A Maaneet Paradise

Till Eternity Maaneet FF


“Sacrificing your happiness for the happiness of the one you love, is by far, the truest type of love.” 
Who says tht true luv is always abt sharing ones happiness n sadness or spending time with each other or walking on d beach holding hands or talking on d phone or going on a romantic date.
It also means giving up ones life for d one u luv or leaving ur luved ones for d one u luv or sacrificing ur happiness for ur luved ones happiness or u hving 2 suffer alone for d happiness of ur luved one.
Part 1-

“If u want 2 hear d story stop interrupting me GEET  I m loosing my concentration”said MAAN

GEET laughing said “Hai Babaji yeh mein kya sun rahi hu ke MSK d biggest tycoon of d world n d richest man in INDIA is loosing concentration bcoz I m interrupting his story telling”

“OK I will nt tell u d story do wt ever u want ,ur making fun of MSK na nw suffer”

“Sorry soorrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy,dekho kaan pakadh ke sorryyyyyyyy plzzzzzzzz mujhe puri story suni hai plzzzzzzzz”acting like a 5 year old kid

“Nahi im nt going 2 fall for tht sweet puppy face of yours this time”

“OK I will tell mama ur nt telling me d complete story ,thn who will save u?????”showing her tongue she called out “MAMAAAAAAAAAAAAAA”

Hearing GEET shout a lady wearing a yellow sari came n asked “Kya huva mere bache ko ,kyu chilla rahi ho” with a worried look on her face bcoz GEET had shouted for her tht toooo soooo suddenlyyyyyyy.

GEET acting as if crying told “MAMA see na he is nt telling me d whole story n shouting at me”.

“MAAN, stop acting like a small kid n tell her d whole story even if she is interrupting ur story telling n see 2 it tht I dnt hv 2 cm here again 2 solve your problem n GEET dnt interrupt d story by your stupid questions n let MAAN complete his story.OK  r u happy nw both of u ???????”


“OK” both of them shouted as thy saw d lady leaving d room n making her way 2 the living room n preparing for d shardhanjali of HER n MAAN’s best frnd.


DADI “Wt happened beta????again those both started fighting n like always GEET called u 2 silence MAAN . God only knws whn thy will grow up atleast MAAN should nt start arguing like a small kid”.

“U know na DADI he tries 2 find her in GEET ,n so acts like a small kid n no one can change his luv for her”.


DADI hearing this has several flashbacks n starts cryingggggggg.

 Part 2-

The scene again comes back to d room where MAAN was telling GEET d story n he started it again-
      “Whn I was 5 yr old MOM n DAD came back home with a small beautiful 3 yr old girl who was crying n asking MOM ‘aunty whr is MAMA?I want to go to her n sleep in her lap’ n starts crying even more loudly n seeing her I ran into my room n came back with a big chocolate n told her he will give it 2 her if she stops crying n becomes his friend.Seeing d chocolate she stopped crying n also became my friend.From tht day there was no looking back n v even shared d same room n bed n she had become my ANGEL n i had become her PRINCE.
        In some years ,she had become my best friend n v also used to go to the same school. We never felt d need of another friend as I was her only friend n she was my only frnd.
        Then on her 15th bday she got to know d reason y she was brought to KHURANA MANSION n hw in d luv frm MAAN’s MOM n DAD n frm MAAN she had completely forgotten about her parents.She got to know the dark truth tht her parents were murdered by her own uncles for theirproperty n MAAN’s DAD being her father’s best friend had brought her  to KHURANA MANSION to save her frm her uncles who were also planning to murder her.Hearing d truth she was completely shattered n started being seperate frm all of them except MAAN.She would often cry on his shoulder n he like always used to console her.
        Bt after 3-4 months ,she started to cheer up a bit n started to live her life feeling tht she had my MOM,DAD,DADI n most importantly ME.
        Nw she was 17 yrs old n was going to join d same college as me.I had made some frnds of my own bt nvr let it effect our frndship in any way.Then one day a guy named KARAN who was hot n full of attitude joined our college n was her classmate n slowly become her frnd.
I always told her tht he was arrogent bt she told me tht he was really vry sweet n frndly n had helped her many times in class whn MAAN was busy.As I was mostly busy in my studies  of FINAL YEAR so slowly she n KARAN started becoming best frnds n she started spending more time with him n nt with me.I had started feeling jealous of KARAN as I MAAN SINGH KHURANA used to luv her frm whn i started to knw d meaning of luv.
        As I was jealous of KARAN on her 18th bday party i proposed her-
     GEET stared at MAAN with a shocked face n said ” DAD was it really u .You proposed her soooooo romantically “
Part 3-

