that you should carry the person whom you love the most in your arms n reach the top on the mountain whr the main temple then thy will never lose there love”


Maan -“Ohhh okkk niceee”


Geet -“n u know this is the first time I would ever climb the stairs as always Dad used to carry me”


Maan – “Dnt feel sad Geet its okkk everything has a first time”


Maan suddenly shouted-“Geet see there is a snake knowing Geet’s craze about snakes”




As Geet’s concentration was on the bushes hse felt herself being lifted from the ground n she realized she was in Maan’s arms n he was taking her to the main temple to do her pray’s.


As they reached the main temple she gave the Pooja’s thali to the panditjii n closed her eyes to pray.


After she finished praying she saw that Maan had bent his head towards Geet as if she is a Goddess  n he is worshiping her as the world does to God n she was taken aback n Maan just looked up n smilied n thy got down frm the mountain n moved towards the Lake

 Part 20-

After she finished praying she saw that Maan had bent his head towards Geet as if she is a Goddess  n he is worshiping her as the world does to God n she was taken aback n Maan just looked up n smilied n thy got down frm the mountain n moved towards the Lake.


After 1 hour

Geet was just silently sitting seeimg the water n Maan was getting bored n also worried wt suddenly happened to Geet that she became so silent.


Geet’s POV


Why God????????? Why am I getting attracted towards Maan I know its not right.I hv my marriage in 5 days n here I dnt know wts happening to me…….


N she remembered hw last time her Dad had told  that it was the last time that he would be carrying her up the temple n from next time her husband would carry her n now Maan did carry me so does that mean that he is meant to be my husband……


But if it was like that how could Dad make a wrong choice n I believe Dad’s decision more than even God’s……..


Oh shittt why is this Maan pulling me n why am I feeling sooo cold n wet……..



End of Geet POV


Maanhad started pulling Geet inside a nearby hut because it had started raining n they were already drenched.


As they went to the nearby hut thy found an old couple in the hut with the man drinking n the women making tea for herself.


Seeing them enter the hut drenched the old couple told them to change their clothes as  thy would catch cold n lead Maaneet to a room thinking them to be husband and wife .


Geet[ST]-Areee bhagwan aabb yahii bakiii tha im already confused as to what to do n whom I should marry n who to believe n her one more problem.

How am I to be in the same room changing with Maan oh my god my naughty brain is tooo much at work thinking all the sinful things to be done


Maan[ST]-Plzzz god help me control my self

 Geet looks sooo sexyyy n delicious in wet clothes I just want taste every part of her being under me.

Plzzz help me control……..


Maan removed his shirt n seeing his toned body Geet’s heart strated racing with the horses n her heart started bearthing Dhak Dhak n she started going Red n in trance moved towards Maan.


An Maan seeing Geet apporching him was getting afraid as to what happened to her n seeing Passion filled eyes of Geet he just started moving backwards towards the wall wondering what she will do…….


Maan-Hey Geet ke Babajii plz mujheee bachalenaa meriii izzat apkee haathoo mein haiii


Maan hit the wall backside n Geet still in trance was making Maan really hard to control his emotions n he just lost control n held Geet’s waist n pulled her nearer to him n Geet just was lost in his eyes n they came close  n even more closer that even air didn’t hav the place to pass by.


Maan licked Geet’s lips n Geet did  the same as if was following  what Maan was teaching her n as they both were making their way to reach each other’s tongue’s ………



this is still in the past before Geet’s wedding

 Strictly 16+

Read at your own risk

Maan licked Geet’s lips n Geet did  the same as if was following  what Maan was teaching her n as they both were making their way to reach each other’s tongue’s ………


As their tongue’s interwinded it was as if  fireworks were exploding n the fire was being felt in  Maaneet’s kiss and with that Geet n Maan were on the bed ready to just forget their surrounding with Geet under Maan panting and moaning.


As Maan’s lips moved towards her neck n then gave her a love bite there as if telling n marking her body with his rights n moved to her shoulder n again bite her n his hands were going mad exploring her body by pressing her breasts n kneading it over her clothes and her Geet was just pulling him more towards her as if telling him to explore her more n even her hands were exploring his chest n back n their legs were entangled n they were kissing each other passionatelyyy.


