A Maaneet Paradise

Destiny Maaneet FF updated part 16

Charater Sketch-


angry,man of his words,full of attitude bt kind hearted n a self made man



bubbly,lively,sweet n down 2 earth nature ,makes frnds easily n a non stop talker

 ADOPTED SON OF MOHINDER N RANO [bt sirname is malik bcoz his parents last wish was tht their son keeps their sirname]SAMEERA KAPUR-24 YRS

full of attitude,arrogant n thinks she owns d world n has a selfish nature

a casinova by nature, can go 2 any extend for money

Part 1-
5 AUG 2010
The most awaited day for the KHURANAS,HANDAS ,KHANNAS N KAPURS.
The mandaps r set ,the guests have started to come and all r waiting for the shubh maurath to start.
As the pandit start to chant the mantras n called out for d brides to be brought down to d mandap
OFCOURSE AKHIR MAAN SINGH KHURANA KI CHOICE HAI” [maan is sooooo full of himself tht even if his bride looks beautiful its bcoz she is his luv]
Seeing this,
ROBIE-“Bhaiyaaaaaa, muh tho bandh karo. Kya kabhi isse phele bhabhi ko nahi dekha kya??”
MAAN smacks ROBIE n says-“Chup kar shaitan, chota hai chote ki tarah baath kar”
Here as bride was coming down,
MY PRINCE CHARMING”[geet is soooooo in her dream world with her luv]
 Seeing GEET lost in her world n nt responding to the teasings of her frnds
MOULI –”Oyee Geet,kaha khogayi yaar, apni SR imagine kar rahi thi kya??”
Hearing this GEET starts blushing n her cheeks become crimson red in colour
n tells MOULI –”Jithna mazak udaana hai uda le teri bari bhi bahut jaldh ayegi,tab dekh thi hu kaun kis ka mazak uda tha hai?”
Finally the bride reaches d mandap
Actually the brides reach d mandaps
Part 2-
There were 2 marriages happening
The brides face was hidden with d ghoonghat n the grooms face was covered by d sehra.
MAAN had met SAMEERA in a business party.Then they became friends and MAAN started  having feelings for SAMEERA. About 3 months back he finally proposed SAMEERA in MSK style on a romantic date near d beach and she being selfish in nature accepted as she wanted to become a supermodel and MAAN being a rich tycoon she could use him to get bigger contracts. But MAAN was not aware of her intentions.He then introduced her to his family and even talked to her parents and their marriage was decided to be held on 5 aug 2010.
GEET had gone to Bangalore for her cousin DIA’s engagement and had met DEV there as he was her jiju’s best friend.They exchanged numbers and even hanged out together in delhi also.Then GEET started having feelings for DEV  and then he came to know that she was the daughter of MOHINDER HANDA the owner of HANDA DESIGNS ,he proposed her and she accepted it.
Then the HANDAS n KHANNAS  decided to have the marriage ceremony on 5 aug 2010 as the HANDAS friend VEER SINGH KHURANAS son MAAN was also getting married on that day.
Now that the brides have come and the pandit had started chanting mantras.The pheras are completed.The grooms fill their bride’s maang with sindoor and put mangalsuthra on their neck.The pandit announces that the marriage is complete.
Then the couples take blessings from all the 4 family members.
SAMEER,PRITHVI,GUNJAN n MOULI come and then they dance,
Then they are joined by AVNI,DAMINI,SAMRAT n ROBIE

Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai
  Dholak Mein Taal Hai Paayal Mein Chan Chan
 Dholak Mein Taal Hai Paayal Mein Chan Chan 
Ghoonghat Mein Gori Hai Sehre Mein Saajan
Jahan Bhi Yeh Jaayen Bahaare Hi Chaaayen 
Yeh Khushiyaan Hi Paayen Mere Dil Ne Duayen Di Hai
Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai
Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai

 Pyaar Mila Preet Mili Mere Yaar Ko 
Badi Pyaari Jeet Mili Mere Yaar Ko
Pyaar Mila Preet Mili Mere Yaar Ko
 Badi Pyaari Jeet Mili Mere Yaar Ko
Khush Hai Jo Dil Maine Mehfil
 Khush Hai Jo Dil Maine Mehfil 
Jeeto Se Saja Di Hai
Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai
Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai
Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai
Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai

 Haar Nahin Jeet Nahin Yahan Pyaar Hai
 Jis Main Haar Jeet Ho Woh Kahan Pyaar Hai
Haar Nahin Jeet Nahin Yahan Pyaar Hai
 Jis Main Haar Jeet Ho Woh Kahan Pyaar Hai
Lag Ja Gaale Yaar Mere
Lag Ja Gaale Yaar Mere Maine Dil Se Sada Di Hai
Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai
Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai
Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai
Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai

 Saathi Sakhiyaan Bachpan Ka Yeh Angna
 Gudiya Jule Koyi Bhi To Hoga Sang Na
Chupaungi Aasoon Kaise Bege Ge Kangna
Saathi Sakhiyaan Bachpan Ka Yeh Angna
 Gudiya Jule Koyi Bhi To Hoga Sang Na
Chupaungi Aasoon Kaise Bege Ge Kangna
Saathi Sakhiyaan Re
Saathi Sun Le Bole Jo Yeh Angna
 Yeh Mann Jeevan Pyaar Ke Hi Rang Main Rang Na
Has Degi Teri Chudi Khankegi Kangna
Saathi Sun Le Re
Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai
Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai
Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai

Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai
Everyone praise them after the song is over.
Just then SAMEER and PRITHVI off the lights and SAMRAT  plays a video.Everyone is shocked to see the video.THE light comes and GEET removes her ghoonghat n MAAN removes his sehra.
Part 3-
GEET removed her ghoonghat n MAAN removed his sehra.Both are shocked to see each other. MAAN is fuming in anger.SAMEERA comes near MAAN  and says that what they saw in the video is not true.Then GEET also comes near DEV n slaps him n DEV in anger goes to slap GEET for slapping him but then DEVS hand r stopped in d air n he falls to the ground n MAAN shouts ”Don”t u DARE touch MY WIFE she is not GEET HANDA anymore but GEET MAAN SINGH KHURANA’.
Then DEV tells to MAAN n GEET that what they had seen in the video was true and he tells them that he loved SAMEERA and that they both were secretly married n had lots of debts to be cleared n so they decided to make MAAN n GEET fall in luv with thm ,get married n to elope after taking GEET and MAAN’S money and property.
Hearing this the KAPURS, KHANNAS,HANDAS and KHURANAS are shocked. But SAMEERA kept pleading to MAAN that this was not true then MAAN showed her his hand indicating her to stop and said
“Kyu SAMEERA tumne aisa mere saat  kyu kiya???
Paise hi chahiyena tume,kitne paise bolo?????
But never show ur face to me our my family
The KAPURS and KHANNAS could not believe that their children could stoop so low  for money and so they break all their relations with SAMEERA and DEV.They then ask for forgiveness from the KHURANAS and HANDAS and leave the hall and so do the guests.Then PRITHVI and SAMEER throw DEV and SAMEERA out of the hall.
In the meantime GEET breaks downs and GUNJAN and MOULI try to console her.Then SAMEER,PRITHVI and ARMAAN come and hug GEET.Then ARMAAN and SHILPA tell MAAN ,GEET  and the other family members how they heard DEV and SAMEERA talking on the mehendi function day about their plan to run away after getting MAAN and GEET’S sign on the property papers.And then how ARMAAN told PRITHVI and SAMEER and SHILPA told SAMRAT about it and they planned to show everyone the true face of DEV and SAMEERA n also hw thy changed d brides even without anyones knowledge.
Then VEER,MADHURI,DADI,RANO and MOHINDER went to a room to decide what to do further.Meanwhile here in the hall after such a severe blow GEET could not hold it anymore and she fainted.ARMAAN told GUNJAN to bring his medical bag and asked SAMEER to get some water and PRITHVI to inform the elders that GEET had fainted.Then MAAN asked ARMAAN if he could help and then ARMAAN told him to pick up GEET and carry her to her room.Then ARMAAN checked her and said that she has low BP.After helping ARMAAN in shifting GEET to the room,MAAN left the hall and went to his car and began driving very rashly and went to the DARGAH where he knew he would find peace.
There he met a fakir baba who said ‘Beta jo bhi hota hai ache ke liye hi hota hai’
n then he sits there for few hours n thinks about todays events n what the faikir baba said.
Then he suddenly realizes tht GEET had fainted n he prays for her wellbeing n ask God to help him n GEET to overcome the truth of SAMEERA n DEV.
Meanwhile here in the room GEET has regained her consciousness n asked everyone to leave her alone for sometime n she asks ARMAAN to take her to the DARGAH.
Part 4-
GEET reachs the DARGAH n she is totally confused of wt to do next
her life was in total mess .
she also meet the FAKIR BABA n he tells”Take this taveez n give it to ur soulmate
ur lives are going to change from today n u will meet him today
n have faith in BABAJI he has planned good for u in the near future”
saying this the FAKIR BABA leaves n GEET with the taveez in her hand sits near the people singing n starts singing with them.
Meanwhile ARMAAN had got a call from the hospital of an emergency n he had 2 leave GEET alone n GEET said she will wait for him to come n pick her up later or she will call her dad.
After some hours as GEET is about to leave the DARGAH she bumps into someone n tht someone is MAAN.
MAAN is shocked seeing GEET  at the DARGAH n decides to talk to her about their marriage n todays events which he was sure was troubling even her like it was troubling him and MAAN decides to break the silence .
MAAN “GEET,as u know tht we are married now ,u may have to come with me to my house, so before going to the house lets make some things clear,
I know it is hard to accept this marriage n i dont think i can luv someone like i used to luv SAMEERA, n i understand tht it is as difficult for u as it is for me. But i dont want our families to suffer by seeing us sad or unhappy with each other bcoz thy only want to see us happy”
Hearing this GEET said “I know MAAN even i have the same confusion as u ,as wt to do see our families happiness n accept this marriage or to not accept the marriage as MAAN or even she may not be happy with eachother n become merely a burden on eachother”
Part 5-

Hearing this MAAN was a bit relieved that she was atleast understanding the situation n thinking of giving their marriage a chance n so he says,”GEET,I know its hard to decide but atleast for our families pride,respect n happiness we will have to accept this marriage in front of our families n the world ,though we are complete strangers ,we can atleast try to adjust with each other n maybe in course of time we may  become friends”

GEET ” I think u are right but what if we are not happy with eachother n become nothing more than a burden on eachother ,then ???”