GEET stared at MAAN with a shocked face n said ” DAD was it really u .You proposed her soooooo romantically “


 “Yes sweetheart, I was soo romantic at tht time n even nw im romantic its only tht ur MOM is busy 24/7 with U n PREM n has no time 2 romance with me”


GEET still lost in d proposal muttered “Hope ARMAAN also proposes me so romantically” n was shocked 2 see wt she muttered out tht 2 in front of her DAD.


“So MR.ARMAAN MALIK is ur boyfrnd,I had suspected it frm d day u started bringing him home every other day telling it was for studies .I nvr expected u to hide it frm me. Dnt u remember tht Im ur best frnd before being ur DAD???”

“No DAD,its nt like tht I wanted 2 tell u bt only whn ARMAAN proposes me n nt before tht n nt only 2 U bt 2 all of thm as thy also luv me the way u luv me n continue with her reply waiting 2 see whether she accepted or rejected my DDD[Dusht danav dad suggested by hinal my sis]”

He continued d story-

Hearing this she had tears in her eyes n said “MAAN,I” LUV”.


Bt before she could complete MAAN “I’m sorrrryyyyyyy. I thought even u luved me thts y I proposed u.Dnt worry I will b ur best frnd no matter wt whether u luv me or nt.” N started moving towards d exit.

She held his hand “But I want u not only 2 be my best frnd butalso my husband n cute DAD to our children.


Frm  tht day whn u brought me chocolates whn I was crying,

Frm tht night whn u didn’t sleep d whole night bcoz I had fever,

Frm tht day  whn I was crying in ur arms remembering my parents n u consoled me,

Frm tht night whn u brought my fav ice cream at 3 in d morning bcoz I wanted 2 eat it,

Frm tht day whn I added salt instead of sugar in ur coffee n u drank it without any complaints,

Frm tht night whn u were there 2 talk 2 me whn I was nt feeling sleepy



GEET “She is 1 step forward than u DAD, she replied 2 ur proposal so beautifully.Oh no does tht mean whn ARMAAN proposes me I will also have to reply him in this way”

MAAN mockingly “Yes sweetheart, u better keep ur lines ready for answering ARMAAN’s proposal”


He continues d story-

After a year of dating v informed MY PARENTS abt US n thy were so happy 2 get her as their daughter in law tht thy fixed our marriage in 6 months n engagement in 2 weeks n I was happy tht she will b only mine”


“DAD wt was her name???” GEET asked.

 Part 4-

DAD wt was her name???
Her name was GEET sirf MAAN KI GEET
Oh!She has the same name as me…….
Oh No sweetheart,your named after her as she was my best friend n my life
Bt DAD,y was she ur best friend,is she still nt ur best friend??
No dear ,she is n will always be my best friend forever bt she broke many promises in the process of staying just as my best friend.
Dad wt promises,she had luved u the way u had luved her maybe even more than u!!!!
Anyways u were getting married in 6 months ,then wt happened..
D story continues-
It was our engagement nite n we both were so happy n we had even danced to her fav song
Then it was time for us to exchange d rings bt suddenly she fainted n I got sooo scared as if my life was going far away frm me bt MOM clamed me down n called d doctor
D doctor came n said it was nothing serious just exictment n stress was tooo much n tht GEET needed 2 days bed rest n asked sm tests to b done.
Those 2 days I didn’t leave her for a sec n I also wanted to accompany her for d tests bt GEET being addament asked me nt to go with her n go to d office as there was lots of pending work n as I was d new MD so I had to take more care of d work n upcoming projects.
After coming frm d tests d reports were going to cm after a week n she looked alright n kept herself busy in her studies n wedding prepartions n I became more busy with d new upcoming projects bcoz I had to fulfill GEETs dream of seeing KHURANA CONSTRUCTIONS as d NO. 1 company in INDIA .
           N for fulfilling this dream d time wt we used to spend with each other became realllly less n sometimes I used to b days together in office only.
Bt being GEET she never complained abt d less time we spent together as she knew I was very busy.
After 3 months I got a major project n came home early to give d gud news to GEET bt as I was abt to enter her room I saw her in KARANs arms  crying tht she was really sorry for nt understanding KARANs love who was with her no matter wt ever happened n tht she was regretting getting engaged to me as I never was always busy with some or the other project n nt gave her sufficient time n tht made her realize tht even she luved KARAN n sh just used tp like me.
He said it as if seeing it happen in front of his eyes.
Dad plzzz dnt become sad,it was her bad luck tht she didn’t understand u even after spending so many years with u. So dad wt did u do after hearing this??????
 Part 5-