Maan was going Mad with his passion ozzing out n Geet responding to him with  equal favour.He just unziped her Kurtii n started kissing n biting her clevage n Geet in eagerness find a chance just pinned Maan to the bed n removed her Kurtii n started giving biting n giving wet kisses on Maan’s chest n her hands started exploring him downwards n  Maan just unhooked her Bra in the mean while n started pulling her upwards n held her hands

behind her backs started touching n making her buds wet with his tongue n teasing her by not licking or biting it as she was still struggling to free her hands n Maan having Geet’s whole weight on him was teasing her even more n then Geet freed her hands but it was tooo late Maan was already over her  n now was biting n licking her buds n Geet kept on moaning Maaannn n hearing his name coming out of her mouth was like asking for more n he started biting her widlyyy n increased his pressure


N then suddenlyyy they were disturbed by a Phone’s ring n their trance was broken n they were shocked to see them in such a postion n just turned their backs towards each other ……



N then suddenlyyy they were disturbed by a

Phone’s ring n their trance was broken n they were

shocked to see them in such a postion n just turned

their backs towards each other………..


Maan just wore his shirt n told Geet that she can change into the saree when he is out to get some food from the old couple.


As Maan went away Geet was just getting confused more n more n seeing her the love bites given by Maan was blushing n then getting mad at herself for losing her control n just melting in the passion n just changed into the saree .


Maan asked the leave of the old couple n told them that they would have their dinner in the room itself as he knew Geet was in no position to come out n at that time the old man gave him a bottle of Whisky to keep themselves warm in case the cold increases n Maan thanked them n then checked on Devdas who was sleeping in a warm blanket with a cat of the old couple n then went into the room.


Maan just entered the room n saw Geet lying on the bed with tears rolling down her eyes n that just made him feel more guiltier n he just placed the food on the small table n sat in a corner n opened the bottle of whisky n glupped half of the bottle in a go n as he was not a regular drinker he just went high.


Maan after getting high just started talking to himself-

” See god 1st time I came to your temple n you made me do such a big mistake….

Why is it always me who does a mistake Dad also thinks im good for nothing just because im interested in becoming a Photographer n not in the family business n even Mom thinks that im wasting my life though she doesn’t tell it to me I know ittt n Now when I fell in love n was thinking that atleast let me get my love you again play your game n tell me that the girl I love in not mine n she is going to marry someone else….

Wt is my mistake in it that I fell in love with her the 1st time I saw her n now she has become my passion n god n I can kill anyone who try’s to separate us……..

But what can I dooo if she herself doesn’t understand my love n keeps on running away from me how will I make her understand my love ……..

Part 23

But what can I dooo if she herself doesn’t understand my love n keeps on running away from me how will I make her understand my love………

what type of a friend is Devdas alsoo  I just hate him n he don’t deserve my friendship when his friend needs him the most he is njoying with that Cat over there sleeping n cuddling  in the blanket???makes a cute pouting face seeing that Geet starts laughing


See god sometime back she was crying n now see is laughing at meee…….

No one love’s meee im going to do Sucide n Wt’s you nameee…..

Yaaa Dhanooo sorrryyy Basantiii no nooo yaaa Geeettt

You know what I just love Geettt I cant imagine my life without her but I will sacrifise my love you know whyyy??????


Geet getting curious n seeing him sooo high “Whyyy????”

Maan-Ssshhh dnt tell anyone okkk……




Maan-Nooo you give me linkky plomishhh


Geet-Yaaa pinky promise


Maan-Areee its not pinky promise itsss l-i-n-k- y linkkyyy P-l-o-m-i-s-h plomishhh

Repeat it as I saiddd


Geet just didn’t answer back n kept quite


Sooo Maan got angry n went towards the bed Geet got scared seeing Maan coming near the bed n just went to a sitting position


Maan came n sat next to her n told her to repeat after him n if she didn’t then he will start crying n also tell teacher that she was not listenng to the class mentor n was talking in class………


When Geet heard that she looked around herself to see if someone was there n showed him no one was there n tht now wt will he dooo…..