MAAN “I know,but y not give our marriage n us a years time.If after a year also we are not happy with each other ,then we can get separated n live our own lives the way we want”.

Then MAAN n GEET both decide to give their marriage a chance n GEET asks him if she could continue her studies n so MAAN says tht he has no problem if GEET wants to complete her education.

Then they sit in the car and MAAN starts driving and there is absolute silence in the car.Meanwhile ARMAAN comes to the DARGAH and he searches for GEET and doesn’t find her there and so he calls her but as her mobile’s battery was dead she couldn’t pick it up.And meanwhile even SHILPA tries to call MAAN as he had gone a long time back and had not yet returned but MAAN didn’t realize that his phone was ringing as it was on silent .Then ARMAAN goes to the hall thinking that GEET might have gone there as it was quite late but when he reaches the hall and asks RANO whether GEET had come or not and RANO says”but ARMAAN  beta GEET had gone with you to the DARGAH right then how can she come here without you???”

Here in the car GEET was seeing outside her window and remembering the day’s events and tears started to flow out of her eyes.Then MAAN saw that GEET was crying so he stopped the car at the side and said” GEET plz  look at me” but GEET didn’t look at him so he slowly put his hand below her chin and gently turned her face facing towards him bur GEET just lowered her eyes as she was afraid that he would read her eyes but MAAN had told GEET to look in to his eyes then she looked in his eyes then he continued”GEET plz don’t cry I know it is very difficult for you as well as for me to forget today’s events but we can atleast try right???”

Then GEET nodded her head and so MAAN removed his hand and then she forwarded her hands and said “friends?” and MAAN looked at her hands and then he smiled and accepted the offer and said “friends”.

Then GEET and MAAN started talking about their friends,his office ,her college and many more things.Meanwhile here in the hall everyone started to again and again call on MAAN and GEET’S cell but the result was the same.

Then MAAN and GEET reached the hall and went inside.Seeing MAAN and GEET safe everyone came and hugged them both and then started asking questions

” Where were you both till now?”

”  How did you both meet?”

“Do you know how worried we were for both of you?”

Hearing all these questions MAAN got irritated and shouted “STOP”

After this outburst GEET started laughing seeing everyone’s face after MAAN had shouted and everyone was shocked that GEET was laughing and they all were being worried for her.Then MAAN shot a glare at GEET which was enough to make GEET stop laughing and then ARMAAN asked “GEET why are you laughing?”

So then GEET told ” Plz all of you see your faces when MAAN shouted you to stop oh god it was sooooooo funny” and again starts laughing.After hearing to her everyone started laughing along GEET except MAAN.

Then the elders told MAAN and GEET that they wanted to tell them something but  MAAN stopped them and said that they wanted to tell everyone something before and they asked the others permission and they nodded their head asking them to continue and so they continued”After thinking about today’s events me and GEET have decided that we should give our marriage a chance. I know it will take us some time to adjust with everything but we will try our best to adjust soon and will let time heal our wounds”

Then GEET said “Madhuri aunty I know now I am our bahu and so I want to ask your,VEER uncle’s and DADI’s permission to continue my studies”

Hearing this the elders said “MAAN and GEET we were going to tell you to give your marriage a chance and we are very happy to know that you have decided to give your marriage a chance”

Then MADHURI continued “GEET from now on you are not my bahu but my daughter and plz call me mom and I don’t have a problem if you want to complete your studies.I will always support you in any work you do” Hearing this GEET was very happy and she hugged MADHURI .

Then DADI said that it was getting late and so they should perform GEET’S bidaai.

Then MOULI comes with a plate full of rice and then GEET fills her hand and throws the rice back and RANO holds the rice thrown by GEET in her saree’s pallu

Babul Jo Tumne Sikhaaya
Jo Tum Se Paaya
Sajan Ghar Le Chali
Sajan Ghar Le Chali
Sajan Ghar Main Chali
Yaadon Ke Lekar Saaye
Chali Ghar Paraaye
Tumhari Laadli..! 

GEET hugged her papaji and started crying and her dad wiping her tears said “GEET puttar mat ro tujhe pata he na ke mein tere aakho mein aaso nahi dekh sakta”. Then hearing to her papaji’s words GEET wiped her tears and even wiped her papaji’s tears and smiled.

 Kaise Bhool Paaongi Main Baba
 Suni Jo Tumse Kahaaniyan
Chhod Chali Aangan Mein Maiya
 Bachpan Ki Nishaaniyan
Sun Meri Pyari Behna
Sajaye Rehna
Yeh Babul Ki Gali..! 

Then GEET hugged her maa and they started crying then GEET said “mom agar aap bhi roge to dad aur bhai ko kaun sambhalega plz math rona” and wiped her maa’s tears.

  Ban Gaya Pardes Ghar Janam Ka
Mili Hai Duniya Mujhe Nayee
Naam Jo Piya Se Maine Joda
Naye Rishton Se Bandh Gayee
Mere Sasur Ji Pita Hain
Pati Devta Hain
Devar Chhavi Krishna Ki
Sajan Ghar Main Chali
Sajan Ghar Main Chali… Then she went to her ARMAAN bhai and hugged him and said “Bhai take care of maa and papaji and even of yours.I know after I go you will not even take care of yourself and just worry about me”.

Hearing this ARMAAN said “Arre mere jhalli tu meri phikar mat kar aur yaad rakh ke teri sat ko appointment hai.Tu sabka khayal toh rakhegi par khud ka kabhi nahi rakhegi isliye mujhe tera khayal rakhna paad tha hai par ab woh  bhi mein nahi kar sakta” and she started crying hearing to her brother’s words and to lighten the moment she said “Bhai ab mein to ja rahi hu isiliye ab maa ki company ke liye meri bhabhi ko jaldi se leke aao”.

For this ARMAAN replies “Guddu tu aaj kal kuch zyada nahi bol rahi hai”.Hearing this RANO n MOHINDER started laughing seeing their children’s bond.

Then thy sit in d car n GEET says bye to all her friends n her parents n bhai.As MAAN starts driving n thy r alone in d car,he thinks its d right time to ask GEET about the sat appointment.

MAAN “GEET,can I ask u something?”

GEET tells “Yaa,ask”

MAAN asks “Wt did ARMAAN mean by ur sats appointment?????”

 Part 6-

GEET “MAAN actually when I was 5 years old ARMAAN bhai’s family and my family were closest friends and we were neighbours and we used to live in CHANDIGARH at that time.Once we all had gone out and there when ARMAAN had gone with my parents to buy a gift for my birthday I was with UNCLE and AUNTY .We were crossing the road when suddenly a car came and ran over UNCLE and AUNTY but I was saved as I was a bit behind them.Seeing UNCLE and AUNTY’S  accident and them covered in blood I fainted.Then when I came to consciousness I saw that I was in hospital and ARMAAN bhai was sitting near my bed.I asked him what happened to UNCLE and AUNTY then he started crying and between his tears he told me that UNCLE and AUNTY died on the spot after the accident.”
Then GEET told ARMAAN that from now on he was her brother and he would live with them only and at that time RANO and MOHINDER came and GEET told them that she had told ARMAAN to stay with them.RANO was happy and told ARMAAN “Beta aaj se mere do bachche hai ek GEET aur ek ARMAAN aur ha aaj se ARMAAN tume mujhe MAA bulana hoga”
ARMAAN was also very happy to hear this and he hugged RANO and promised that from now on he would take care of GEET and will not let any harm to happen to her”
Then MAAN asked “Then what is the connection with the accident and your appointment?”
Then GEET continued “MAAN after 2 years once I was not feeling well and that day ARMAAN bhai was with me as MAA and PAPAJI had gone to a business party.i was taking rest and then suddenly I started having the flashback of that accident and I started trembling and shivering and then suddenly I shouted and then fainted .Hearing to my shouts ARMAAN ran to my room and he saw that I was unconscious.Then he called MAA and PAPAJI and informed them and they came along with a doctor.Then the doctor advised some tests to be done.The next day I had to go to get those tests done and when the reports came it was hypotension and it was normal among small kids who saw accidents happening in front of their eyes and her fainting,shivering were symptoms of hypotension and the doctors assured them that she needed no treatment for it.But when I was in my 10 std and I had board exams I was a bit more stressed out because we had a wedding to attend and after 2 days my exams were to start.On the last day of my exams after I finished my exams I had gone to watch a movie with my friends and there after a short time I started feeling tired and then suddenly I started shivering and fainted .All my friends panicked and they called ARMAAN  who was studying his doctory during that time and he told them to take me to SANJEEVANI HOSPITAL and said that he was also reaching there in a few minutes.Then he called home and informed MAA and told her to not to come to the hospital and not to worry.
Then he met with Dr.SHASHANK and Doctor told him that it was due to hypotension.He then asked ARMAAN whether she was stressed out or not and ARMAAN told him that we had attended a wedding recently and then her exams started and it had finished today itself.
Then Dr.SHASHANK suggested that they get GEET appointment with a specialist with which she can try to forget the accident and try to overcome her fear of accidents
Then ARMAAN took GEET to their home and he told MAA and PAPAJI everything what the doctor had told and they agreed to go the specialist.GEET was improving a lot after having gone through the therapy and even ARMAAN was very careful not to allow her to take too much stress as he feared of losing GEET also.Then the doctor told her that she could stop taking the therapy as she had improved a lot.
Then  when she completed her 12th std MOHINDER told everyone that they have to shift to DELHI as their business in DELHI was needing MOHINDER’S guidance and so they shifted to DELHI and she made new friends and they all settled well and she started to go the DELHI UNIVERSITY FOR BUSINESS and all went well but as doctor had suggested that she should continue with her tablets ARMAAN checked to it that she had all her medicines.All her friends  knew about ARMAAN’S parents death and the effect it had on GEET. But a year back when she had gone out with DEV and all her friends she saw a child geeting hit by a car and seeing that she had flashbacks of ARMAAN’S parents accident and she fainted.As all had known about her fear of accidents except DEV they rushed her to the hospital where ARMAAN was a doctor.Then after she had gained consciousness and all her friends had left ARMAAN shouted on GEET “GEET how many times have I told you to not to go to that area.There many accidents take place and I know you that you like shopping very much but why did you choose that place only??

