A Maaneet Paradise

Iss Paar Yaa Uss Paar Maaneet FF updated part 7-10

Today is like a dream come true for Geet 
she is getting married to her classmate Maan Singh Khurana who she had her first crush .
Today is the worst day for Maan 
as he is getting married to someone who was his classmate he doesn’t remember clearly but for his promise that he made to his Dadi n is not at all happy as he is in luv with smone.
Today Yash is hving the worst’s day on earth
his love is getting married to someone else but he cant do anything as both are his best friends n for his luver’s happiness he is sacrificing his luv.
Part 1

Outside Hotel Shangri La,Delhi
Reporter  1 – Today we are standing outside the Shangri La Hotel where India’s two biggest Business Tycoon’s are getting married.
Reporter 2 –Today is the married of the most eligible  Bachlor of India Maan Singh Khurana to the Sexy Business tycoon Geet Handa .
Reporter 3 – It is said that today is the most auspicious day for the couple to get married and that they will live a blissful life according to our tarot card reader .
Reporter 1 –The auspicious time is just 15 mintues away n then Mr.Maan Singh Khurana will Be married to Miss.Geet Handa .
Reporter 3 – It is said that most of the world’s richest people and many Bollywood actors n actress are present here to Bless the Couple .
Inside The Hotel
Maan was sitting on the Mantap n the Panditji told them to bring the bride .
Geet is brought n made to sit next to Maan .
Geet is really very happy and one look towards her can make people fall , she looks no less than a princess sitting on the Mantap n we can see the hapiness from her eyes as she is stealing glances of Maan from corner of her eyes.
Panditji tells Maan to make Geet wear the Mangalsutra n apply Sindoor on Geet’s Maang.
Yash is putting up a fake smile for his best friends but inside he is nursing his broken heart seeing his luv getting married to someone else n trying not to break down.
N soon the wedding gets over n they reach Khurana Mansion.
Khurana Mansion
Geet along with Maan is made to stand outside the main door and Dadi is waiting with the Aarthi Tali with Meera -Maan’s n Geet’s friend.
After the Gruhapravesh,Maan n Geet are made to sit on the sofa.
Dadi “Geet beta jitna bethke aaram karna hai abhi karlo baad me kamre me aaram mile na mile”  
Meera seeing Geet going red hearing Dadi’s teasings  pulls Yash and starts teasing Geet more
Meera “Yash dekho tho Geet ke gaal kitne laal horahe hai patha nahi kamre mein jake Maan ke samane aur kitne laal honge”
Geet “Meera udale jitna mazak udana hai mera bhi muka ayega”
n through her eyes signalling towards Yash n saw Meera blushing.
Maan is not at all liking the way Meera is looking at Yash and Blushing n is breaking down a bit n somewhere down his heart is feeling Jealous. 
Then there is Muu Dikhai of Geet n all praise Geet very much n also Dadi n Maan for bringing such a beautiful girl to their home.
As the Muu Dikhai is over n all the guests start dispersing Dadi tells Maan n Geet that there is a Game or a Ritual remaining n tells Geet to blindfold Maan n feed him anything from the plate n he has to name the dish.
Geet feeds Maan his fav Aam Ras n Maan identifies it right n as they were about to hv dinner Maan’s phone rings n he tells Dadi that he has to go to London right now as there is some major problem in the project n without a second glance towards Geet just rushes out.
At the Airport
Thank god yeh call sahi time pe gaya warna mujhe uss Geet ke saath patha nahi aur kitne Ritual’s complete karke Suhaag Raat bhi Manani Padthi.
N then seeing a pic on this mobile he says”I hv married her just for Dadi but i cannot give the place of my luv to anyone else than
Part 2

Khurana Mansion

As Maan left, Geet felt a bit bad that Maan didn’t even look towards her while going but she also understood that work comes first as she also was the owner of Geet Fashion Industries.

After having dinner with Dadi,Meera n Yash she went to her room n had tears seeing the room filled with candles n flowers but Maan was not there by her side.

Geet goes to the washroom freshen’s up n arranges all her toiletaries n clothes in the room then she takes out Maan’s Black Shirt and wears itt n feels as if Maan is hugging her n she smiles at herself n then she remebers the First day of her 8th std when she was new to the school n hw some seniors were ragging her n hw Maan came to the rescue of Geet n after saving her without seeing her once just left from there exactly like today .

It was just that on that day she was his Classmate n today  she is his Wife Mrs.Maan Singh Khurana n doozes off to her dreamland having all naughty thoughts in her sleep.

At the Airport

Maan gets a call from Yash

Maan “Yes Yash”

Yash “Maan I know there no problem in the London Project.Why did you lie to Geet n Daadima????”

Maan “You know na Yash I dont love Geet n staying in one room with her is out of question”

Yash “But Maan you remember na you are doing this for Daadima”

Maan “Yes Yash I married Geet just becouse of my promise to Daadi but i cant give that place of my love to anyone not even Geet”

Yash “But Maan now you are married”

Maan “Yaa but i dnt luv her n never will n i promised Daadi to marry her nt that i will stay with her so please Yash now dnt start your lectures. 
they are calling for boarding now n time for me to go byeee luv u all n will miss you all”.

Yash in his room

Was i wrong in getting Maan n Geet married because of Dadima’s promise. Hope Maan will accept Geet as his Wife n start Loveing her.Plzzz God let it happen this way only.