Maan-Katttiii u made all of them run away where did every one gooo I willl telll to teacher but whr is teacher??? N started cryinggg


Geet seeing Maan cry her heart was burning n she didn’t understand why???? Just told as he tolddd Linkkkyy Promishhh


N hearing that an instant smile came on Maan’s face n he said “You know I love Geet vry much n I want to seee her happpyyy n   she is reallly happpyyy n excited to marryyy Wt was his name okkk leave ittt that guy n I will happyly make all arrangement for her marriage n even if I die I will get her married to thatt some guys you knowww I just love geeettt I cannot leave without herrr”


N as he said ittt his eyes were full of tearsss n Geet realised that he truly loved her n wt he was going through all this daysss but still maintained a smile in front of all the family members even though he was just breaking from inside n this is when she decides to give his love a chance as she knew even she was falling in love with him n just hugs him


Their hug slowly became passionate n Maan tells I love you Geet n this time even Geet replies I love you tooo Maannn

Part 24


Their hug slowly became passionate n Maan tells I love you Geet n this time even Geet replies I love you tooo Maannn


Then they started kissing each 0ther n Maan was lost in the passion n Geet just obliged to what ever Maan did as if completely submitting herself to someone she knew would never hurt her n then they started exploring each other and moved in rhythm as if one is fire n the other is ice n removed all the barriers of the world and submitted to each other n become bliss n complete in each other’s arms n continued this session till it was early next morning n they could not take it anymore n just cuddled naked into each other comforting each other by their warmth n love.


Next Morning

Geet got up n blushed seeing herself lieing on Maan’s chest n Maan sleeping sooo cutely that she just kissed him on his lips n pressed herself more closer to Maan n Maan felt as if he was seeing a dream n never wanted that dream to break


N then his head just started to pain n as he opened his eyes n he saw both of them naked sleeping in each other arms n also some red marks on the spread n it was then he realised that it was not his dream but they had made love n just got up n wore his clothes n told Geet to change n then they would talk as he didn’t remember anything about last night he just remembers seeing Geet’s tears……..


As Geet got dressed she was feeling shy as to how will she face Maan now ?? n started blushing seeing the bed n remembering their making love….


As Maan came inside the room he saw Geet  turned the other way which was due to blushing but Maan though that he had forced her n now she was not even ready to see his face


Maan just cleared his throat n that brought Geet out of her fantasy land n he just fell on Geet’s feet n Geet was shocked to see Maan kneeling in front of her faced down as if he was ashamed of his deeds n regretted ittt n was continuouslyyy asking sorrryyy

Geet got angry seeing this but she kept cool n told him to take her to a place she wants to go n Maan agreed. 

Part 25


Geet got angry seeing this but she kept cool n told him to take her to a place she wants to go n Maan agreed.


She gave him directions n they left Devdas at the old couple place n also left the car there as Geet told she wanted to go on a cycle n Maan peddled n Geet sat in front n they reached the Jog Fallls n then Geet told Maan that she wanted to go on the edge of the falls n he was shocked to see that Geet already started walking n didn’t even wait for him he just wanted to talk to her but hear Geet was just walking ahead of him n there was no voice coming out of his mouth after what he had done


The walk to the edge of the falls was very silent n disturbing n as they reached the edge he waited for Geet to talk n Geet was waiting for Maan to talk n  was calming herself that she can confess her love to Maan.


After some hour as Maan didn’t speak

Geet-Maan youknow when I was a kid I always used to come near the river n stand there showing below the bridge from where they had come n always had a dream of coming here with the person I fall in love with n I brought you here n she just turned n kissed his lips n when she realised that Maan was not responding she bit his lips n he came out of the shock n responded to her understanding what she meant.


It was like a dream come true for Maan  n he was sooo happyyy he was on t op of the worlddd n that nothing else mattered to him

N he just kept on kissing Geet’s cheeks,eyes,ears,nose n lips every 5 minutes to make himself realise that he was not




   Geet mom’s doubts abt Geet

Part 26


It was like a dream come true for Maan  n he was sooo happyyy he was on t op of the worlddd n that nothing else mattered to him

N he just kept on kissing Geet’s cheeks,eyes,ears,nose n lips every 5 minutes to make himself realise that he was not



As Maaneet climb down the mountain and come back riding the cycle having all the romantic moments and as they arrive at the cottage Devdas runs to them n Maan tells him the good news of Geet accepting his proposal and telling him how happy he was and then realised that they also had to go back home so started the journey way back home.