There are many malls in DELHI were you can go for shopping but no you had to go to that place only.I am were pissed off because of you going to that place.Now get fresh fast we have to go home orelse MAA and PAPAJI will get tensed”
Then GEET told ARMAAN  “Sorry bhai,I will not repeat my mistake again plzzzzz maan jaona plz”
But ARMAAN did not listen to her and went to the locker room to get his things.Then  GEET tried a lot of manofying and finally ARMAAN forgave her and he told her that she had to again start the therapy .
And you know MAAN if ARMAAN bhai gets angry it is sooo difficult to manofy him and once when I was young he got angry and he had not talked with me for 2 days and I kept on manofying him and at last I got angry and told him that I will not eat anything till he forgives me but too he did not budge and after half a day he finally forgave me.Oh god it is so hard to manofy him and so I  try my best to not to make him angry “
Then MAAN told asked “How many more sessions do you have to attend??”
GEET “I have still 2 more sessions to attend and you know it finishes before my birthday and this year it is on sat .Thank god the therapy finishes before it or my half a day would go in it only”
Then they reach KHURANA MANSION and GEET is welcomed by MADHURI with  aarti and then she kicks the bowl of rice with her right leg and walks in and keeps her legs in the kumkum water and enters the house.Then she goes and touches DADI’S feet who blesses her.
Then she goes and touches VEER’S feet and he says “Beta from now on I am like your father and so plz call me dad and if you want to talk about anything you can tell me”Hearing this GEET is happy and she hugs VEER and says “Yes dad I will surely come to you to talk if I have any problems”
Then she touches MADHURI’S feet and hugs her
Then she hugs SHILPA and then comes our Krishna ROBIE and he says “Bhabhi if you have any problem with Bhai then tell me I will help you,as I know all his secrets”
Hearing this GEET and SHILPA start giggling and MAAN smacks ROBIE’S head.Then MADHURI says “Bas bhout baate hogayi aab sab apne kamre mein jaake aaram kijye aur waise bhi kal GEET ko khaana bana hai isliye ab sab apme kamre mein jao”
Then MAAN and GEET go to their rooms and the others retire to their rooms.
 Part 7-
Then MAAN and GEET enter the room.MAAN goes to the washroom and changes and comes out and tells to GEET “GEET you settle your things and sleep on the bed.I am going to the study as I have to finish some work.”
Then GEET says “I will sleep on the couch you don’t worry”
Hearing this MAAN gets angry and says “GEET plz I don’t want to fight with you or shout on you so plz change and sleep on the bed”
And he goes to the study to complete his work.
Here in the room GEET changes and then keeps her things and she takes the pillow and sleeps on the couch.After sometime MAAN comes and he sees that GEET was not sleeping on the bed and she was sleeping on the couch.He goes near the couch and was about to wake her up but seeing GEET sleeping peacefully he stared at her for a while and then went to the bed and slept.
Then around mid night MAAN heard someone crying,so he got up and saw that GEET was not sleeping on the couch and he thought that she would have have gone to drink water as the water in their room was finished and then he saw that the washroom door was open and so he went in and saw that GEET was crying.
He went and sat next to her and tried to wipe her tears but she did not stop crying and she said “Why did this have to happen with us MAAN why???”
Then MAAN said “GEET forget what has happened .See we should see the positive side of all this.See we did not get married to them .Imagine if we would have got married to them and then we would have found their truth it would be more painful for us than it is now and you know one thing even I wouldnt have got such a wonderful friend like you if we had got married to them so GEET plz stop crying”
Hearing this words GEET calmed a bit and she kept her head on MAAN’S shoulder and he was saying soothing words to her.After sometime MAAN realized that GEET was not talking at all which was not like her and when he turned he saw that GEET had fallen asleep and so he put his hand on her arms and hugged her and even he fell asleep.
In the next morning GEET woke up to see that she was sleeping keeping her head on MAAN’S chest  and by this even MAAN also wakes up.Seeing GEET’S embrassing look he realizes that he was hugging GEET and so he removed his arm and both of them got up and MAAN said “GEET tum ready ho jao mein workout karke aath hu”
Then MAAN goes to do his TAI CHI and here GEET takes a bath and gets ready applies sindoor and kept  MAAN’s clothes on d bed and goes down.
Then she and MADHURI along with SHILPA and DADI go to the mandir and pray.Geet prays to god to give her strength to try to forget DEV and move on in her life with MAAN.
Then she goes to the kitchen and started to prepare breakfast with SHILPA helping her.
Here MAAN had come back to the room after his workout and he saw that GEET had taken out his clothes.He went and took a both and then got ready and wore the clothes which GEET had removed.Then he came down to and took blessings from DADI and they went and sat on the table waiting for the breakfast.
In the meanwhile after preparing breakfast GEET asked MADHURI where was ROBIE as he was the one missing and so MADHURI replied “Shabzade apne kamre mein abhi tak so rahe hoge. Pata nahi kab sudhrega yeh ladka.Beta tum jake usse utta dogi tab tak mein NAKUL ko kehti ho ki sab ko breakfast ke liye bola le”
So GEET told yes and went to ROBIE’S room and knocked.then ROBIE from inside asked “kaun hai??”
So GEET replied “tumhari bhabhi”
Then ROBIE opened the door and said “Good morning bhabhi.Kya bath hai aap itni subah yaha pe???”
Then GEET told “ROBIE tum isse itni subah kehte ho utho aur waqt dekho subah ke sade aath [8:30] baj rahe hai.Aab jaldi se fresh hoke breakfast karne chalo sab tumhara intezar kar rahe hai”
Then GEET went to the breakfast table along with ROBIE and everyone was surprised to see ROBIE so early up in the morning and so DADI teasingly said to ROBIE  “Wah beta bhabhi ko aaye ek din he huya hai aur aap toh unki baath bhi mane lage wah GEET beta aapko maana padega”
So ROBIE said “Nahi meri pyaari DADI mein toh phele bhi aab ki bath maantha tha par aab ne hi bhai ke chakar mein mujhe bul gyi to issliye mein bhabhi ki baath maan raha hu aur MAA bhi SHILPA ke piche hai toh mere bhi piche koi toh hona chaiye na support ke liye issliye”
Then GEET said “Of course mere pyaare devar ko koi bhi nahi sataga aur aaj se woh subah naste pe time pe hi ayega  kyu ROBIE???sahi kaha na meine”
So ROBIE said “Of course mein meri bhabhi ki koi bhi baath tal sakta hu kya? Nahi baba nahi”
Then they all started having breakfast,all were praising GEET’S food and at last the turn came to eat the sweet.Then SHILPA said “Aaj bhabhi ne sab ke liye kheer banaya hai.Aur DADI aapke liye ye alag se sugarfree wali”
Then GEET and SHILPA served kheer to everyone and all praised it. Then ROBIE said “Wah bhabhi aapki haath ki bani hui kheer ka toh koi mukabala he nahi hai issi kheer toh MAA bhi nahi bana sakthi”
Then DADI gave GEET a diamond necklace and said “Beta ya tumhara saghun”
Till then MAAN was simply eating his food and reading the newspaper then suddenly ROBIE asked MAAN “Bhai kheer kaise bani hai?”
So MAAN said while reading his newspaper and without his knowing “Bohut achi hai ji kar raha ke jisne bhi banahe uske haath choom lo”
Then ROBIE smiled wickedly and said “Bhai aap sure ho ki aap uss haath ko choomege jissene yeh kheer bani he ?”
So MAAN thinking that MAA would have made it and said “ha bilkul”
And then he asked “MAA ye kheer aap ne banayi hai kya?”
So MADHURI replied “Nahi beta hume nahi banayi”
Then he turned towards ROBIE who was smiling wickedly asked “Toh ye kheer kisne bani hai ROBIE ?”
So then ROBIE thought of breaking the suspense and said “Bhai you are sure na ?”
So MAAN told “Ya ROBIE Im 100 % sure now tell me”
So ROBIE finally broke the suspense and told “Bhabhi”
Hearing this MAAN who was drinking coffee spit the coffee out of his mouth and looked at ROBIE with shock.Seeing this ROBIE,GEET and SHILPA started laughing.
Then ROBIE said “Bhai now you have to kiss bhabhi’s hand”
Hearing this GEET got embrassed and she was about to say ROBIE to stop when she saw ARMAAN coming so she went and hugged him and told in her mind “Thank you BABAJI aapne sahi waqt pe ARMAAN bhai ko bhej diya warna ROBIE toh mera band he baja deta”
Then she asked ARMAAN “Bhai aap itni subah ya pe koi kaam tha kya?Sab kuch thik toh hai na?”
Part 8-

Hearing this GEET got embrassed and she was about to say ROBIE to stop when she saw ARMAAN coming so she went and hugged him and told in her mind “Thank you BABAJI aapne sahi waqt pe ARMAAN bhai ko bhej diya warna ROBIE toh mera band he baja deta”


Then she asked ARMAAN “Bhai aap itni subah ya pe koi kaam tha kya?Sab kuch thik toh hai na?”

ARMAAN “Meri jhalli ,tandh rakh ,saas tho le le aur ghar mein sab thik hai .Mein tho tujhe pagfere ki rasam ke liye ghar le janne aaya hu”


Then seeing all on d dinning table wishes gud morning 2 all of them.