Meera overheard Yash’s Talks n felt bad for Geet as she was happy that Geet got her love but now she wants to know the girl Maan loves n for whom he is not ready to give Geet place in his heart.
Part 3

India,Khurana Mansion

Next morning Geet gets up n has bath n does Pooja n starts preapring Continental breakfast as its low fat n healthier n also makes some Paratha’s for Dadi but with realllyy less butter n after that kisses Dadi gud byee n leaves for work having no minute to spare on anyother thing than work.

As Geet reach’s d office all Congraulate her n then she asks everyone to get back to work n starts designing some summer collection that has to be walked on the ramp in paris this year n as her Company is selected she is making all of them work reallyyy hard for the fashion show.

Here Yash is not able to sleep thinking about Maan n his love n his life  n so decides to go for camping for some days so that he can find a solution n also treat his broken heart.

Meera is not able to decide a way how to help Geet n how to find about Maan’s lover n then decide’s to ask Yash for help as she goes to Yash’s room to ask help Nakul informs her that Yash has gone for camping.

London,Khurana Villa

Maan is sitting in the Bar with a both of vodka n takila mixed with beer n many more drinks ,it looked like he wanted to get drunk n forget all that happened yday as if it was a bad dream him losing his love n then marrying Geet n it looked like Maan’s luv was no more luv but had become an obsession which was really difficult to come out of it.

A week passes by  n Maan has not called Geet or Daadi n
Yash has also not returned from camping n
Geet is busy with her office n hardly has time to stay home n
Meera is still confused as to where she should start from n
Daadi is like something is wrong with all of them that they are sooo busy in there own world’s that they dnt hv time for anything else.
Part 4

Nearllly 2 months passed by n Maan was still in London but he used to call Daadi n keep her informed n but never talked with Geet but Geet always acted as she had talked with Maan in front of Daadi. 

Now Geet slowly got to know that Maan was forced in marring her so she was also not forceing herself on Maan thinking he needs time.

In these 2 months Yash became a saviour for Geet , he was always there whenever Geet needed a shoulder to cry n he also used to take her out for partying,dinner n all so that Geet was emotionally never down o went into depression thinking of Maan.

Meera was kind of Jealous seeing the bond between Geet n Yash as she loved Yash but she also trusted Yash n Geet.

One night 

Yash ,Geet n Meera had planned a dinner to celebrate their friendship n as Geet had got a chance to represent her collection in Paris Fashion Week which is d Fashion capital of the world.

Yash n Meera had planned it as a surprise for Geet n as Geet was blindfolded n taken to d resturant by Yash some Media person saw that n created a really big issue of it by displaying it on the front pages of all the newspapers.

Breaking news-

Geet Maan Singh Khurana cheating on her husband Maan Singh Khurana  n dating Yash Malhotra who happens to be the best friend of Msk.

Is Geet Maan Singh Khurana in Love n regreting her marriage.

Where is Maan Singh Khurana when his wife is dating his best friend??????

As Maan got d news of Geet n Yash dating he knew it was just the media who was creating a hype bcoz he knew that Yash n Geet both can never forget there limits n if any such thing was there thy would have informed atleast Daadi…

But now whn d damage was done 
Maan had to come to India n clear all d doubts of the mediaa n he called Daadi telling her that he was coming to India by the next available flight.

As Maan entered Khurana Mansion all angry Daadi tried to talk to him but he was in no mood of talking bcoz he wanted to know d whole truth n d media was just annoying him by calling him every 2 seconds n asking abt it…
Part 5

Maan is walking towards his room 

Geet is restless n walking round n round

Maan is about to brust with anger that bcoz of Geet Khurana’s name was questioned

Geet is feeling sad that bcoz of her Daadi n Maan were questioned by the media

Maan enters the room …

Geet sees him entering d room n goes n hugs him n starts crying

Maan is shocked…

Geet is tensed as to what will happen next

N then Maan sees that the room is a total mess n there are papers all over d place n a sewing machine n some fabrics n jellewery on the bed n some on the floor

n Geet is just embarrassed to see that he had to see such a room as he entered

Maan eyes were spitting fire as he was always kept the room as clean as a sparkling white egg[had read this in my Eng chapter]

Geet was just not ready to meet his eyes

Maan shouts…

Geet just closes her eyes listening to him shouting


n Geet just tells chilll Armaan Bhaiii
n looks down faking a sob  

Yaaa im here Maan sitting somewhere searching for a earring as he was helping Geet with her Paris Fashion Show

N Armaan knowing Geet just faking it held her ears n said God only knows how you handle such a big company see ur workplace its a totalll mess n not even a single place to keep things
Part 6

 Yash’s Room
Yaaa im here Maan sitting somewhere searching for a earring as he was helping Geet with her Paris Fashion Show

Geet’s Office

N Armaan knowing Geet just faking it held her ears n said God only knows how you handle such a big company see ur workplace its a totalll mess n not even a single place to keep things


Armaan –so tell me are u seriously fine after getting married to Maan

Geet-Yaa Bhai why did u have a bit of doubt on ur best friend Msk

Armaan-Noo just imagining how much u will be troubling my best friend MSk

Geet[self talk]-Shaadi ke baad ek baar bhi baath nahi kii aur naa hii phone ayaa humpp mein kya trouble karongi unko

Geet-Bhai aap ne news mein padha issliye aap yaha ayena???