As Maaneet reached home the whole house was tensed n they could see Rajeev pacing left and right n Naina and Meera were mumbling between themselves as if sharing a secret.

As Maaneet entered the house Naina and Meera hugs n kissed Geet and Maan forheads.Maaneet went towards Rajeev who was glaring angryly at them for being so irresponsible and as theycame forward Rajeev just hugged ”


Naina and Meera were soo shocked and shouted on Rajeev

Naina “Could not you just hug Maan n Geet”

Naina “Jiju I expected you to slap Maan for his irresponsiblity atleast scold him”


Both Maan and Geet turned confused to their mom’s

Maaneet ” what are you talking abt????????”

Rajeev “Soo much much money did you both lose” completely ignoring Maaneet’s question.


Meera and Naina “Rs 20 each”

 Rajeev ” Whattt??????? I earned only Rs 40″

Maaneet “Can some one just tell us whats going on here ‘..”

Rajeev ” Ohhh nothing beta its just that your mom n Naina had a bet as to what I would as soon as you both entered the house and as I knew this I just hugged Devdas instead”

Maaneet were like W*F”..

Rajeev “And now I get to know tht they had a bet for just Rs 20 each and here I was planning to buy a new rifle with the bet money I get”

Maan “But uncle why would you get the money if both didn’t win????????”

Rajeev “that is why I would get the money as even during our college days it was either me or yash who used to get the money if both didn’t win”

Maan ” uncle you I understand but even Dad used to play such bets and pranks??????”

Geet “What do you mean by my dad its okk if they play such pranks???????”

Maan ” Aree Geet im just telling tht my Dad is the biggest Sadoo on earth and your Dad is sooo jovial and nice”

Geet “Dare you tell a word abt my Yash uncle he is the best person in the whole world understand that and yes he is also not sadoo it is you he is just worried abt nothing else”

Maan ” but Geet you have never met my Dad how can you be sooo sure”

Geet ” I had come to your house and I just didn’t know tht the useless fellow they were talking abt was you” n angryly went off towards her room.

Maan is all confused and cursing his Dad to have complianed abt him not joining their buisness even to Geet


Precap-Maan knowing Why his Dad is always pissed with him


Part 27-










Geet ” I had come to your house and I just didn’t know tht the useless fellow they were talking abt was you” n angrily went off towards her room.


Maan is all confused and cursing his Dad to have complianed abt him not joining their buisness even to Geet.


Maan goes behind Geet to know the actual reason for her getting angry as she was alright some 2 mins ago god knows wt happened in these 2 mins .


Maan goes to Geet’s room and see’s that it is locked and Geet is not answering him when he told her to open the door.


Maan “Geet can you just tell me why have you locked the door and why are you angry on me???”


Geet “It’s my room door and I will lock it whenever I want


I dnt need your permission or acceptence for that”


Maan “Misthyy whats the matter with you tell me what have I done??????”


Geet “Oh so you still didn’t realise what wrong you have done….”


Maan “Geetu tell me what my mistake is…that you are sooo angry on me”


Geet “Just go to hell I don’t want to see your face again or talk to you ever again”


Maan “You can also go to hell what do you think as if only you can give me threats I can also do that….But I wont do anything like that and its you who doesn’t want to see my face or talk to me right I will also not see your face or talk to you till you come and tell me Sorrryyy”


Maan [self talk] “God only knows what works in there brains I moment girls will be like I luv you and the next moment they will be like I hate you you don’t deserve my love… Devdas was correct these girl’s matters how much ever your far that much only better”




In anger Maan went to his Mom’s room n kept his head on Meera’s lap n Meera got to know that Maan is angry or confused about something


Meera “Kya baath hai Maan itne pareshan aur gusse mein kyun hoo???”


Maan “Yeh ladkiyon ki problem kya hoti haii


Geet patha nahi kis baath pe gussa hoke bethiihai mujhse aur jab puchaa tho bolthi haii you still didn’t realise….


Agar patha hota tho puchtha thodi na Maa..”


Meera “Areee beta uss kuch der akela chod doo puranii baathe yaadein yaad agayii hogii”


Maan “Puranii Yaadein???????”