Dad plzzz dnt become sad,it was her bad luck tht she didn’t understand u, even after spending so many years with u. So dad wt did u do after hearing this??????

I was totally heartbroken after hearing this. I just hit d gym n started hurting myself for nt being able u make GEET trust my love even after spending so many years together.

Here in GEET’s room

Is he gone KARAN?GEET asked

Karan “YES,GEET.He heard us, bt y don’t u want 2 tell him abt ur condition?

At time time u need sm1 who is always there no matter wt?”

GEET “I knw KARAN, I also want 2 tell MAAN bt I dnt know hw many days r left for me in this world 2 live n I want 2 leave this world only after seeing MAAN happily married. THANKS KARAN for helping me.”

“GEET, hv u forgotten d golden rule,frndship mein NO SORRY N NO THANKS”

“OK GEET,so wts d next plan?”

“U will get 2 know it soon KARAN”

“Nw enough of me hws ur GF SONIYA?”

“Who SONIYA???oh tht one.I broke up with her bcoz she luvs me more thn necessary n wanted me 2 get married 2 her n u know me right. MARRIAGE n ME a realllyyy bad combination”

“Whn will u get serious KARAN???she was ur 68th GF u dumped.GOD only help u”

“GEET nt GOD u only can help me”

“KARAN,who is it this time????”making a strict teacher face

“Arrr,ummm its ANISHA d  hottie in our college”

“Oh tht gal,she is nice”

“Ya I know, I hv been dating her n im planning 2 propose her soon”

“You  WT???????????? are u seriousss d great KARAN is gonna propose sm1 wowww thts breaking news” n starts smilinggg.

“Always smile like this GEET n im going 2 misss u sooo much

Y does GOD always do this 2 my frnds onlyyy” n hugs her n cries

“Oyeee KARAN dnt become a DRAMA KING nw n dnt worry even after going away my BHOOT will nt leave u alone

I will cm n trouble u”

Part 6-

“Oyeee KARAN dnt become a DRAMA KING nw n dnt worry even after going away my BHOOT will nt leave u alone

I will cm n trouble u”

Then KARAN gets a call n he goes off as it was a important business meeting.

Here GEET goes to see MAAN as to hw was he reacting because in her heart GEET knew MAAN would react really aggressively n try to take out all of his frustration in tai-chi.

But whn she came to d gym she was shocked as she saw MAAN breaking glasses continueously with stopping one after d other  n his hands were bleeding really badly.

Seeing this GEET just ran to MAAN n started crying n stopped him n pulled him to his room n started bandaging his arms with uttermost care n starts asking him

“MAAN wt happened? Y r u hurting urself so much? If I have done something tell me bt plzz dnt hurt urself plzzz, u knw na I cnt see u hurt n starts crying tht bcoz of her MAAN was hurt”[MAAN doesn’t know tht GEET did tht purposely so she asked d questions].


But here MAAN is confused n thinks “If GEET doesn’t luv me thn y is she in so much pain by just seeing my hand bleeding.

My hand doesn’t hurt so much as much as d pain in GEETs eyes seeing my hands bleeding”.


“GEET” MAAN said “Im ur best friend na thn will u answer my questions honesty plzzz”.


“YES,MAAN i will answer all ur questions ask me wt u want to ask”said GEET.


MAAN asked “Do u luv KARAN n regret our engagement?????plzzz answer my question honestly GEET but as my best friend n nt as my fianc”.


“YES,MAAN I LUV KARAN but I dnt regret our engagement bcoz I knw u luv me a lot bt I realized my luv for KARAN only after our engagement whn u were busy in fulfilling my dream of making KHURANA CONSTRUCTION NO.1 CO. of INDIA.