Armaan-areee nahi Geet mein waise bhi yaha business ke liye aya tha tho socha tujhese miltha jaooo

Geet-Bhai mene sahi kiya na apne pyaar se shaadi karke who bhi ghar mein sab ke kilaf ja kar

Armaan-bilkul saahi kiyaaa chotiii I m always with uu

Geet – Bhai abb mein chotii nahi rahi naaa…

Armaan-lekin meri tho choti behen hi hai naaa

N then Geet mood became a bit gloomy remembering her family 

n armaan thought of  cheering her up

Armaan-sooo Geet Singh Khurana Congrats!!!!!

Geet – kisliye bhai

Armaan –Teen reasons haiii… 
1st teri shaadi
2nd ur selected to show ur collection in Paris Fashion show n will be d 1st indian lady to do sooo
N 3rd   guesss karrr 

Geet – batayene naaa bhai mujhe nahi patha

Armaan-Geet tum buva n massi banne wali hooo

Hearing this Geet started jumping like a small kid n then started crying

Armaan was happy to see her laughing but then suddenly she started crying so he got worried 

Armaan-chotiii kya huaaa tho roo kyun rahi haiii????

Geet – Aap sab bohut buree hooo phele tho itni late yeh good news de rahe hooo n wo phi aap n then Shilpa meri best friend n bhabhi ne mujhse promise kiya tha ke aap ke baad mujhe yeh gud news vo degi lekin vo tho mujhe bhul hii gayi hai…

a voice came from back
Yesaa kabhi ho saktha hai ke mein apni Jaan ko bhul javooo

Geet was shocked to see Shilpa there n just ran n hugged her n started crying

Armaan thought that Geet was just missing her family soo she was crying but Shilpa being her best friend n bhabhi knew something was wrong in Geet’s life  n also tht media’s rumors were hurting her even though she showed herself as strong

Shilpa-aree Geet mujhe itna miss kiyaa ke ek phone bhi nahi kiya ghar chodne ke baad

Geet- Sorry shilpa mein tujhe miss kiyaa nahi kiya n yeh hug tere liye nahi mein nanhe seee baby ke liye haiii

Shilpa-Geet baby nahi babies its twinsss

Geet- wooowww Shilpa n Armaan Bhai ek hii saath dodo 
kya lottery lagii haiii aap kiii

Shilpa-tu rukh Geet jab tu maa banee wali hogina tab dekh mein kya bol ke tujhe tease karoogiii

Geet- abbhi mujhe maa banne mein bohot deear hai filhall mera chance haiii

n Armaan was sitting n smiling seeing all of this

Shilpa-Tho Geet kaa collection showcase kar rahi hai Paris mein

Geet-mein aapna favourite Bridal n ethnic wears showcase kar rahi hoonn

Shilpa- oohhh tho lots of shopping for us to dooo as we have to select jewellery n then accesories n alll
Armaan-Kyaaa??????? yaha bhi Shoppinggg

Geet – Kyaa Bhai aap mere aur Shilpa ke liyeee itna bhi nahi kar saktheee making a cute baby face 

N Armaan had to tell Yes because this was the tradition or habit since College
Shilpa used to help Geet is everything n the most in Shooping n sooo he just had to tag around his love lady n his sis

n Then Geet got a call of Daadi asking her what time will she come back

N then Geet told then that Armaan Bhai n Shilpa had come to Delhi n Daadi told her 2 brng them with her as thy will be staying with them 

 Geet –But Daadi [knowing that Maan is not there Armaan will surely ask abt him n all]

Daadi-Dnt worry Geet Maan has just come back from London n he just went to freshen up so no probss come as soon as you can

Geet- Ok Daadi we are coming  will be there in an hour

Daadi –Okkk Betaa come soonnn n drive carefully 

Geet- Byeee Daadi luv yaaa

Daadi- luv u to betaaa

n Armaan n Shilpa were happy to see her happy talking to Daadi n Shilpa noticed the Glow that came on Geet’s face after Daadi told her something

Precap- Maan n Yash conversation…

Part 7


Geet –But Daadi [knowing that Maan is not there Armaan will surely ask abt him n all]


Daadi-Dnt worry Geet Maan has just come back from London n he just went to freshen up so no probss come as soon as you can


Geet- Ok Daadi we are coming  will be there in an hour


Daadi –Okkk Betaa come soonnn n drive carefully


Geet- Byeee Daadi luv yaaa


Daadi- luv u to betaaa


n Armaan n Shilpa were happy to see her happy talking to Daadi n Shilpa noticed the Glow that came on Geet’s face after Daadi told her something.


Yash Room-


Yash- Heyyy Maan kab ayeee????? Mujhe bol dethe mein ajatha airport pe tumhe pick karne’.


Maan ‘ Hiii Mein abhi aya huuu n thank god tu mujhe airport lene nahi aya warnaa Media mein meri izzat ka Falooda baan jatha’.


Yash- Yaisa kyu bol raha haiii re???? Humtho Chadi Buddies hai na”’ making a cute pouting face


Maan[pulling Yash in front of the mirror] ‘Jiii agar aaap jese mahaan purush ke avatar ka darshan Media walooo ko hogaya hota tho HUM jese tuche logo ko kon Bhav detha”. Giving a mocking laugh’.


Yash seeing himself in d mirror he had a diamond necklace on his head, bangles on his ears, different nail paints on his nails, 1 side of this trouser was rolled up till his thighs, had a cloak attached from his waist looking like a tail,scarf  tied to his neck n some bead necklaces hanging from his hand in short a hot n sexy joker n seeing himself Yash starts laughing like a manic.


Maan- Abbe Konse pagal Designer ne tujhe yeh naya look diya haiii???? N dnt tell me ke ur d Showstripper ohhh sorrryyy sorrryyy Showstopper.