DADI “aree ARMAAN beta khade kyun ho bheto aur nastha karo humare saath aur aaj ka nastha GEET ne bhanaya hai”

Hearing this ARMAAN “Nahi, DADI mein thik hu ,mujhe nastha nahi karma hai ,mujhe subha subha hospital mein bharti nahi hona hai “.Hearing this SHILPA “Lekin hospital mein kese bharti ho sakte hai bhabhi ke haath ka bana huva kahana khake”.


So GEET “ARMAAN bhai kuch nahi kahana hai mat kaho bt plzzzzzzzzz ye kheer apki fav hai na tho plzzzzzzz taste karke bathao na kesi bani hai”


ARMAAN seeing her pleading face n then seeing d tempting kheer couldn’t tell NO.

ARMAAN “GEET,thik hai de mei taste kartha hu par sirf tu kehe rahi thi is liye”

Then GEET smiles n serves him the kheer .ARMAAN “GEET, is baar kheer mein shakhar hi dali hai na ,pichli baar ki tarha namak tho nahi dala.Yaad hai teri uss kheer ko meine pura khaliya tha ,taki koi aur taste na kare aur tera maazak na udaye aur uske next din mujhe hospital mei bharti hona padatha”.


Hearing this GEET becomes embrassed n all of them start laughing hearing ARMAANS plight.


SHILPA “Dekh bhai ARMAAN  ne puri namak wali kheer khali taki bhabhi k koi mazak na uda sake aur ek aap ho meri kheer ki ek bite lekar sari kheer dustbin mein dal di”


VEER “Ye kab huva tha beta, aap ne humare liye tho kabhi kheer nahi banai??”

SHILPA “Nahi dad uss din ghar mei koi nahi tha ,aap sab Mumbai gaye the shaadi ki shooping karne aur ghar mein sirf mei aur bhai the”


MADHURI “MAAN,koi asa kartha hai kya ,ek tho pheli baar tumari behen ne kheer bani thi aur tumne usse dustbin mei phek diya .”


MAAN “Nahi mom ,aap SHILPA se phuche lijiye mei tho sari kheer leli thi aur apne kamre mei jakar kha lithi”


SHILPA takes out the mobile n shows a video to GEET n ROBBIE .Seeing the video GEET n ROBBIE  starts laughing like mads n ROBBIE rolls on the floor laughing .


Seeing this all r watching the 3 n wondering y r they laughing all of a sudden.


Then SHILPA shows the video to all except MAAN  n seeing the video all start laughing.


So MAAN pulls SHILPA’S mobile n saw the video whr after taking the 1st bite MAAN finishes the whole water kept in d room in one go n starts pacing around the room making faces n holding his stomach n couldn’t stop visiting the washroom every 5 mins.


MAAN “Tho mei aur kya kartha itni mirchi dalithi aur vo bhi kheer mein”


Everyone stars laughing n making fun of SHILPA except GEET n tells “OK people SILENCE, so it is decided tht after making sooooooo much fun of our cooked food 2mrw breakfast will be made by DAD,ROBBIE n

Hearing this MAAN  tries to interrupt saying “ALL D BEST DAD n  ROBBIE ,prepare a nice breakfast jisse in ladkiyo ka mu hamesha ke liye bhand ho jaye”


So hearing this GEET “Hello MR.MAAN SINGH KHURANA apko bhi kal inke saath nasatha bana hai aur hum ladies aaram se uthege aur aaram se nastha karege aur hum menu raat ko decide karke dedenge.

Kal mazaa ayeega hai na SHILPA ,badhe aaye the humara mazak udane n hi 5 eachother.”


MAAN “Par kal tho mujhe jaldi office jana hai ek important meeting hai so I cant join u all”

ROBBIE “Bhai kal Sunday hai ,Sunday ko office badh hoti hai” n

VEER added “Aur kal koi client meeting bhi nahi hai tho aur kon si meeting hai beta tumari ???”


MADHURI “So its decided kal ka nasatha aap thino banayege”


SHILPA to have more fun added “Aur haan INDIAN cuisine hi bana hai ITALIAN nahi.samjhe bhai n plzzzzzzzzz make ur special chocolate cake also

I  luv d cake u bake”


DADI  to GEET “Beta ja ke tayaar ho jao ARMAAN tabh se tumari wait kar raha hai”


GEET goes to get ready n here ARMAAN is feeling sorry for d guys as they have to make breakfast 2mrw n happy tht all of them luvs GEET  n she soooo easily has mixed with them in 1 day tht it luks like she is with this family for many years nw.


ARMAAN “Aur haan dadi ,maa ne aap sabko raat ke dinner ke liye invite kiya hai”

DADI “Thik hai beta hum ajayege”

GEET cms down wearing a red n white sari with puff sleeves blouse  n she was luking beautiful .

ROBBIE “WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW” n starts whistling n tells “Hello beautiful will u be my gf n ur luking soooooooo hottttttttt”

Hearing this MAAN shoots a glare at ROBBIE  bt he ignores it n start flirting again


GEET “ROBBIE ur also looking sooo handsome n I am ready to be ur gf just dnt tell

MSK as he is my husband”


All r happy to see GEET  having fun with ROBBIE n MAAN is irritated .


Then GEET n ARMAAN reach HANDA MANSION n GEET is welcomed by her mama n papa n whn ARMAAN tells thm wt happened on d breakfast table they r happy to knw tht their daughter is happy .


GEET talks to mama n papa of her sasural n hw they had fun yday n today morning all also tht MAAN is realllllyyyyyy sweet n caring husband.


At noon ,GEET is surprised to see her friends here for lunch even SHILPA had come n during lunch GEET tells everyone tht she is joining back d university frm Monday”

All r shocked to hear this bt GEET “Dnt worry guys ,I am ok n even MAAN n our family doesn’t have a problem with it”

After hearing this all r soooooo happppppyyyyyyyy to see GEET soooo haaaapppppyyyyyyy.