Meera ” Beta you remember your Dad was not always like this to you it was only after that girl fisco”


Maan ” Mon but what was my mistake in that girl’s fisco I was no way related”


Meera “But beta you know your Dad naa


He was sooo upset with you after that the he didn’t even talk to you for 6 months and you also in your ego didn’t talk to him and now you both are loggerheads and just talk to each other by fighting and arguing”


Maan “But I did try talking to him but he would not hear a word from me”


Meera “You know that girl was very close to your Dad’s heart and they were like partner’s in crime and your Dad always become a teenager with her”


Maan ” But Mom how come I never heard of her and neither met her”


Meera “You have met her beta”


Maan “Mom im 100% sure I have not met that girl”


Meera “As much as I know you,you must have not even opened her pic seeing her is very far”


Maan “Come on mom at that time I wanted to make something out of myself and not divert my attention by marrying”


Meera “And your Dad was sooo hurt when you told no to his choice”


Maan “Mom it was never about Dad’s choice it was just about I want not ready”


Meera “Do you want to know the Girl’s name now???”


Maan ” Yesss Mom I do want to know the reason why my Dad  was sooo hurt that I rejected tht girl


I want to know wts in that girl that Dad stopped talking to me beoz of her”


Meera “That girl is Geet ,beta”


Maan “What?????????But when did Dad and Geet meet??”


Meera “When you had gone to US for your MBA Geet had come down to Bangalore and was staying with us while completeing her fashion designing course and she also used to help your Dad in his business as her part time job”


Maan “Ohhh that’s why Dad looked soo stylish after I came back from US and that is why Dad always taunts me that he has met many people who work while studying and I after studying also don’t help him in the family business.




Precap-Back to the Present

Part 28




Meera “When you had gone to US for your MBA Geet had come down to Bangalore and was staying with us while completeing her fashion designing course and she also used to help your Dad in his business as her part time job”

Maan “Ohhh that’s why Dad looked soo stylish after I came back from US and that is why Dad always taunts me that he has met many people who work while studying and I after studying also don’t help him in the family business.




Maan had parked the car on the side road seeing Avani not  sitting comfortably  with a sleeping Ashi.So he picked up Ashi and made her sleep on the backseat as Avani started to stuff pillows,blanket and keeping everything soft around Ashi so that she doesn’t get hurt and Maan just stood outside seeing it.

Maan “Jaan she is comfortable don’t stuff her more she will start suffocating it so many thing around her”

Avani “Itss all soft things it will not suffocate her and what if she is hurt there by something I cant take a risk”

Maan “Avani whats wrong why are you acting like this ??????”

Avani “Wt do you mean by acting like this???? Do you think that my care for Ashi is just acting”

Maan “Now when did I say that????I was just telling you that you are getting worried for no important matter”

Avani “Yaaa if you over act that is care and if we care that becomes over acting….”

Maan [self talk] ” Ohh God where im I stuck why did I fall in love with this unique piece of your creation”

Avani “Stop cursing me in your mind”n sit’s on the passanger seat and waits for Maan to sit and start driving”

Maan “Jaan I was not cursing you how can I curse the beautiful maiden of mine”

Avani “Im feeling sleepy I dnt want to hear a word from your mouth just let me sleep and start driving otherwise Bhai Bhabhi will reach before us and your Princess will lose her race with her boyfriend”

Maan inclinding her seat and coming almost on her came near her ears “Jaan whats the hurry??? Don’t worry we will reach on time and even if we are late your Bhai Bhabhi will understand after all they are our best friends first and see now even ashi is sleeping”n bit her earlobe

N Avani moaned ” Mmmaaannn”

N that only increased maan’s pace and he started kissing her lips and soon they were making out in the front seat on the car with their clothes on and their daughter sleeping on the back seat…



Ashi crying and bhai bhabhi call


Precap-Back to the Present

Part 29




N Avani moaned ” Mmmaaannn”


N that only increased maan’s pace and he started kissing her lips and soon they were making out in the front seat on the car with their clothes on and their daughter sleeping on the back seat’


N As they were going to reach out to undress each other Ashi started wiggling in the back seat and seeing that


 Maan ‘ Why does she have to start waking up now only????? N pouted like a small cute kid


Avani ‘ Maan she is your daughter only see she also cant take a bit sound when she is asleep’. Pulling his cheeks in the process n telling it in a tone which was sarcastic