As u were always with me no matter wt but this was d first time I was alone n tht time KARAN helped me n I fell in luv with him.

Im realllyyy realllyyy SORRY MAAN [crying]I dnt know hw I was I going to tell all this to u.

But nw I dnt knw wwt to do bcoz of me 4 lives are at stake of destruction.”answered GEET.


“GEET y didn’t u tell it to me before I could hv done smthing???”MAAN said.


GEET “MAAN I was afraid to tell u n see hw u react bcoz I know u luv me tooo much n can do anything for my happiness n I didn’t want to hurt u”.


“GEET I luv u tooo much but tht doesn’t mean I would force my luv on u. Ur my bestfriend first n thn my fianc n u know na I can do anything to see my best friend happy n smiling.So dnt worry I will break this engagement n tell MOM n DAD tht u luv KARAN  n dnt worry no onw will ask u anything”MAAN told GEET.


“MAAN im really SORRYY[crying]

 realllyy SORRYYY

Im nt gud for anyone

I always end up hurting u im realllyyy


Always bcoz of me ur d one who suffers

Re’all’yyy’. S’O’R’R’Y'”

MAAN “Plzzz GEET if u were in my fate I would hv surely got u plzzz dnt cry n I know KARAN will keep u hapy tht is y im letting him take u away frm me. N plzzz dnt cry na plzzz u know na I cant see u cry plzzz”.

“OK OK I will nt cryyy”.GEET said.


MAAN “THANK GOD  Im saved frm this DEVIL but I pity KARAN who has to suffer with this DEVIL. Hope he has a strong heart otherwise GOD only save him” said MAAN to lighten d moment.


“U just wait MR.MAAN SINGH KHURANA wt sis u call me ‘DEVIL’

U’. U’.. Ur a DUSHT DANAV d biggest available on this earth”.


N saying this thy started running around d house just like TOM n JERRY.


GEET “OK nw enough I hv to go n inform KARAN abt this as soon as possible.He will be realllyyy happy n its all bcoz of u MAAN. Ur truly my best frnd.”


As she was going suddenly MAAN realized n asked GEET “GEET hw r 4 lives at stake???? Its just 3 ME,U n KARAN.Who is the 4th person in this???”

“MEERA” said GEET.

Part 7-

As she was going suddenly MAAN realized n asked GEET “GEET hw r 4 lives at stake???? Its just 3 ME,U n KARAN.Who is the 4th person in this???”

“MEERA” said GEET.

“Bt GEET hw is she related here?”MAAN asked.

“MAAN u really dnt know this, she luvs u” GEET said.

“GEET i know bt u dnt know d real facts u should get it right.MEERA is getting married on d 13th of this month n she is really happy with d guy she is marrying”

“WT????? hw do u know this?Im her best friend, I only dnt know “

“Ya MEERA had called me today to invite all of us to her wedding with RAHUL MALHOTRA”

“Ohhh OK. Nw BYEEE I hv 2 call MEERA n CONGRATULATE her  n even call KARAN n tell him all this. THANKS a lot MAAN”said GEET n ran to her room.


MAAN n GEET told d whole family about breaking their engagement n all were shocked.

Thn MAAN explained everything n thy agreed tht breaking this engagement for their daughter’s happiness.As parents thy only want to see their kids happy.

GEET is dressed on a beautiful saree

MAAN in a indo-western suit

KARAN also in a sherwani

n thy all r anxiously waiting for d BRIDEGROOM to arrive

N here GEET goes to meet MEERA n sees her in a beautiful bridal wear 

n says 

Aaj tho jijaji gaye kaam se,[hearing this MEERA starts blushing]

Haiii itni soni lagrahi kisiki nazar na lagjaye”.

MEERA “Chal badi ayii. Ap itni jaldi tashreef kesi layi. Meine tho shocha tha ke shaadi hojane ke baad hi aap ayengi”

“Aree MEERA mein tho jaldi hi ajathi lekin tujhe tho patha haina

ab mujhe ek ko nahi do jano ko ready kar ke anatha…

vaha MAAN ko kya pehena hai samaj mein nahi arahtha aur KARAN ko bas mukah chaliye romance karne ka”

“BABAJi bas mujhe bacja lena in dono se”said GEET.