Yash was abt to retort but saw smthing near Maan’s legs n picked it up n started shouting Yesss Yesss n Doing Tapangunji Dance.


Maan in his mind- Lagta hai isko stripper bulaya uska bohut bada sadma lag gaya hai’.


Maan got annoyed by his dancing n singing d stupid beats shouted- YASHHH MALHOTRAAA


Yash ‘Yesss HITLERRR


Maan glared at Yash n continues- Tumne mujhe kya bola Hitler huhhh??????Yeh kya haal bana ke rakhaa haiii tumnee apne Kamre kaaa????? Aur yeh kyaaa Stupid saaa Low Class Dance kar rahe the????


Yash- Yehhh MAAN SINGH KHURANA meri dance koo Low Class dance nahi bolne ka”. kyaaa?????pointing his finger towards Maan in full Taporiii Style


Maan – Yeh kaiseee baath kar rahee ho tum Yash??? in anger showing his big eyes.


Maan- Mujhe tho laga tha ke mein Do Maine baad aya that tho tu phele kii tarah mera airport pe intazar karega par thu tho waha dikha hi nahi aur mujhe laga as I enter KM u will run n hug me but u tho hii bole bhi nahi aya n abhi bhi hug nahii kar raha haii aur kounsiii bakwaas baat karke betha haiii???? Getting all sentiii


Yash listening to itt just hugs him n tells him not to cry otherwise Media will make it a breaking news tht the Great MSK jo dusroo koo rulata haiii he is cryinggg  like a Cry Babyy’..



Geet n Maan Face Off



Fashion designer 
Owner of Geet Fashion Industies
Wife of Maan Singh Khurana
Gurmeet Choudhary PhotoShoot for Zing Magazine
Business Tycoon
Owner of Khurana Constructions
Husband of Geet Singh Khurana
Super Model in Fashion Industry
Best friend of Maan Singh Khurana 
Close friend of Geet n Meera
Bipasha Basu looking marvellous
Model,Brand Face of Geet Fashion Industries
Best friend of Geet Singh Khurana
Close friend of Yash n Maan 

Part 8


 Yash listening to it just hugs him n tells him not to cry otherwise Media will make it a breaking news tht the Great MSK jo dusroo koo rulata haiii he is cryinggg  like a Cry Babyy’..


“Mujhe tho koi yaad hi nahi raktha mujhe hug mein bhi bhul gayeee”


 Maan n yash were surprised to hear this voice n came out of the hug to see Armaan standing by the door with Geet n Shilpa


Armaan just runs to his two Best Friends in slow motion n even Maan n Yash also start running in the same dramatic way n at last after sm 2 mins slow run they arrive at the center n hv group hug followed by shaking their hands with their frnds legs”’

 Shilpa n Geet are Laughing like anything holding their stomaches seeing Armaan Yash n Maan dramtic run n hug n their hand-leg shakeee’


Daadi hearing Shilpa n Geet laughing so loud came there to see What happened that they are laughing sooo loudlyyy n sees Armaan Yash n Maan still in the same postion shaking their Hand-Legs n Daadi also joined Geet n Shilpa n was happy to see a smile actually a laughing Geet after the whole 2 Months n prayed to God to keep all of them Smiling n Happy like this n No Evil soul  should even come close to them.


Daadi “Abb bas bhi kijeyeee humse aab aur hasaa nahi jaa raha haiii’..”


At this time Geet was on the floor holding her stomach n Shilpa was leaning on to the wall for support n Laughing n Yash Armaan n Maan were still in the moment of their life where all were doing internship n all the 3 friends used to meet after a whole week n would do this n now Yash n Maan had met Armaan after a whole 2 Years’.


Hearing Daadi, Armaan Maan n Yash just stood straight n were grinning like fools.


Daadi “Yeh kya baath uhii Armaan??? Hum Hai Apkii GF aur aaap sabse phele apne dost se milne agayeee, humee bhol gayeee naaa’. Humee apkii shaadi Shilpa ke karvake sabse badiii galti kardiii ‘.Abb tho aap humeee yaad hii nahii karthe????” n makes a cute pouting face

Armaan “Oyyyeee meri Sexy GF mein aap ko Bhuul gayaaa yaaa aaap Geet ke anne ke baad mujhe bhool gayeee…Huhhh???? Aur aap ne hiii mujhe force kiya tha Shilpa se Shaadi karne ke liyeee’tho usme meri galti thi hiii nahiii aur aab mein pachtara huuu  *twisting his lips* Mein ne kaha than a ke GF chalooo hum hiii Bhag chal the haiii sabko chod keee’. Lekin aaptho’..huhhh, Yash ke saath reke mujhe dhoka dediyaaa” making a crying a face n side hugging Daadi


Daadi ” Areee chup kar Besharam” slapping his head “Humariii Shilpa se shaadi karke aap pachtarahee yeh tho hamarii Shilpa kee lines hone chahiye naaa” twisting his ears


Shilpa “Haaannn Daadii bilkul sahi keh rahii haiii aap yeh meriii line honii chahiyee mujhee kitnaaa tang karthe haiii”


Geet in naughty mood “Haaan Shilpa humee bhi tho baatha Armaan Bhai kese tujhe tang karthe haiii’.Mein aaj unkii Kabar lungiii 100% bolll kaise tang karthe haiii???”