Maan ‘ What do you mean by cant take a bit sound when asleep????? (Raising his eyebrows)


Avani ‘ now don’t act sooo innocent as if you don’t understand anything”


Maan ‘ Seriously avani im your innocent saa patii I didn’t understsnd what your trying to tell (making a baby face n hving a smirk attached to it)


Avani ‘Achaaa my innocent sa patiii n started tickling him n maaan just could not stop himself frm laughing out loud and that woke up Ashi but Maan and Avani were lost in tickling each other and seeing them Ashi started cryinggg


Seeing Ashi cryinggg Maan and Avani stop tickling each other and pick Ashi from the back seat


Avani ‘ Dekha Maan I told you na usko lagjayegiii beche u never listen to me dekho aab mera shona bachca kitna ro raha haiii


Maan ‘Isme meri kya galti haiii kya mujhe sapna aya tha keee Ashi ko lagegiii aur phele usse puch tho lo kyun ro rahi haiii”

Meri Princess kyun ro rahiii haiii bolo naaa????


But Ashi didn’t answer them both and Avani phone started ringing n Ashi took the phone from Avani’s hands and pulled herself away from Maan and Avani and went to the back seat n answer the phone cryinglyyy n saiddd  “Maaamiii ””


The lady on the other side “Kyaaa huaa meriii rajkumariii kooo kyn ro rahaaa haiii?????”



Reason why Ashi was crying’.



Part 30








Ashi took the phone from Avani’s hands and pulled herself away from Maan and Avani and went to the back seat n answer the phone cryinglyyy n saiddd  “Maaamiii …….”




The lady on the other side “Kyaaa huaa meriii rajkumariii kooo kyn ro rahaaa haiii?????




Ashi “But Ashi only started to cry loudlyyy”




Maan “Avani dekha ab Maami kaa phone aya hai tho puriii nautanki karii bilkul apni Maami ki tarah”




Avani glared at him to shut up and to concentrate on why was Ashi crying????




Lady told Ashi to put the phone on loudspeaker and Ashi did as she told




Lady – “Maan tumne mujhe nautanki kaha??????”




Maan –”Areee nahiii tumee kuch galath famii hogayiii haiii meine tumhe kuch nahi bola”




Lady –”Abbb tho tum jhut bhi bole lageee hooo Maan how baddd…….. n started crying




Man frm other side with the lady – “Abb tum ne kya kar diya Maan dekho iss haalth mein kyun usko pareshan kar rahe hooo”




Maan – ” Areee main pakka wala pinky promise karke boltha huu mein ne usse kuch nahi bolaa wo apne aap hii kuch samaj ke rone lagiii n yaha pe Ashi bhi rona bandh nahi kar rahi haiii”




Hearing this the Lady stopped crying




Lady “Aap sab chup hojaooomeri Rajkumariii ro rahii haiii aur aap sab gussa karke time pass kar rahee hooo”




Ashi ” I Lubbb you Maaammiii


no mama no papa no prince no mama no lub Ashiii


Onlyyy Ashi and Maaammmi playyy”




Lady (Maami) ” Areee Ashii Maaamiii also lub you and onlyyy Ashi Maaammmiii and Baby play”




Ashi ” Yeshhh Baby althooo”




Maami ” Tho aab Rajkumarii kyun roo rahiii thiii????”




Ashi “Maaamii Papa Mama ticklyy ticklyyy play and no tell Ashi and with Ashi Mama Papa nooo playy (stared crying again)




N hearing this Maan and Avani at last realised why Ashi was crying and just rolled their eyesthinking abt the Drama Queen in front of them




Lady “Maan Avani yeh mein kyaaa sun rahiii huu tum log kyun merii Rajkumarii ko bhul ke ticklyy ticklyy khel rahe hoo huh????”




Avani “Par Bhabhii….. meri isme koi galti nahi hai wo tho Maan hii mujhe pareshan kar rahe the”




Maan “Meine kyaaa kiyaaa haiii Avanii???”




Avani “Whoo….. whooo…”n started blushing




Lady ” Helllooo Maan n Avaniii kuch tho sharam karooo bachiii ke samnee romance kar rahee hooo”




Avanii and Maan both started blushing hearing that n Ashi was giving them confussed looks as to what they were talking








Past continues





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