“Acha chal yeh sab cho,mei kesi lag rahi hu” asked MEERA

“Iss duniya ki sabse khubsoorat ladki” said someone frm behind GEET

As GEET turned she saw MAAN n KARAN standing there

n MEERA was like “Ab ayeho tum dono” n started pouting.

for this KARAN said”Kya kare MEERA hum tho bas tumari HONEYMOON ki tickets book karvane gayethe isliye late hogaya”

Hearing this MEERA starts sheiding n blushing.

N suddenly thy hear lot of noise downstairs so all of thm rush down

n thy get to know tht d BRIDEGROOM had cheated thm n ran away frm d marriage n all d people started talking bad abt MEERA.

Lady 1″Nw who will marry this girl? she is such a bad luck to everyone.Whn she was born her mother died n nw her would be husband left her on d day of marriage”

Lady 2 “I think d guy must hv got to know some truth abt MEERA so he ran away frm here”

LADY 1″Ya i also think d same.God knows wt she must be doing on her father’s back”

Hearing all this MEERA just ran to her room locked d door n slit her wrist.

Seeing MEERA running away like tht MAAN,GEET,KARAN n MEERA’s dad went behind her n were knocking d door n telling MEERA to open d door.

After some time MAAN just broke open d door n saw MEERA had fainted

thy went n bandaged her hand n as she woke up she saw all of thm n GEET just came n hugged her n MEERA started crying n shouting

“Y me, y always me,first I lost mom n nw he cheated me after making me fall in luv with him.Y did u all save me.I want to die.Im bad luck to my family bcoz of me my dad lost his respect.Nw who will marry me ?????”

“I will marry u” she heard someone telling her n she was shocked to see tht it was MAAN who was teling her tht n MAAN asked MEERA’s dad’s permission n thy got married.

It was d happiest day for GEET bcoz she saw me settling down.


“Oh so thts hw u got married to MOM…”

“Yes sweetheart thts hw i got married to my wife n urs n PREM’s mom”.

Thn MEERA enters d room n tells “Nw enough of ur stories. Cm down both of u all d preparations for dad’s(maan’sdad) shadhanjali is over n even panditji have cm”

“We are coming in a minute MOM”said GEET.

“No not in a minute right now.I know wt ur minute means.Both dad n daughter are just d same”said MEERA.

“OK MOM we are here,just take a chill pill” sid both MAAN n GEET.

After d shradhanjali ARMAAN comes n GEET just runs n hugs him n kisses him on d cheeks n asked “Whn did u come back frm LONDON?n whr r ur parents u were going to bring thm whn u came next tht is wt u told i dnt see anyone there”

“DRAMA QUEEN, chill let me meet my DARLING first n thn I will answer all ur questions”said ARMAAN.

“Wait a minute.Wt did u call me???DRAMA QUEEN right.Wait i will show u wt this DRAMA QUEEN can do”said GEET n started chasing ARMAAN.

N ARMAAN ran straight to MEERA n said”DARLING wt did u eat whn u were pregnant tht GEET is such a DRAMA QUEEN?????”

ARMAAN I can’t help it overacting is a quality tht she has got frm MAAN “saying this MEERA winks at MAAN n MAAN just returns it with his killer glare.


Thn enters ARMAAN’s DAD.

Seeing him DAADI,MAAN’s MOM,MEERA all r shocked n d most shocked is MAAN…

 Part 8 –

ARMAAN ran straight to MEERA n said”DARLING wt did u eat whn u were pregnant tht GEET is such a DRAMA QUEEN?????”

ARMAAN I can’t help it overacting is a quality tht she has got frm MAAN “saying this MEERA winks at MAAN n MAAN just returns it with his killer glare.


Thn enters ARMAAN’s DAD.

Seeing him DAADI,MAAN’s MOM,MEERA all r shocked n d most shocked is MAAN…

“KARAN “was all MAAN could say n it started to hit him tht ARMAAN must be KARAN n GEET’s SON.

Then a lady came frm behind n then KARAN hugged MAAN n introduced him to tht lady-

“MAAN this is my wife NANDINI”.


n then MAAN held KARAN’s collar n asked him where is GEET ?n u were going to get married to GEET na then hwcome NANDINI is ur wife?What happened to my GEET?what did u do to her?”

n MAAN started punching KARAN thinking of GEET all alone without anyone in this world? thinking wt went wrong n where GEET was??Hoping she was not in some trouble.