Shilpa “Who aaj subha naaa jab mein uthi naaa tho wooo mujhe chod hii nahi rahee the aur jab mein ne unsee kaha mujhe apnee kapadee lene haiii tho unooo neee mujhe kaha keee”.” n see everyone seeing her with great concentration n Armaan’s eyes are popped out as to y she is telling all of this n she just hides her face in Armaan’s chest out of embrassment as to what she was about to tell in front of Daadi


Daadi to remove the akward situation asked all of them to Freshen up n come down for Supper.

Daadi “Geet show Armaan Shilpa their room n come in the study n Yash plzzz remove all these things from ur head u dnt hv to walk the ramp here n Maan freshen up n come to the study, I have to talk to Geet n you”


All nod but Maan n Geet were confused as to what Daadi wanted to talk to them.


Geet “Chalooo Armaan Bhai aap loggo ko aapka karma dikhi thi huu” n she lead the way


Meanwhile in Yash room


Yash “Daadi are you sure of doing this ????”


Daadi “Yash beta im 100% sure I hv to do this”


Yash “Do I need to come there Daadi ????”


Daadi “No Yash bet this time it will be me alone n if I need your help I will surely tell you”


Yash “N Daadi even if I have a Ramp walk I would not get dresses so outrageously, its all ur  Ladlii Bahu’s help im doing sooo chill Daadiii”


Daadi “Achaaa mere Baap im chillinggg now change n come downstairs”


Yash “Yooo Daadi”


Daadi in study is wondering how to put her thoughts around Maaneet n seeing her Husband’s picture is just in flashback as to how they had got married n how thy fell in luv”.


Maan n Geet entered the Study n saw Daadi seeing Daadaji’s picture


Geet side hugging Daadi “Ohhh tho this is Daadjii haiii kya handsome dikhthe hai’

Usss Zamannee mein tho kya Ghazab daarahee honeee’..

Haiii”. *Covering her face with her plams*

Mein uss Zamanee mein kyu nahi thiii warna yaha Daadi kii jagaa mein hothiii”


Daadi just sadly smiles remembering him n Maan just hugs her as he was very close to him n Maan could never see his Daadi sad.


Maan ” Daadiii apnee humee kyun bulaaa???”


Daadi “Haan Beta aap dono behte jaiyeee”


Daadi was sitting on the couch with Geet n Maan on a revolving chair


Daadi “Beta dnt take me wrong I know im interfering in your personal life but I think its very important for me seeing you both to advice about your marriage as even I n your Daadiji had an arranged marriage. I understand ur difficult situations but u have to make it an habit to adjust with  the other, u have to spend some time with each other to get to know each other, n I know Maan that u came down to India from London just bcoz of the news.”


Maan “Daadi aap yeh sab kyu bol rahe ho mujhe samjh nahi araha hai???”


Daadi “Mein janthi hu aap sab samjh rahee haiii’.. Aap ko hum itna tho jante hii haiii’. Humaariii puriii baath tho sun lijiyee’.

Hum chahtee haiii kii aap dono kuch waqt saath me guzaree, get to know each other, know each others likes n dislikes n give a chance to ur relation. I understand the situations you were married in but aab bohat hogaya hum apnii Geet Betii koo raat ko akelee mein roothee huve nahi dekh sakthe..

Vo kisiise kuch kehthi  nahi iska yeh matlab nahi ke hum kuch samjh the nahi’.

Plzzz think about it, Yeh aap dono kii zidagii ka saval haiii”


Geet “Okkk Daadiii hum sochengee… Lekin aabhi aap itnaa tension maat lijiyee’.Chalee Kamree mein  chalke aaram kar lijiyeee” n takes Daadi to her room


When Geet comes into Maaneet room she sees Maan coming out from the shower in hs tracks with a towel around his neck


Geet “Wooo Meinnn”’.”



 What happens Next????


Part 9



When Geet comes into Maaneet room she sees Maan coming out from the shower in hs tracks with a towel around his neck


Geet “Wooo Meinnn”’.Meinnn”Meinnn”

 (Ohh me’me’meee)


Maan “Yeh kya Meinnn Meinnn kar rahi hoo????Bakrii kii mimicry kar rahii ho kyaaa????

 (What me mee are you doing??? Are you mimicring a Sheep????)


Geet “Nahiii”



Maan “Tho kya koi problem haiii ????Mere pass tumhare jaisa faltuu waqt nahi haiii

(Then what is your problem??? I dnt have free time like you to waste)

Jo bhi bolna haiii jaldiii bolo????

(what ever you want to tell,tell it fast)


Geet “Haan ‘wohhh’Mein’..”



Maan “Kya tumhariii train Mein mein main hiii rukiii haiii”

(What’s this your train is just stuck in Me’Me’)

School mein se bilkul improvement nahi huiii haiii tumhariii (There is no improvement in you from school time)

Phele bhi yese hiii Mein Mein main hi atak jathi thiii”.

(Before also you used to get stuck in this word Me’.)

Pata nahiii itni Badiii Tycoon kaise bangayiii Tum”

(Don’t know how you became such a big Tycoon)


Geet “Haan tho aap ne mujhe kabhi dekha hiii nahii, yese kaise bol sakthe haiii ke Mein bas Awaiyee Tycoon bangayiii???”

(Yesss you have never seen me only, then how can you tell that I by chance became a Tycoon)


Maan “Haan waise bhi mujhe tumhe dekhna bhi nahi hai’.. Main tumharee upar mera koi precious time nahi spend karna chahta’. Samjhi” ab hato mujhe wardrobe se apni dress leni hai aur neeche jana hai”

(Yess I also don’t want to see you”I don’t wanna spend my precious time on you ”You understood”Now move I want to take my clothes from the wardrobe and have to go down)


N went to the wardrobe, took his clothes n changed in the walk in closet n left without saying a word to Geet by banging the door.