 Part 9-

So after GEET told her friends that she was joining the university MOULI and GUNJAN start talking about the new love stories happening in the college and even SHILPA joins them.
In the evening MADHURI,VEER ,DADI and ROBIE come to GEET’S place.Then MADHURI tells that MAAN will join them a bit later as he had some work in office.
Then ARMAAN comes and even SAMRAT,DAMINI and AVNI join them.
Then MAAN came and all the elders are busy talking so all the young people decide to play truth or dare and so they go to the terrace.
So now they start playing and at first they spin the bottle and it stops at ROBIE and so GEET asks  “So ROBIE truth ya fir dare?”
So ROBIE replies “Of course bhabhi I chose truth”
So GEET asked “So ROBIE tell us if u have ever liked a girl and have never seen a girl like her before?”
So ROBIE says “Yes bhabhi I have seen a girl with whom I had fallen in love that too at first sight when I met her in my 8 class camping and then I have never seen her after that but we used to fight like anything and I used to call her JUNGLI BILLI and she used to call me BIGADE RAHIZ”
Hearing this MOULI thought that she had heard these names before but before she could think about it all started their ohhhhhhhs and ahhhhhs .
Then again they spin the bottle and this time it stops on SAMEER and he chooses   dare.So they give him dare to propose a girl and so he goes to AVNI and proposes her.AVNI is shocked.
Then the bottle is again spinned and now it stops on ARMAAN and he chooses truth.So MAAN asks him “Have u ever lied to GEET?”
So ARMAAN says “Yes I have lied to GEET” hearing this GEET is shocked and she asks “When?” So ARMAAN says “I will tell u when time comes”
Then again they spin the bottle and this time the bottle stops at GEET and she chooses truth and so PRITHVI asks “Name the person with whom u can share all your secrets and problems without any hesitation?”
Hearing to the question GEET remembers that person and she starts feeling a bit low and so she gets up and faces the other side to not to show her tears to all of them specially ARMAAN because she knows that he will get worried for her
Then she closed her eyes and remembered all the moments with the person,How she used to play with that person,fight with that person and all the sweet memories and then she remembered that when that person left her and tears rolled dowm her cheeks.Then ARMAAN asked “GEET r u alright?plz don’t cry.I know u r crying and remembering that person but plz let the others also know that person’s name”
So after hearing to ARMAAN,GEET told “Guys u know before I had my best friend who used to share my happiness and sorrows and we were like twin sisters who could not be separated but one day that person had to move away from me and from that day I have had no contact with that person but I really miss that person whenever I need a friend to share my happiness or sorrow. I even tried looking for that person but I did not find her till today but I just pray to god that one day I will meet that person and that person’s name is ……”
Before she could complete her sentence someone from behind closed her eyes and then when GEET felt the person’s hands she screamed and hugged that person and shouted “MUSKAANNNNNNNNNNNNN”
Then ARMAAN went and hugged her and asked “So GEET I told right that I lied to u so the lie was that I had recently got MUSKAAN’S address from SANJEEVANI’S PUNJAB BRANCH and so I contacted her and told abut your marriage and she was about to come on your marriage itself but she had got a emergency so she had to stay back but know I got her transferred to DELHI’S BRANCH so that she can stay with us only”
Then suddenly GEET remembered someone and eagerly asked MUSKAAN “MUSKI, PIA kaha hai?”And then a three year old girl came from behind of MUSKAAN and said “MAMAAAAAAAA” and hugged GEET.
GEET took PIA in her arms and kissed her cheeks and asked “So how is my princess?Did CHOTI MA take care of you and did u trouble her?”
Then PIA saw ARMAAN and said “MAMUUUUUUUU” and went and hugged him
Then PIA asked “MAMU where izz my chocolate?”in her childish way.Hearing PIA GEET,MUSKAAN and ARMAAN started laughing and then ARMAAN took out some chocolates from his pocket and said “This is for my princess”
Then GEET saw the others who were confused by all this and then she told them to sit and that she will tell them everything.In the meanwhile PIA went near MAAN and MAAN bent and took her in his arms and she smiled and seeing her smile even he smiled. Then GEET started her story
“Guys u know that first I and ARMAAN BHAI used to live in CHANDIGARH.There I,MUSKAAN and ARMAAN were like best friends.Then after our 12th exams we had to move to DELHI and even MUSKAAN had moved to MUMBAI for her further studies but we were still in contact and we used to visit each other.So it happened when I had gone to SANJEEVANI with MUSKAAN as she was an intern there and was waiting for her to finish her duty when an emergency case came.In that case one of our friend MANAV and his wife ARCHANA who was excepting had met with an accident and after the surgery ARCHANA could not be saved but her baby was saved and even MANAV died.Hearing about their son and daughter in law’s death PIA’S grandparents died due to shock.And at that time I called ARMAAN BHAI and told him everything and so he came to the hospital and he got the adoption papers of PIA and I signed it as only I was legible and MUSKAAN was not and from that time PIA used to call me MAMA and MUSKAAN CHOTI MA.But after 2 years and odd MUSKAAN had to shift to some place I did not know and PIA used to live with MUSKAAN as she wwas a doctor and could take care of PIA and from then on I did not have any contact with MUSKAAN or PIA”
Then RANO came to call all of them to dinner and was surprised to see MUSKAAN and PIA.She hugged MUSKAAN and said “Arre MUSKAAN beta kaise ho tum?aur aab kaho ho?”
So GEET said “Arre MAA aap sab kuch yahi pe puche gi ya phir niche bhi chalagi?”
And so all went down and MOHINDER hugged MUSKAAN and said “Kaise he puttar toh to dekh hi nahi rahi thi” And then GEET called MUSKAAN and PIA who was playing with MAAN and then introduced them to her sasural.Then MUSKAAN told in GEET’S ears “GEET I am really sorry for what happened with DEV.i was not there when you needed me the most but I promise that from now on I will be there in all your happiness and sorrows” with this they both hugged each other and then GEET and MAAN’S friends met MUSKAAN. During dinner PIA was sitting with MAAN n nt going to anyone else n seeing her play with MAAN ,GEET decided to feed PIA bt PIA  was throwing tantrums for nt hving dinner n wanted to eat only ice cream.
MAAN “PIA ur a good girl na n if u hv ur dinner I will take u CORNER HOUSE n get u a DBC[death by chocolate] a big one .nw comeon baby dnt trouble mama n hv ur dinner fast thn only we both go n hv fun”.
Hearing this PIA started having her dinner silenty n quickly.MUSKAAN n GEET were surprised to see PIA listening to MAAN n having her dinner without throwing any further tantrums.
After having her dinner PIA literally started pulling MAAN towards the main gate to go n have her fav DBC.GEET seeing this told PIA to wait as MAAN had nt finished his dinner bt MAAN says he will come n have the dinner n asked if GEET wanted to join them n all the 3 of them sneaked out before anyone could notice or stop them.
MAAN n PIA ordered DBC as it was both of theirs fav n GEET ordered THICK CHOCOLATE MILKSHAKE.
As they were waiting PIA started getting restless n asked MAAN by poking him[in GEET style] “Wt is ur name n wt should I call u dost ????”
MAAN “hmmmmmmmm my name is MAAN SINGH KHURANA n as ur my frnd u can cal me MAAN”
PIA “Bt app tho mama ke husband ho na???????? tho app mere papa hue na ,can I call u PAPA??????????”
MAAN ” Only if u let me call u SHONA,HER PAPA’S PRINCESS”
GEET listening to their talks had tears in her eyes n couldn’t believe PIA mixing soooo well with MAAN n vica versa.
  Then finally their order came n MAAN n PIA were relishing each bite of their DBC n forgot abt GEET being with them.So nt disturbing thm GEET ordered chocolate family pack to take away to home n thn she went n joined MAAN n PIA.
All finished having dinner n didn’t notice MAAN ,GEET n PIA were missing.
Thn as all of thm settled in d living room n thn only realized tht those 3 were missing.
At this point of time MAAN,GEET n PIA entered d house with ice cream n
DADI ” Where were u 3 ??????? whn did u go ???we never realized tht u were missing.”
GEET “DADI actually we had gone to ……All plzzzzzz dnt scream it was MAAN n PIA’s idea”
MAAN n PIA r confused as to wt is GEET talking abt????
DAMINI “Bhabhi ,wt r u trying to say???”
GEET “We had gone to CORNER HOUSE” n as sooonnnnnn as she told this all shouted together “WHATTTTTTTT????????????”
Thn MAAN realized y GEET told thm nt to scream.
Thn DADI was like “Nw its time for ur punishment n MAAN  ur punishment is ………
Tht u will have to take all of us for picnic tomorrow”
MAAN in his mind “THANK GOD. Bach gaye warna kal subha breakfast banaana  padtha” n says OK I dnt have any problem.
Hearing abt picnic n MAAN telling yes PIA started jumping n said “PAPA,I m shoooooo happppyyyyyyy tomorrow we all will go for picnic n we will play in swimming pool n I will bat first n u will bowl for me hai na PAPA .We will have shooooooo much fun n went on n on”
Hearing PIA call MAAN PAPA all were shocked except GEET.
 MAAN replied “Yes SHONA. Now come we will go n have my dinner Im sooooo hungry”.
Thn GEET  n MAAN along with PIA hv their dinner n it was decided tht thy will go to KHURANA’S FARMHOUSE for the picnic.
Now thy all decide to call it a night as thy hv to get up early for d picnic n as MAAN n GEET r ready to leave PIA starts crying .
So MAAN picks her up n asked “Y is my SHONA crying???????”
PIA “I want to come with u n MAMA, I want to stay with u”
Hearing this GEET tells MUSKAAN  to pack PIA’S things n give it to her as PIA will stay with her n MAAN”.
PIA is very happy hearing this.
 Whn thy reached the KHURANA MANSION PIA was sleeping on her PAPA shoulder n he carried her to his room n placed her gently on d bed n kissed her forehead as she cuddled holding MAAN’S hand n seeing this both MAAN n GEET smiled n MAAN indicated GEET to sleep on d other side of d bed n she obliged it without having any objections.
Part 10-

The next morning GEET wakes up early n sees MAAN n PIA sleeping peacefully n with a smile wished tht her every morning she would like 2 wake up seeing this scene.She got ready n made her way 2 the kithen where DADI,MOM n SHILPA were cooking some snakes 2 take with thm to d farmhouse n then went 2 wake her dear naughty devar .After getting ready GEETpulled ROBBIE 2 help packing d things in d picnic basket  told MOM “Now u all rest I n ROBBIE will do d packing n make morning tea for u otherwise u will start having a severe headache” [I dnt understand d logic between tea n headache my mom if she dnt drink tea within 9 in d morning by 11 she will hv severe headache]


MOM “Thanks beta for reminding me n make tea for DAD also .He will start shouting for his tea as he is ready n whr is MAAN he doesn’t sleep till this late its already 8.45 n was PIYA comfortable here yesterday nite”


GEET “MOM no probs for d remainder n after making d tea I will go n wake MAAN n PIYA up n dnt worry MOM, PIYA is vry comfortable here especially with MAAN”


MOM was happy to hear this as MAAN n GEET were both happy.


Meanwhile MAAN had woken up n was ready n cming out of d washroom whn he saw PIYA crying .He went to PIYA n hugged her tightly n asked her y she was crying ??????


PIYA “DAD u will nt leave me n go na plzzzzzzz I was soooooo scared tht U n MOM both were nt there”


MAAN consoled her n made her brush her teeth by her small hands n taking her for a bath.


After GEET had made tea for MOM n DAD n left ROBBIE to arranging d food in d basket, went 2 wake up MAAN.


On entering d room GEET burst out laughing seeing wt was happening in d room

MAAN was trying to catch PIYA n get her dressed but PIYA being really fast ran around d room n held MAAN’s mobile n threated 2 throw it in water if on picnic he didn’t play with her n was busy in his mobile with work.She happily exclaimed “NO WORK ONLY PIYA N DAD PLAY”


So MAAN agreed n held his ears in front of PIYA n said “SORRRRRRRRRRRRYYYYYYYY SHONA, DAD will nt work n only play with PIYA no one else OKKK”


This was whn GEET had entered d room n thn giving MAAN his coffee took d dress frm MAAN n started 2 make PIYA ready. PIYA happily go ready n said GUD MORNING MOM n gave a kiss on both MAAN n GEETS cheeks n asked for her Bournvita milkshake.

GEET took PIYA 2 d kitchen n whr PIYA started playing with ROBBIE n she made d Bournvita milkshake for her princess.


It was 9 n all of their frnds n GEET’s parents arrived at d KHURANA MANSION n loaded d 20 seater bus n told gods name n started d bus.


They were sitted like,






 On d left side n






On d right side it was like boys n girls at war

As thy started with ANTHAKSHARI d girls won n by the tie thy reached d farmhouse d war had become worse all of thm fighting like small children n arguing.


As thy got down frm d bus ,MAANwas vry hungry n so were others n he asked his MOMto prepare something nice for thm tht time it flashed to GEET yday events n DAD,MAAN n ROBBIE were supposed 2 make breakfast,soon a idea stuck 2 GEET’s mind n she told it 2 all d girls n thy readily agreed.


SHILPA “Today is girls day off frm d kitchen if ur hungry thn plz make ur way 2 the kitchen its on d right side of d living room n help urselves making food”


GEET “Aree SHILPA,this men cannot prepare a morning tea also without getting confused with wt is salt n sugar,wt will thy prepare lunch for themselves.Thank god we had cm prepared n brought food for d girls”she said in a mocking way.


MAAN getting irritated “So ur challenging us GEET???????ur challenging MSK”


GEET “YESSSSSSS n I bet u cnt make food without burning it MR.MSK.If so lets see hw all of u guys r going 2 make lunch nt only for yourselves bt for us also”


As SHILPA knew MAAN knows2 cook continental n ityalian cuisine she wanted asked thm 2 prepare INDIAN cuisine n d boys accepted d challenge 2 satisfy their so called ego evn though thy didn’t knw wt is do??????”