N then KARAN came n gave a pot of burnt ash n said”Yeh GEET ki asthiya hai ,it was her last wish that u should do her antimshanskar as she considered u her life n its been nearly 5 Yrs of GEET’s death n she told me to give u her this dairy n you will get to know all the secret’s of GEET’s life.  

Part 9-

Maan took the diary from Karan n went to his n Geet’s room which he had kept as it was from the time she had gone with all their memories,even today whenever he was upset he would come to this room first n then share it with Meera.

Hi I am Geet.I have started writing this dairy from today as when i die i want Maan to know what happened in my life.

21st Jan 1980

This was the day I got to know that my parents were killed by my uncle Brij.But Khurana uncle took me with him.He was very sweet and loving.I also met his wife n also their Son.Aunty told me to call her Mom n Khurana uncle Dad.I then met Maan n he became my best friend and I used to share everything to him without fear. 

19th June 1995

I was so happyyy that today Maan proposed me in my Bday party n I said “Yes”.It was the best day of my life till now n Mom n Dad were sooo happy with our relationship that Mom told she was going to call the Panditji next day itself to fix the day for engagement n marriage date.

2nd July 1995

I was sooo nervous as well as excited.It was my engagement day with my Dream Man Maan,it was like a dream come true for me.I was so scared n in my belly there were 100 of buttlies of nervousness ticlking me but as i entered the hall n Maan held my hand all my nervousness was gone n i was ready to slip off in those cholocalty eyes of Maan.

11th July 1995

It was the worst day of my life.I wished that Maan was there to hold me when I went to the hospital to get my reports but I knew hw won’t be with me as he was busy fufilling my Dream of making Khurana Constructions the No.1 company in India n I thanked god that day that Maan was not there with me because if he would have been there then all our dreams would have been shattered.I could not break down at that time I had to be strong n I had no right to ruin Maan’s life n it was then that I decided to go far away from Maan as that was the day I got to know I had Blood Cancer n that was uncureable in nearing the last stages.

13th July 1995

I thought Babaji was also with me I had got to know that Meera loves Maan n she had tried to commit suicide because she got to know that Maan n I was engaged n then i met her parents n thy told that thy had fixed Meera’s marriage against her will n That day I promised Meera that Maan will marry only her first she didn’t agree but then i took my life’s promise so she had to agree.

16th July 1995

This day I was forced to tell Karan about my disease as i don’t know how but Karan had got my reports n so I had to tell him the truth.Karan told me that he would help me get Maan married to Meera only n only if I agreed to go with him anywhere in the world to get my treatment done n not leave him alone in this world n that I will have to bless him n his wife.

23rd July 1995

It was the hardest day in my life I has to make Maan believe that I loved Karan but where as if my heart no one could take Maan’s place not then ,now or in my next 7 lifes.As Karann had promised me he helped me to break my engagement n I was hurt to see Maan breaking the glass but then it seemed he cooled down n I was surprised to see Maan sacrificing our love with a single complain n that too bcoz I made him believe that I n Karan were in Love n I must say that I should get Best Actress Award as i really made Maan believe me.

4th Aug 1995

It was the best n worst day in my life.Best because 2 of my best friends got married todat n worst day because one of it was my luv.
How much ever i try to be happy but deep inside my heart I wanted to be sitted in place of Meera n get married to Maan but i think whatever Babaji has decided is for the best and pray that let Maan accept Meera as his wife n they have cute kids.

18th Aug 1995

This was the day i was leaving India once n for all n was prepared never to come back n i knew I didn’t have much time n this day Dad,Mom,Dadi n Meera came to leave me to the airport but not Maan i hope to see him once before going but I know he can’t see me going n he must be sitting in our secret place crying his eyes out Im sure of it.I so badly wanted to go back n console him make him sleep on my lap n sooth him with my words but I knew there was no backing off now.
  N as I got the boarding pass n passed the security check I turned back n saw Maan running n i also ran to him n hugged him n never wanted to let go of him but I had to n then i filled my eyes with a glance of him n that was enough for me till the moment I die.