Though Geet was angry on Maan for questioning her on her speech but was happy that he had remembered her in his school memories but it did hurt her that Maan thought talking to her  was a waste of  his precious time.


Geet (self talk)”Geet tu kyu dukhi ho rahi hai’.. Woh itne dino baad aaye hai aur phir yeh news aur who sab ke wajhe se who pareshaan honge aur upar se tu jhaliii ki tarah gussa hogayi’. Toh unhone ne bhi gusse main bol diya hoga’.. Tu itna mat soch aur abhi jaldi chal warna sab log tera intezaar karte reh jayenge aur phir who tujhe tana marenge ke Late latif hu mein jaise school mein bhi thi aur sab ke saamne kachara kar dengee”Chal aab jaldiii bhaagthe huve fresh hojaaa”

(Geet Why are you getting sad’.He has come after such a long time n then this news n because of this he must be tensed n you mad girl got angry of him’..Because of that he also spoke in anger’.You don’t think sooo much n now get going fast otherwise all will be left waiting for you n he will again taunt you as Late latif as you were in school n in front of everyone will rubbish my image’..Now come run n get fresh soon)


N Geet rushed towards the washroom to get fresh n made her way towards the sitting room to find all of them waiting for her seated on the dinning table.


Daadi all the while was trying to bring Maaneet closer n so she made Geet sit next to Maan n kept asking for dishes which were near Maan n so Geet would have to get closer to Maan to get them.


Maan was getting irritated by Daadi asking Geet for dishes which were near him n when he got annoyed he just pulled the dish from Geet’s hand n passed it to Daadi.


Maan “Daadi main Geet se zyada nasdeek hu aur agar phir aapko dish chaiye toh mujhe bol dijyega main aapko de dunga”

(Daadi im Closer than Geet to you n if you want the dishes then tell me I will pass it to you)


Armaan “Daadi dekha humara Maan humse paraya hogaya”

(Daadi see our Maan has become distant from us)


Maan “Meine yesa kya kiyaaa haiii ,ke mein paraya hogayaaa????”

(What have I done that I have distanted myself from all of you)


Yash “Haan Maan thts not fair”

Maan just glared at Yash as to what he meant n Geet Shilpa n Meera were confused as to what they were telling’.


Daadi “Armaan I think Maan ne yeh sab tumse hii sikha hogaaa”

(Armaan I think Maan has learnt it from you only)


Geet “Daadi Armaan bhai mein bhi kuch sikhne kii baath haiii”

(Daadi Is there anything worth learning from Armaan Brother)


Meera “Hai naaa Armaan Bhai kitnaa Romantic haiii aur yaha tho koi ”ker chodo” giving side glance towards Yash

(Itsss there Armaan Brother is sooo romantic n here to somebody’..huh leave it)


Shilpa “Tujhe Romance ke ilava sujtha bhi kya hai”

(You just think about romance n nothing else)


Geet  “Iskee Bheje mein itni hii tho jagah haiii naa aur kuch kaise sochegiii” n hi-fied Yash

(Her Brains has only that much space n what else will she think)


Maan “Sab ke paas tumhare jaisa extra big but useless dimaag tho nahi hotha naaa” says seeing towards Geet

(All don’t have extra big but useless brain like you)


Geet smile turned into a frown seeing Maan taunting her


Yash “Maan sab tumare jaise 24*7 serious tho nahi reh sakte naa”

(Maan all cant be serious like you for full 24*7)


Armaan “Areee mein kya bol raha tha aur tum sab kyaa behas kar rahee hooo”

(Ohhh what I was thinking n what you all started argueing on this)


Maan “Tum kyaa bol rahee thee Armaan”

(What were you trying to tell Armaan)


Armaan “Haan yahii kiii tum meriii Behan Geet se kitna pyaar karthe hooo”

(Yaa that you love my sister Geet sooo much)


Maan n Geet were confused that what made Armaan think that way


Geet “Woh  kaise Bhai?????”

(Hows that Bro????)


Armaan “Woh  yese kee Maan tho tumhe dishes serve karte dekh hii nahi sakthaa chahe who Daadi ke liye hii kyun naa hoo kaise eekdum Daadi se keh diyaa ke mujhe bol do mein serve kar doon gaaa”

(Ohh that is like Maan cant see you serving dishes even if its for Daadi n see how he told Daadi that tell me Daadi I will serve you)


Geet just blushed hearing this n Maan just faked a smile seeing everyone’s attention towards them.


Precap ‘


 Maan making someone Jealous by getting closer to Geet


Part 10


Armaan “Woh  yese kee Maan tho tumhe dishes serve karte dekh hii nahi sakthaa chahe who Daadi ke liye hii kyun naa hoo kaise eekdum Daadi se keh diyaa ke mujhe bol do mein serve kar doon gaaa”

(Ohh that is like Maan can’t see you serving dishes even if it’s for Daadi n see how he told Daadi that tell me Daadi I will serve you)


Geet just blushed hearing this n Maan just faked a smile seeing everyone’s attention towards them.