GEET cming near MAAN n whispered ALL D BEST n u thought I will nt get to know ur plan as to y u said yes for going 2 d picnic n then MAAN realized tht it was a trap set by d girls n he had fallen for it.

 Part 11-

GEET cming near MAAN n whispered ALL D BEST n u thought I will nt get to know ur plan as to y u said yes for going 2 d picnic n then MAAN realized tht it was a trap set by d girls n he had fallen for it.


Bt being d great MSK who never accepted so told tht it will nt be fun if boys did all d cooking n d gals sat in one side gossip.its really common n nt fun n asked ROBBIE to suggest some game related to cooking only.

N ROBBIE suggested tht y nt become teams as MAAN-GEET,MAMA-PAPA,UNCLE-AUNTY n ARMAAN-SHILPA n thy prepare some dishes as written in d chits which thy pick n d others were nt interested in cooking bt only in eating so thy will go n do horse riding as thy had d best horses in d country n tht left DADI n MUSKAAN alone.


MUSKAAN “DADI,I hv heard tht there is a vry beautiful RADHA-KRISHNA TEMPLE nearby, plzzz will u come with me. Meine PIYA ke liye ek manat mangi hai,aaj usiko pura karna hai plzzz app aaiye na humare saath.”


DADI “Kyun nahi beta, hume bhi bhuhot saal hogaye uss mandir mei jake.Hum uss mandir mei hamesha MAAN ke DADAJI ke saath jaya karthe the.Aaj unn purane dino ko bhi yaad karlenge .Vaise bhi hum yaha akele bore hojange.”




N so as soon as MUSKAAN n DADI left all got to do there respective deeds as decided yesterday nite    


MAAN N GEET prepared JALEBI along with PIYA giving suggestions as different shapes like star,square n others.








N the others started their work. 


Then after sometime,DADI n MUSKAAN come back n DADI is confused as no one was there n it was completely dark.Then she asks MUSKAAN, “Where has everyone gone n why is it dark here?”


MUSKAAN “DADI wait I will see” n she goes from there.


Then after two minutes the lights come and DADI is shocked to see that the whole hall is decorated for her birthday n then she sees everyone n is very happy.


Then MAAN comes n hugs her n wishes her “Happy birthday DADI”


Then everyone wishes her n then GEET takes DADI n tells her to cut the cake wch MAMA n PAPA have made.Then DADI calls PIA n tells her to cut the cake with her.PIA is very happy n hugs DADI n then they cut the cake n eat it.Then PIA brings the jalebis made by MAAN ,GEET n herself n tells her to eat it. While DADI is having one of the jalebis PIA brings one more plate n DADI is surprised to see the jalebi wch is written like DADI n she asks PIA “who made this?”


So PIA answers “PAPA was making that boring round jalebis only so I told him to make this one as it is ur birthday”


Then everyone has the food n at last they have the brownie wch PIA did not allow anyone to eat till she had her fill. 


Then everyone goes to their room.




DADI is talking .


“Dekha aapne, aaj sabne mera birthday itne dhum dham se manaya aur aapne abhi tak mujhe wish tak nahi kiya.Mein aapse bohut naraz hu”

N then she starts telling the events of the day.Suddenly someone closes her eyes from behind.DADI gets a bit scared .Then the persons talks,

“DADI gusss who iz thiz?”[in babyish style]


DADI “Umm,I think it is MAAN but his hands r rough n this hands r sooo soft”


“No DADI u rl wrong PAPA ha softtt hands” n then it bites its tongue realizing that it nearly told who it was.


Then suddenly MAAN n GEET come n the person tells “PAPA,MAMA don’t tell DADI  who iz it”


DADI “Ok mein har manti hu .Mujhe toh pata hi nahi chal raha ke ye kon hai?”


Then the person removes its hands n comes in front of DADI n says “DADI im PIA MAAN SINGH KHURANA,SHONA of MAAN SINGH KHURANA n PRINCESS of GEET MAAN SINGH KHURANA”


DADI rolled her eyes knowing that only MAAN can teach all this to PIA but was inside very happy that MAAN had accepted GEET as his wife.


GEET “Oh so this was what U n MAAN were wispering in the room” to PIA.


So PIA replies “No I n PAPA were whispering this”


Then DADI asks them why had they come here so GEET tells,


“DADI mei aapke liye ek gift liye hu”

 Part 12-

Then DADI asks them why had they come here so GEET tells,


“DADI mei aapke liye ek gift liye hu”


GEET gives the gift to DADI n asks her to open it now itself.

DADI “HAAN beta rukho dekhthi hu…”

As DADI opened the gift wrap she saw it was a beautiful scrapbook made on DADI’s life it had her childhood baby pics, her pics with her school n col frnds,her marriage pics,pics with her son n daughter in law,pic of her n DADAJI holding MAAN for the first time n then pics of DADI getting awards n newspaper clippings of her achievements n most importantly the Family picture of the Khurana family frm DADAJI to PIYA’s pic which is digitally edited .


Seeing this DADI felt so lucky and had tears in her eyes.

GEET seeing this went n hugged DADI and thank you beta.

“DADI” said PIYA ,”Thanks not only to MAMA but ME n PAPA also.PAPA cut the photos and PIYA put them on the book.

“Thank you, PIYA n MAAN beta.

Then after GEET,MAAN n PIYA went to their room .

DADI saw the photo of DADJI and said “See I told you na that they love me alot  n see ur SAV is really vry Happy here”.

As MAAN,GEET n PIYA reached their room GEET took PIYA for changing n MAAN opened his laptop n started working n as PIYA came out he told herto go to sleep as he had some work n kissed her forehead n PIYA went to sleep with GEET n slowly both of them fell asleep.


AT 1 am

MAAN was still busy in his work that he didn’t see the time neither PIYA standing in front of him for the last 5 mins n MAAN was sitting in a sleeping position on the couch with the laptop on his lap.

After another 5 mins and MAAN finished his work he saw PIYA standing there.He closed the laptop n kept it aside n took PIYA in his arms n made her sit on his lap.

“Aap tho sogayi thi na shona phir kab uthi” asked MAAN

PIYA answered”Papa busy thab uthi”.

“Tho phir kyun mujhe bola nahi shona” asked MAAN

PIYA”Papa busy, PIYA good girl no disturb Papa”.

“Shona Papa ko neendh arhihai apko nahi arahi?????” MAAN

PIYA”Shona sleep on Papa here”.

MAAN is like ok and sleeps on the couchn PIYA sleeps on his chest hugging him.


AT 3 am

GEET feels thirsty n gets up to drink water bt doesn’t find PIya n sees MAAN is sleeping on the couch with a blanket on.

As she didn’t find PIYA on the bed she goes to wake up MAAN to search for PIYA.

As she comes near the couch she was relived to see PIYA sleeping on MAAN  n was really happy to see MAAN’s n PIYA’s bond n she cressing PIYA by sitting near the couch soon fell asleep with her head on MAAN’S hand.

If anyone would have seen them like this thy would think WT A PERFECT FAMILY bt only they knew Destiny’s play in their life which made their LIFE IMPERFECT.

Part 13-

Life has totally changed for the Khurana’s n Handa’s in the past 3 months.Maan has taken Khurana Construction’s to a new level and also takes utter care of his family.Geet has become a very good bahu of the Khurana family,a gud wife for Maan n a good mother for Piya.She takes care of the household works n also attends college.Meanwhile Piya has become the favourite family member of Khurana’s n Handa’s.She listens to her Badi Dadi’s stories,play’s with Dadu n luves to hide behind Dadi when Maama runs around the house to make her drink milk n Dadi always saves her frm Maama.Shilpa bua play’s maama-baby[my cousins keep on playing this game.its there fav game]with piya n Robbie chachu teaches Piya to play Psp n new new video games.Papa pampers Piya a lot.He fulfills all wishes of Piya.

In the morning Geet wakes up and prepares breakfast.Then she wakes up Robbie and goes to get ready.Till then Maan would finish his morning Tai-Chi practice n then wakes Piya n then gets ready n helps Geet to make his Shona get ready.

Then Geet brings their breakfast to the room n sits down to feed Piya n Maan n Maan feeds Geet n Piya at the same time.Then they leave KM together.First they leave Geet to her college n then Maan leaves Piya to school n then he goes to KC.


13 NOV

As their normal routine Maan ,Geet n Piya left KM.Then they left Geet at her college and when they were heading towards Piya’s school a small boy suddenly came in front of the car and to save him Maan turned his car n it loses control n hits a tree.The glass breaks n a small pieces goes into Piya’s head as she was sitting on Maan’s lap n the glass pieces go into Maan’s head hands n both were unconcious n bleeding very much.

Geet heard a car crash noise n started to shiver n felt restlessness as she had Hypotension.Samrat n Prithvi who also heard the car crash noise with Geet called Mouli to take Geet with her to the class as they were going to the car crash place to help the hurt person.
As they reached the place they saw Maan n Piya n they called the ambulance n Mouli to bring Geet to the hospital n then called KM to inform abt Maan n Piya’s accident.

At The Hospital

As soon as Maan n Piya were admitted all reached the hospital.


After Half An Hour

The doctor declared that Maan was out of danger but Piya had lost lot of blood n they needed AB- as it was not available in the hospital’s blood bank n they needed it really fast.

Meanwhile Geet had gone to the temple near the hospital.
Geet “Babaji,please Maan aur Piya ko bacha lena.Agar who dono sahi salamath bach gaye tho mein Nirjal Vrath rakhungi har Mangalwar iss phure Saal ke liye aur mein kal se hi shuru karungi”

n there she met a Baba who told her that everything will be finen gave her a Tavees n tol her to tie to the person for whom she came to pray.Geet took the tavees n went to the hospital.
Part 14-
As soon as Geet reached the hospital she heard the doctor say tht Maan is out of danger but Piya has lost lot of blood n they need AB- as it is nt available in there blood bank.