12th Jan 1996

Its been nearly 6 months I have come down to London for my treatment.Now Karan is sooo protective about me that he leaves no chance to accompany me to the hospital but there is also another reason n that Karan is in Love n from past 3 months he is planning to propose to Nandini she is my doctor n that ullu ka patha Karan still doesn’t have guts.So i just took the ring from his hand n when Nandini came for my check up i went on my knees n asked her to become My Bhabhi n she was like totally shocked n blushing n when i saw Karan oh my god the biggest flirt I had seen till date was blushing like a newly married bride.It was a scene to see n then Nandini accepted to be my Bhabhi n i nughed Karan to kiss her n asks him whether I have to do that also for him but he was quick n kissed Nandini.

20th Jan 1996

All happened sooo fast I could not do enough shopping also but however it was Karan’s n Nandini’s marriage n im sooo happyyy.Finally I got my bhabhi.I wanted to send then for there honeymoon but they were not ready to go for ittt n today I saw Maan becoming Maan Singh Khurana,Md of Khurana Constructions on Tv n was sooo happy that he made my dream of making Khurana Constructions No.1 company in India.
Part 10-
4 Sept 1998

Today I saw Papa in London.I,Karan,Nandini and Armaan ,yesss Armaan is Karan n Nandini’s son n when ever I see him he reinds me of U Maan so i named him Armaan n we had gone to Lotus Mall n I saw Papa but I couldn’t have d courage to go n meet him as seeing him made me weak as to wt will I answer Papa’s question’s of nt calling him after coming to London.I just went away from there.

6 Sept 1998

Today Papa came home with Karan n as he came home I was shocked n surprised I just stopped feeding Armaan n had tears in my eyes n just ran n hugged Papa I wanted to hug him since the time i saw him in the Mall n then Karan smiled at me n I knew he had only brought Papa here n I mouthed a silent thanks to him.
Armaan was looking at me n Papa n Karan n then Papa thought tht it was Mine n Karan’s son n I just went with it becoz i didn’t want Papa to know the truth.Papa sat for some time n then told me that he was leaving tomorrow n nw he had an urgent metting so he had to leave n tht time Karan got a call n he went to d balcony n Papa left n then Nandini came downstairs after having a bath n I told her Papa had come n she just missed Papa as he just went.
Then Nandini went to the kitchen n came out with the medicines.

Geet “Bhabhi plzzz mein yeh yuck kadvi kadvi goliya nahi khane wali “

Nandini “Geet plzzz lelena yaar plzzz Armaan bhi itne nakre nahi kartha davi khane keliye”

Geet “Bhabhi mein nakre karthi hu??????aap jayiye mujhe nhi baath kari apse”

Nandini “Aree Geet akhrii baar bol rahi hu n agali baar tujhe doodh bhi dungi goli ke saath tho aab chup chap khale”

Geet “Dekha aab aap gussa bhi kar rahe hai mujhe paatha hai ke me bohat jald maarne wali hu tho mein ye davi khavo ya na khavo kya farak padtha hai”

As Geet told this Karan came in after finishing the call n heard Geet talking about dieing.

Karan “Geeettt??????yeh kya bol rahi haiii, tujhe patha hai na ke iss baath se humee kitni takleef hothi hai par phir bhi tu yese bolthi hai”

Geet “Aree nahi Karan aisi koi baath nahi hai.Sorrryyy na vry sorrryyy woh mujhe davi nahi peeni thi iss liyeee mere muuh se nikalgaya such mein galthi se bol diya janbhuch kar nahi boli mein.Sorrryyy na Bhai apni pyaari si behen ko maaf nahi karo gaye”

Then they heard someone telling frm back “Kyaaa?????Bhai?????”

Then when Geet Karan n Nandini turned towards d door they saw Papa standing there in tears n almos ready to fall on the floor but Karan caught him on the right time n made him sit on the sofa n Nandini brought water n Geet made Armaan go upstairs n play with his toys n just came n sat next to Papa.

Papa “Geet wts happening here you called Karan Bhai n then ur like Im going to die?Wts happening Beta ?Wt are you hiding from ur Papa ?Plzzz tell me beta.”

Then Geet tells Papa about her disease n hw she got to know abt it thn hw she made Maan n all of then believe that she luved Karan n then after coming to London hw her treatment started n hw she got Karan n Nandini married n then the birth of Armaan.

n listening to it Papa was in tears that his small cute Princess had become sooo big n mature n that for other’s hapiness she could do anything when she herself was suffering sooo much.