They chatted for some more time n then retired into their rooms


Maaneet Room


Maan “Geet woh mein…”

(Geet Oh I)


Geet “Haan boliye Maan yaa aur koi taana marna rah gaya hii jo aab marne wale haii..Pata nahi kitne saallo ke taane haiii jo aaj phursat mein sunane wale haiii”

(Yes tell Maan or you have something more to taunt me with….Dont know from how many years taunts he is removing in this free time)


Maan “Geet kuch bolne se phele soch liya karo aur sun bhi liyaa karo ke koi aur kyaa bolna chahte haii”

(Geet before telling atleast think n also listen what others want to tell)


Geet “Ohh tho aab mere Bolne aur sunne mein bhi aap ko problem haii

Waise aur kitnii meri baatho se aapko problem haiii”

(Ohh now you have problem with me speaking n listening also

However what other things of me do you have problem with…)


Maan “Mujhe tum puri ki puri pagal lagthi hooo

Daadi ko bhi patha nahi kyaa dikha ke meri shaadi tumse karadiyaa”

(I think you are fully Mad

God only knows what Daadi saw in you n got me married to you)


Geet “Pagal hu tho aap ko kya haiii aur mujhe patha haii Daadi ne esa mujh mein kya dekh haiii

Wo meri aur Daadi kii secret haii mein aap ko kyun bolu”

(If im Mad its my problem what that to you n I know what Daadi liked in me n selected me

Why should I tell you its mine n Daadi’s secret)


Maan “Chaloo choddo mein tho tumse Sorry kehna chatha tha par aab tho bilkul bhi nahi bolungaa”

(Ok leave I wanted to tell you Sorry but now I will not tell)


Geet “Kyaaa????? Meinne sahi sunna Maan Singh Khurana mujhse maafii mang na chathe the

Haiii Babaajiii mein koi sapna dekh rahii hu kyaaa….”

(Whattt????Did I hear right Maan Singh Khurana was going to ask forgiveness to me

Oh God am I seeing a dream…..)


Maan “Mein maang ne wala tha aab nahii manguga tum jese sirfiri se”

(I was going to ask but now I will not ask to a Mad person like you)


Geet “Waise tho mujhe patha haiii aap mein emotions naam kii koi chiz hii nahii haii tho Sorry tho bohat dur kii baath haiii”

(Ohh I know there is nothing called Emotions in you so asking Sorry is a very far thing for you)


Maan “Tumhe mein Emotion-Less lagtha huuu????”

(You think im Emotion-Less????)


Geet “Arree aap koo emotions kaa matab bhi pata haiii…

Emotions hota haiii chotii chottii likes pe Smile karna

Chote Dard pe Ronaa

Gussa honaa,Tease karna aur apni biwi ke saath Romance karna

Jismein tho aap 100% Zero hooo”

(Hellloo do you even know what is emotions…..

Emotions is Smiling for small small likes

Crying for small hurts

Being Angry,Teasing others n Romancing your Wife

In which you are 100% Zero)


Maan “Tumhe kyaa lagtha haii Geet mein tumhare saath romance nahi kar saktha????”

(What do you think Geet I cant Romance with you????)


Geet “Romance tho dur kii baath haii aap kuch Romantic karke Hug bhi karloo naa tho bhi badii baath haiii…”

(Romance is very far even if you do something Romantic n Hug also it’s a big thing…)


Maan “Agar mein yeh sab karduu thoo tumhe meri joo bhi baath hogii maani padegiii….Deal….”

(Okkk if I do it all then what ever I tell you will have to do…Deal)


Geet “Thik haii mein tho 100% jeetne walii hu tho aapko meri hii baath maani padegiii…Deal….”

(Okkk im 100% going to win then you will have to listen to me….Deal)


As Geet said this she saw Maan removing his Shirt n she couldn’t help but drool over her Greek god Hubby n within no time the lights were Dim n Geet’s Dupatta was on the floor.


Geet just turned her back when she realized herself Blushing seeing her Hubby. Geet felt Maan’s long fingers moving on her back sensually n she felt herself losing to his 1 touch n then she felt hot breaths on her ears.

Maan “Geet tum sharmathe huve bohat khubsurat lagthi hoo…”

 (Geet you look beautiful when you Blush…)


This statement was enough for Geet to lose all her sanity n she just turned n hugged Maan. Maan also hugged her seeing someone outside n Maan just couldn’t help but Smirk as it was killing Two birds with One stone.


Maan “Geet dekha meinne bolatha na mein Jeeth javunga mujhse Challenge mat karo”

 (Geet see I told you not to challenge me I will win the Deal)



That is when Geet realized that Maan was doing it all for the Deal between them n she just crused herself for losing onto Maan soo easily but what could she even do when her Heartbeats were just for this Emotion-Less person standing in front of her n she pushed Maan.

But even in it he looked soo Sexyyy….

Geet(Self Talk) “Haiii Babajii dekha iss Dusth Danav koo esa Smirk  chehre mein chipka ke rakha haiii ek tho cheating karke mujhe seduce kiya thakii mein hug karloo aur aab Jeet kii khushi manarahe haiii”

(Oh God see this Devil has plastered a Smirk on his face, first he cheats by seducing me that I hug him n now he is enjoying his victory)


Geet “Maan yeh cheating haiii….”

(Maan this is cheating)


Maan “Geet tumne kya kaha tha keh I cnt be Romantic aur meinne tumhe galth prove kardiyaa tho iss mein Cheating kya haiii….”

(Geet you told I cnt be Romantic n I proved you wrong now whats cheating in this…)


Geet “Par aap ne tho…”

(But you…..)