So all her friends went to get their blood checked n Geet went to see Maan. As she entered Maan was still unconsicious.She remebered the Baba’s words and thought of tying it to Maan but then remembered Piya n so she removed her Tavees which was tied for her hapiness n tied it to Maan n then came out as he was unconsicious n she didn’t want to trouble him n then she went to get her blood tested.

After some time the doctor told that only Geet’s blood matched Piya n soon Geet was taken to give blood to Piya n after 2 hrs of operation n taking out of pieces of glass frm Piya’s head they declared that Piya was out of danger.

By this time Maan had regained consiciousness n was discharged.After Piya gained consiciousness Geet tied the tavees n thanked Babaji for saving both Maan n Piya.Soon Piya was discharged n they left for the Khurana Mansion.

Geet made sure that Maan n Piya didn’t stress themselves n also made them take their medicines without making faces n made them drink Haldi milk which was vry bitter n they made faces seeing that but thy had to drink it n told them that they are not allowed to go to office or school 2mrw n hv to be in d mansion.Piya was very happy that she can play the whole day but Maan was sulking as he wanted to go to office n he had lost 2day’s day at work.That night Geet forced Maan to sleep on the bed instead of the couch.

Next Morning 6am

Geet woke up early as she had to keep her vrath.She freshened up n then checked on Maan n Piya n then went to Mandir n did the aarthi n prepared breakfast for all.Then after some time all were on the breakfast table except Maan n Piya as they were still sleeping n Geet had not woken them up.

After some time Geet took breakfast for Maan n Piya in the Room n then she woke them up n told them to freshen up n then have breakfast. As both freshen up Maan started feeding Piya n when he was about to feed Geet.She stopped him and told that she had already finished her breakfast with others. 

Then she gave both of them medicines n Piya started throwing tantrums that she won’t eat her medicines.

Geet looked at Piya’s papa dear to help her 
Maan “Shona dekho papa bhi medicines karahe hai na tho Piya bhi kayegina “
Piya “Papa mein school jathi hu tho aap bhi school avogayenaa”n slyly smileddd
Maan “Ok Piya hum dono ye medicines nahi kayenge uske baad hum aur bimaar hojayegaye fir Mama roz col nahi jayegi aur humare saath khelegi aur roz raath ko royegi n then hum dono ko hospital lejayegaye n then itna bada bada injection marege. hai na Geet”
Geet “Haan Maan aap dono medicines math lijiye”
Piya “Ok Ok Mama Papa itna drama mat karo me medicines le lethi hu”
n Geet n Maan were looking at Piya n asked 
Maan “kisne bola ki hum drama kar rahe hai?”
Piya “Vo Badi Dadi aur Dadi tv mein ek serial dekh rahe the,
uss baby ke Mom Dad bhi apki thara bol rahe the aur Dadi ne bola ka drama kr rahe hai”
Geet “oh tho is liye aap ne hume esa kaha.
N punishment time”
n then Maan n Geet pulled Piya n started tickling her.


Piya’s truth is out…………..

will update sooonnnnnnnnn

Part 15

Geet looked at Piya’s papa dear to help her

Maan “Shona dekho papa bhi medicines karahe hai na tho Piya bhi kayegi na “

Piya “Papa mein school jathi hu tho aap bhi school avogayenaa”n slyly smileddd

Maan “Ok Piya hum dono ye medicines nahi kayenge uske baad hum aur bimaar hojayegaye fir Mama roz col nahi jayegi aur humare saath khelegi aur roz raath ko royegi n then hum dono ko hospital lejayegaye n then itna bada bada injection marege. hai na Geet”

Geet “Haan Maan aap dono medicines math lijiye”

Piya “Ok Ok Mama Papa itna drama mat karo me medicines le lethi hu”

n Geet n Maan were looking at Piya n asked

Maan “kisne bola ki hum drama kar rahe hai?”

Piya “Vo Badi Dadi aur Dadi tv mein ek serial dekh rahe the,

uss baby ke Mom Dad bhi apki thara bol rahe the aur Dadi ne bola ka drama kr rahe hai”

Geet “oh tho is liye aap ne hume esa kaha.

N punishment time”

n then Maan n Geet pulled Piya n started tickling her.


The whole day Geet made sure Maan and the other family members didn’t get to know about her vrat as they would surelyyy make her break the vrat . In the night, as she was feeding Piya and Maan, the door opened with a thud and Maan saw Muskaan entering looking all worried and angry.As she saw Piya head with bandage she went and kissed her all over her face and also was checking that Piya was alright and nothing else was wrong”.

Maan was confused seeing Muskaan reaction but thought maybe she was attached to Piya after staying for 6 months so she was reacting that way

Geet hoped that Muskaan was alright as she knew what Muskaan would be going through seeing Piya in such a state”.

Muskaan “Geet’. kaise hua Piya kaa accident????? Tumne mujhe kuch batha kyun nahii?????” angrily shaking Geet holding her shoulders

Geet “Muskaan meri Baath tho suno mein sab baatha thi hu tumheee”. chalooo yaha Maan aur Piya ko aaram karne doo” n pulled Muskaan towards the terrace as she knew she had a lot to explain to Muskaan


Muskaan “Geet ‘..Tum mujhe apni best friend  bolti hona tho’. kyun chupayiii mujhse yeh baath?????Yeh mera haq haiii Geet ”..Tumne wada kiya tha keee tum mujhse Piya kii koi baath chupavogi nahi????”


Geet “Muskaan mera koi irada nahi tha tumse yeh baath chupane kaa’.Lekin tum kitni mushkil se tho Medical camp keliye maanii thiii aur aabhi bhii tumarhiii health thik nahi haiii’.. Isiiliye meine tumkoo nahi baathayaaa”


Muskaan “Yeh tho acha hua ke galtii se meine Armaan aur Dr.Kerthiii kii baath sunliii aur mujhe pataa chala ke Piya ka accident hogaya haiii

Warna tho tum sab ne mujhe meri Beti se duur karne kaa plan karliya tha””


Geet  “Muskaan yeh tum kya keh rahi hooo

Mein tho bas Piya ko palne wali Mom huuu Lekin tum tho Piya ko Janam dene wali Maa hooo

Hum Piya aur tumhe alag kyun karengeee

Tumne hiii tho mujhe kaha tha naaa ke Piya ko mein adopt kar sak thi huuu kyun kii jab tum 3 saal comaa mein thiii

Tab mein ne Piya ko sambala tha aur Piya mujhe apniii Mumma samajtiii thiii”


Muskaan “Haan mein ne hiii tumhe kaha tha Piya ko adopt karne ke liyeee kyun kii tumne uss tab maa ka pyar diyaaa jab uskoo meri sabse jada zaroorat thiii aur mein nahi thi uss ke pass aur tumne apni dost hona ka faraz adaa kiya tha”


Geet “Thooo aab kyun lagtha haiii tumhe ke mein tumee Piya se duur kar rahi huuu????Kyaaa hamariii dostiii ko tum itna hiii samaj payiii hoo???? Kyaaa mera Piya ke liyee pyaar itna swarthy haiii ke mein uss apni Maa se duur rakhungiii???? Kyaaa mein Piya ke pyaar mein itni andii huuu ke apni dost kiii kurbaani aur takleef koo bhul javungiii???? Bollo naa Muskaan tum tho meri sabse achi Best Friend hona ‘.. Kyaaa esiii hu mein?????


Muskaan “Nahiii Geet

Lekin tum bhi tho meri mushkil samjooo jab mein ne apni bachiii ke saar par vo bandage dekhi  mujhe kuch samaj nahi ayaaa bas itna hii yaad raha ke woo mere pyaar’ mere Rahul kiii aakriii nishaniii haiii ‘.. aur mein uss korahiii huuu

Im sorrryyy Geet mein gussseee mein kuch jadaa hii bol gayiii

Im sorrryyy”


Geet “Thik haiii sirf ek sharth pe maaf karungiii

Kee tum bhi mujhe maaf kardegi Piya kii accident kii baath chupa ne keliye”


Muskaan pulling Geet into a hug “Haan maaf kiyaaa tujeee”


Geet “Mein bhiii”’.”n started jumping  in the hug


And as both came out of the hug and turned to go down they were shocked to see Maan standing at the entrance of the terrace with hands folded and eyes full of questions

Geet was sooo frightened to even look into Maan’s eyes and just kept her eyes towards the ground  and next she felt was Maan carrying her towards there room shouting at everyone to call the Doctor and then again everything was blur she could hear voices but it wasn’t sooo clear


As geet slowly opened her eyes feeling her head very heavy she saw that Nakul gave some juice to Maan  and  Maan filling the spoon and bring near her mouth when she just pressed her lips together as if not going to let anything so into her mouth and that was when Maan realized Geet was awake


Maan “Geet apna muu kolooo Doctor ne kaha haiii tum bohat weak hooo aur tumhe kuch khalena chahiyeee’.”

Geet “Nahiii Maan pleaseee mujhe kuch nahi khanaa please aap tension maat looo aur soo javooo mujhe bhi needh arahiii haiii”


Maan “Mein tension naa luu tumhe pataa bhi haiii ke tum behosh hogayii thi’.. kitni mushkil se sab koo sone bejha haiii aur Piya ko dekhooo needh mein bhi Mumma mummaa bol rahaiii haiii

Aur tum kehti ho ke tension mat looo””


Geet “Yeh kabhi kabhi  yesa hojatha haiii Maan vrat mein tho yeh normal hiii haiii” n bites her tongue for saying the word vrat


Maan “Vrat????? Kaisa vrat Geet ??????”


Geet “Maan  aapne galth suna hoga  mein ne tensed bolaaa vrat nahiii”


Maan “Geet tum yeh bolna chahthi hoke MSK juth bol raha haiii’.”


Geet “Nahiii Maan mein yesa kuch”’..”


Maan “Tho chup chap sach bolo kyaaa vrat bola tumne????”


