A Maaneet Paradise

Dosti Maaneet FF


A girl of 20 yrs sitting in a dark room with all the lights off n also the door n windows shut
as if someone will just enter to hurt her
she was just staring at the wall n making scary faces as if there was a horror movie showed on the wall
n she just wanted to scream outtt but her voice was just silent not even a word came out from her mouth
and as she got tired n her eyes started to shut to get sleep she got horrified dreamsss n was not able to sleep 
n this is not the 1st ay this is happening
it is happening from last 6 months
n then there was a knock on the door

“GEET PUTTAR khana bahar rakha hai plzzz darwaza kol ke kaale Bacha tunne subah se Paani bhi nahi piyya haiii”

and after pleading for sometime the lady left.

The Girl  was Geet Handa n the Lady was her Mom Rano Handa.

Part 1 

The Girl  was Geet Handa n the Lady was her Mom  Rano Handa

Next Morning

4 o’clock

The closed door opened n went to take a bath in the cold freezing water n then got ready in a simple jeans n full selves t-shirt.


Then washed the plate in which she had eaten last night as always just to stay awake away from the frighting dreams n visions.


Geet took off to a journey which she used to take since last 6 months to the nearby lake which was as always abonded n she got the peace of mind sitting by the lake.


Geet’s House

7 o’clock


Rano entered the kitchen n saw Geet’s plate washed n Thanked God that she has eaten something n went about to make Tea for Mohinder ,Naintara n herself as she knew that Geet will not be at home n will come back only in the evening n will be sitting by the lake just staring at the water.


Mohinder-“Rano,meri Chai kaha haii? Pichalee Che mahine  se tum hamesha late hojathi hoo.Kya hogaya hai tujhe”


Rano-“Aayii  jiii, aab mein kya karoo phele Geet tho mere adhee kaam karthii takii mein abki fav Chai banaluu par aab tho mujhe hii apkii Maharani Naintara ko bhi uthana tha”


Mohinder-“Tum kyun hamesha merii ladliyon ke piche kyun padii rehthi hoo”

Rano-“Mein kaha apki ladliyon ke piche padii rahe thi huu????”


Mohinder-“Kyun bhul gayiii jab Geet thik thi tab uske piche Xam ke liye padoo aur pura din electricity waste karthe hoo aur kuch kaam hii nahi karthi wageraa wageraa bolke mein bachii ko pareshan karthi thii aur aab kuch bol thii hii nahii hooo” n both had tears in their eyes seeing hw helpless they felt not being able to do anything for their child n leave finding a solution they didn’t even know her problem.

Naintara seeing tears in her parents eyes decided to lighten their moods.

Naintara-“That’s not fare Papa apne sirf mom ke dii par horahe tortures mom ko ginvayee mere tho ginvayee hii nahi meri tho sirf Geet dii haii joo hamesha mujhe iss tortures Mom se bachathi haii”


Rano-“Ohhh tho mein tortures Mom huu… rukh tuu mein tujhe nahi chodungii…”n started running behind Naintara n seeing this Mohinder was laughing n Just Geet was missing from the picture.



Precap-Geet ke liye Ristha’.

 willl update sooonnnnnnnnn


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  1. update dosti soonn..prologue is awesome…waiting

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