Maan “Geet mein kuch nahi jantha mein Jeeta bas aab kuch aur behes nahi chahiye iss baath pe mujhe”

(Geet I dnt know anything I won n that’s all I dnt want any more arguments on this)


Geet “Thik haii mera bhi time ayegaa mein bhi aap ko harra dungiii” n went n laid down on the bed still complaining to Babajii

(Its okk my time will also come I will also win from you)


Maan “Geet mein Gym jakee aatha huuu….”

(Geet I will go to Gym n come…)


Geet “Iss waqt Gym????”

(Gym at this time????)


Maan “Haan vo mera routine haii kyunki subha mujhe jaldii meeting ke liye janna hota haii tho Gym raat ko hii kartha huu”

(Yaa that’s my routine bcoz I have early morning meetings n so I do Gym at night only)


Geet “Okk thik haiii Gud nite mein tho fully thakh gayii subha 10 bajee uth gayii thii aaj”

(Ohh Okk Gud nite Im totally tired I got up at 10)


Maan “kyaaa???? Tum 10 bajee uth gayii…”

(Whatt???? You got up at 10)


Geet “Haan thoda jaldi hogaya naa, mujhe patha tha par kya karu 10.30 kii meeting thi iss liye 10 bajee uth gayii”

(Yess its very early naa even I thought soo but what could I do I had a 10.30 meeting so had to get up at 10)


Maan “Tho how did you manage to reach Office???”

(Then how did you manage to reach Office??)


Geet “Aree mein tho bilkul time pe puch gayiii -12 bajee”

(Helloo I reached on time-12’o clock)


Maan “Par tumharii Meeting tho 10.30 kii thi naa…”

(But your meeting was at 10.30…)


Geet “Haan tho Clients kudh hii 10.35 bajee aye tho mere Staff ne bol diyaa ke mein kisi aur meeting mein hu kyun ki wo late the n I reached on time at 12”

(Yaaa Clients reached at 10.35 so my staff told them I went to some other meeting as thy were late n I reached on time by 12)


Maan “Ohhh…”


Geet “Thik haiii Mujhe nini arahi haiii Gud Niteee……” n cuddled into her pillow

(Ohh Okkk now im feeling Sleepy Gud Nite…)




Maan just stood at the doorway with a smirk look seeing Yash doing Push-ups vigorously……


Yash “Yese smirk kyun kar raha haiii???? Kabhi mujhe push up’s karthe nahi dekha kya????”

(Why are you smirking????Have you never seen me doing Push-up’s)


Maan “Push up’s karthe tho dekha haii lekiin itne gusse mein kabhii nahi…”

(I have seen you doing Push-up’s but never in soo mucg anger)


Yash “Kon gussa haii yaha huhh…”

(Who is angry here…)


Maan “Achaa tho tujhe koi problem nahi hai kii mein aur Geet itne karib…..” n before he could complete Yash pushed him onto the floor n held his hands from behind.

(Okkk so you have no problem that Me n Geet were soo Closee…..)


Yash “Mein ne tumhe phele bhi kaha tha Geet ko bich mein mat lana”

(I had told you before also don’t bring Geet in between)


Maan “Yash mein kaha laya use bich mein,

woh tho tum hii the naa jisne mujhe Daadi kii kasam de ke Geet se Shaadi karvaiii”

(Yash where have I brought her in between,

It was you only who gave me Daadi’s promise to marry Geet)


Yash “Haan mein ne tumhe Daadi ki kasam iss liye dii thi kyun kii Daadi kii tabiyat bohat karab thi

Lekin iska yeh matlab nahi kee tum Geet’s ke emotions ke saath khelo gee”

(Yess I had given you Daadi’s promise bcoz of Daadi’s bad health

But that doesn’t mean you will play with Geet’s emotions)


Maan “Come on Yash, Geet meri Biwi haii itnaa tho Haq haii mera uspee”

(Come on Yash,Geet is my Wife, I atleast have that much rights on her)


Yash “Maan mujhe bas yeh nahi chahiye ke tum uske Feeling ke saath khelo, mujhe aur koi problem nahi haiii”

(Maan I just don’t want you to play with her feeling, Otherwise I dnt have any other problem)


Maan “Achaaa tumhe problem nahi haii naaa tho mein tumhe batha duuu ke Mein Geet ko Honeymoon pe Bali leja raha huuu aur who bhi kal”

(Okk so you don’t have any problem then let me tell you that im taking Geet on a Honeymoon to Bali n that to Tomorrow)


Yash “Par Geet ka Paris  Fashion Show haiii 30 din mein”

(But Geet’s Paris Fashion Show is in 30 Days)


Maan “Unn sab kii tayarii meine karke rakhi haiii, tume kuch phikar karne kii zaroorath nahi haiii”

(I have managed that all, you dnt need to worry about all that)


Yash “mujhe haii tension kyunki Geet meri Dost haiii”

(I need to take tension bcoz Geet is my friend)


Maan “Bas yahii problem haii tumhe Yash,

Tumne jo dekha vo tho bas Trailor tha aab dekho Honeymoon mein aage kya kya kartha huu mein”

(You just have this problem naa Yash,

What you saw was just the trailor now see what else I do in our Honeymoon)


Yash “Maan tum yesa kuch nahi karoo gee yeh galth haiii”

(Maan you will do no such thing it will be wrong)


Maan “Kaun rokegaa mujhe Yash,

Aab tho Geet meri Biwi bhi haii tho ismein galth kya haiii”

(Who will stop me Yash,

Now Geet is also my Wife so whats wrong in it…)


Precap –


 Maaneet Honeymoon at Bali





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