Geet “Maan mein ne manat mangii thi ke agar aap aur Piya thik hojavoge tho mein har tueday Nirjal vrat rakhungiii aur nagee paree Mandir darshan ke liyeee javungiii”


Maan “Koi zaroorat nahiii yeh vrat rakhne kiii dekho tumhariii tabiyaat bhi thik nahi haiii”


Geet “Maan mein apniii Manat nahi thod sakthiii please Maan mujhe yeh karne dejiyeee pleaseee”


Maan “Thik haiii Geet tum karlooo apnii manat puri” n angrilyyy went away from there


Precap –

 Maan’s anger = Geet’s zidd = Family pressure

What to do??????

Part 16


Maan “Tho chup chap sach bolo kyaaa vrat bola tumne????”


Geet “Maan mein ne manat mangii thi ke agar aap aur Piya thik hojavoge tho mein har tueday Nirjal vrat rakhungiii aur nagee paree Mandir darshan ke liyeee javungiii”


Maan “Koi zaroorat nahiii yeh vrat rakhne kiii dekho tumhariii tabiyaat bhi thik nahi haiii”


Geet “Maan mein apniii Mannat nahi thod sakthiii please Maan mujhe yeh karne dejiyeee pleaseee”


Maan “Thik haiii Geet tum karlooo apnii mannat puri” n angrilyyy went away from there n went to his gym n started doing tai-chi.


Geet to calm her anger went to the garden n sat there n soon dozed off bcoz of tiredness. After about 2 hours Maan came back to the room n saw that Piya was sleeping but Geet wasn’t anywhere there. He then checked the bathroom but she wasn’t there n then saw the balcony door was open n saw Geet was sitting in the garden.


He went down to the garden n said, “Geet yaha bohut thand hai room main chalo.”


Geet woke up by the sudden sound n saw Maan there but didn’t tell anything n turned her face in the other direction. Maan got angry n picked her up on his shoulders n went inside. Geet hit her small fists to release her but he didn’t listen to her n entered their room n dropped her gently on her side so as to not wake up Piya n said, “Good night” n slept off hugging Piya. Geet fumed more bcoz she has finally calmed down but Maan again angered her n slept turning her back to them.


The next morning Geet woke up early n remembering the last night she made a gol gappa face n turned to see the father-daughter sleeping peacefully n frowned more. She freshened up n went n broke her vrat in the pooja room n then went n prepared tea for Veer,Madhuri n Dadi n then went n woke up Robbie n said, “Robbie apne bhaiya ko jake uthao aur kaho jaldi se ready hojaye warna who aur Piya late hojayenge aur unhe keh dena agar breakfast chaiye toh neeche aaye unko breakfast dene ke liye koi room main nahi anne wala.” Robbie was confused n asked, “Bhabhi aap hi toh jake bhaiya ko utha sakti ho na toh phir mujhe kyu keh rahi ho???”


Geet, “Mujhe bohut kaam hai main free nahi bhethi unke saare kaam ke liye aur tu ja raha hai ya main Shilpa ko bheju aur tumhari kal ki pol khol du Mom ke samne???”

Robbie, “Arre nahi bhabhi. Main jata hu” n ran to Maan’s room n told him n ran away before Maan can start his interrogation.


After coming down with Piya Maan glared at Geet who returned it to him.


Maan, “Maa Aaj koi zyada busy nahi hai kya???”


But before Madhuri could tell anything Geet said, “Mom aap kyu altu faltu sawal karne walo ki baat sun rahe ho??? Aap nashta kijye jaldi se phir aapko mere saath XYZ shop jana hai na.”


Madhuri, “Haan tum bhi jaldi se nashta karlo”


All then settled on the dining table n Maan asked for coffee which was near Geet but Geet was angry on Maan so how could she give it n so said, “Shilpa yeh coffee apne bhaiya ko de do”. Shilpa n all were confused as why were Maan n Geet behaving like this???


Maan glared at her n took the coffee from Shilpa’s hand n drank it. After finishing his breakfast n as he n Piya were leaving Robbie shouted, “Ouchhh” n gluped his saliva seeing his Bhabhi’s angry glare n turned to Maan n said, “Bhai phele apni dawai lijye aur Piya ko bhi pila dijye.”


Maan turned n took the medicines n said, “Robbie bol do ki mujhe medicines lena yaad hai lekin kisi ko khana khane ka bikul bhi yaad nahi hai.” N went away with Piya while all were getting confused as to what was going on.


After Maan left Robbie turned to Geet n said, “Bhabhi aap khud bhi toh bhai ko unki dawai ke bare main bata sakti thi toh phir mujhe kyu bola??? Aur pinch kyu kiya mujhe??? Pata hai kitna zor se kiya aapne mera pura haath lal hogaya hai aur abhi bhi dard kar raha hai.” Rubbing his hand where Geet had pinched him.

Geet made a face n said, “Mujhe unse baat nahi karni thi isiliye tumhe bola aur tum nahi mane isiliye tumhe pinch kiya aur agar aage meri baat nahi mani toh aur bhi buri halat hoga tera.” N went away from there to get ready n go with Madhuri.


Here Maan after leaving Piya at school went to Office ”’

As he entered the Office he saw people sitting on their desks n chit chatting about various unimportant stuffs n then some of them had their shirts not tucked-in n all this added to Maan’s anger

N he shouted

Maan “Yeh sab kya ho raha hai mere Office mein ???????”

N everyone was stunned to see the MSK standing on the front door n all of them just lowered their heads n stood like a statue”.


Maan “If in next 2 mins I don’t see all of you properly dressed n back to work

All of you are FIRED””


As soon as Maan told this every one started making themselves presentable in front of their Boss standards n got back to work as they knew they would have a hard day ahead with their Boss already so angry early in the morning”’


At Home,


Madhuri n Geet left to XYZ Mall for shopping n as Madhuri sensed Geet not in her usual mood she thought of getting Geet in Mood”’.


Madhuri “Geet beta I have a idea’..”


Geet “Haan Mom boleyeee’..”


Madhuri “How about we both have Girl’s lunch out today n we will call Shilpa n Daadi to the restaurant n will pick up Piya from the Office as Maan was going to take her to Office’.”

Geet ” Yaaa Mom sounds nice”.”


Madhuri “Okk so lets do one more thing I will buy you clothes which I want to see you wear n you will buy me clothes you want me to see in n then we would buy for Shilpa n Maa together n then Change n whatever we choose you have to wear n no denying”’.”


Geet got excited hearing this “Okkk Momm but remember no denying n you will have to wear it for Lunch n then even when we go Home ”..”


Madhuri “Yaaa surelyyy” seeing Geet back to her Buubly self’.


Geet “Okkk Mom we off will be here in an hour n then will go to shop for Shilpa n Daadi ‘..”


After an Hour,


They called up Daadi n Shilpa n got to know Daadi had some kitty party so she couldn’t join them but Shilpa would be joining them directly at the Restaurant”


Madhuri n Geet also exchanged the packets they got for each other n got ready as they couldn’t tell no n left towards Khurana Constructions


At KC,


As Piya was with Maan his anger was in control n he had Piya sitting in his lap n trying to type A ‘.B’.C’.D’. on the laptop as that was what their teacher thought them today n then as Maan had a Video Conference Call, he made Piya sit on the couch with her homework n told her not to disturb him n Piya like a Good Girl didn’t make a single noise for sm 30 mins then as her homework was also over  she was feeling Bored so she started singing the rhymes n also dancing while singing it’..


Tinkle Tinkle little star

How I wonder what you are’

Up above the word so high

Like a diamond in the sky ”.


Maan had just finished his video call n got busy with checking accounting details of it n then he heard Piya in her own world singing n dancing to the rhymes n he found her doing it so cuteyyy”..

Maan “Piyaaa aap kitna acha dance kathe hoo Baby ‘ Kisne sikhayaa????”


Piya “Papa Teacher ne sikhayaaa”..

Aap ko bhi mein sikhav????”


How could Maan tell no to this princess such a cute request ”.


Maan “thik hai princesss mujhe bhi sikhav”


Piya n Maan started dancing n singing the rhymes n as they finish it once again start doing it n were lost in their own world until Maan heard some person laugh ”..


N Maan was shocked to see Geet laughinggg  n to top it all Geet holding her Mobile Camera facing Maan which he was sure that she recorded his dance”’


Maan to break the akward situation ” Geet tum yeh kisko layiii hoo apne saath ???? Mujhe phele inse kyun nahi milvayaaa????”


Maan moving to the lady by the side of Geet “Hey beautiful ‘.. aap bohat hot lagrahiii haiii’..Kya aap mere saath date pe chalengiii???????”


The other lady “Kya karu Handsome merii shaadi already hogayii haiii warna yesa chance kabhi miss nahiii karthiii”


Maan “Its okkk Beautiful ” meri bhi shaadi hogayii haiii ‘.. aur meri biwi ko tho problem bhi nahi hogiii”.”


OL “But mere Husband ko Problem hogiii naa’..”


Maan “Aree Beautiful Maan Singh Khurana naam hai mera mein sab kuch handle kar lunga bus tum merii Date banjav ”'”


OL holding Maan’s Ears “Abb mujhe paatha chala Robbie yeh sab lines kaha se sikh tha haiii ”.

Jab bada bhai hii yese flirt kar raha haiii tho chota bhai aur kya karenga????”


Maan “Mom kaan chod naa dard horaha haiii aur waise mera teacher mere Dad haiii”’

Akhir who College mein mr. popular jo the n aap bhi tho unki issi ada pe mar mitti thi ”.”


Madhuri “Maan tumhe yeh sab kisne bathayaa'”


Maan “Aur kisne mere Gurujiii ne’ par abb lagtha haiii who jhoot bol rahe the”.. aap ko dekh kar koi na phisalee yesa hoohii nahi saktaa’..” n winked at his Mom


Madhuriii blushed hearing her son’s flirty comments n Geet was at awe seeing a really different side of Maan as she had never seen Maan flirting so openly n like a pro with anyone else”


Precap ‘ 

 Tom (Maan) n Jerry (Geet) show at Khurana Mansion at the Joint Family Dinner with the Khurana’s n Handa’s 



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