Papa “Geet your Babaji is sooo unfair 1 moment he gave me gud news of 1 of my child n then in d next moment he gave me a bad news abt my other child”

Geet “Papa i didn’t understand wt ur telling?”

Papa “Geet i was coming here to tell you tht Meera is 3 months pregnant n Maan was feeling like he was in 7th heaven n then i heard abt ur disease. Karan is there anything tht I can do for my daughter just let me know if u need any help I m always there to help you”

Karan “Aree uncle dnt worry till Geet has her Bhai Bhabhi Armaan n nw she also has her Papa so nothing will happen to your Princess”

Geet “But Papa plzzz promise me that you will not tell this to anyone”

Papa “But Geet they have a right to know “

Geet “No Papa I want them to think tht I hv forgotten them n let them stay happy thinking Im happy. Plzzz Papa Promise this to meee”

Papa “OK Geet that’s my promise to you”

Geet “Papa 1 more wish n its like my Last wish plzzz fulfill it for me Papa “

Papa “Yes Geet whatever you tell I will do “

Geet “Papa plzzz name Maan’s daughter as Geet plzzz n I just know that its going to be a girl “

Papa “OK Geet so shall it be as you want “

27 Feb 1998

My health was ditorating I had gone sooo pale n i was sooo thin that I could hardly walk with support n then I was admitted in the hospital n I was in my last stages n Karan n Nandini never left my side n Armaan would come to me everyday n show his drawing of me n tell me that today he went to church n prayed for me n i would just see all of this n have tears in my eyes.
It was a feeling that i will miss all of them n my end was nearing.
I also knew that Karan tried to b sooo strong n brave in front of me but as i was sleeping in the night he would hug me n kiss on my foreheaad n cryyy as he was the 1 person who was there with me frm the start to till my end.

Karan My Best Friend My Bro My life’s most important part n wt more can i say…

9th March 1998 

I was having the feeling that today is my last day on earth n I just got a call frm Papa that Meera’s labour pains have started and she may deliver any time bt more than happy Papa had sounded sad becoz he knew he was going to lose his daughter soon.
n then I gave my diary to Karan n told himn to give it to you Maan n told him to give my last remains to you when Armaan finds his luv n tht is the time you get to know the truth.

n Then I gave the bracelet you gave me to Armaan to give it to his Future wife.

 Maan after reading the Dairy had tears in his eyes n then he remebered Papa calling someone whn Geet was born n then he just went away crying as if someone really close to us had left us n that was the Day he went picked up the baby n said Welcome back Geet 
n i was realllyyy happy that Dad named her as Geet bcoz me n Meera were also going to name her the same.
After some 30 years also I have not forgotten the day when I got to know abt the truth n Im just waiting to go n meet my Geet as I know she is waiting sitting by the clouds seeing me n even today i read her dairy each day miss her like hell n love her even more.

Now life has become slow n I hv grown old 
Geet n Armaan are married n have a son named Sid n he is just like Karan the exact same.
Prem is married to Heer n nw are happily married.

n as its evening i sit with Meera on the terrace n read Geet’s diary n her letter where she has named all her special friends bcoz of whom even in sadness she was laughing n they would patiently sit n listen to all her stories smtimes get angry with her smtimes wait for her.
“You are my best friend as well as my lover,
 and I do not know which side of you 
I enjoy the most. I treasure each side,
 just as I have treasured our life together.” 

“You are the answer to every prayer I’ve offered.
 You are a song, a dream, a whisper, and I don’t know
 how I could have lived without you for as long as I have.” 

“Poets often describe love as an emotion that we can’t control, one that overwhelms logic and common sense. 
That’s what it was like for me.
 I didn’t plan on falling in love with you, and 
I doubt if you planned on fallin gin love with me. 
But once we met, it was clear that neither of us could control what was happening to us. 
We fell in love, despite our differences, and 
once we did, something rare and beautiful was created. 
For me, love like that has happened only once, 
and that’s why every minute we spent together 
has been seared in my memory. 
I’ll never forget a single moment of it.” 

“And when I came in with tears in my eyes, 
you always knew whether I needed you to hold me
 or just let me be. I don’t know how you knew,
 but you did, and you made it easier for me.”

N these were some lines Geet had written to Maan n Maan had always known that Geet n his luv is just not for till they are alive but it is forTill Eternity n no one can forget it or take it away frm him.

                       The End

Comments on: "Till Eternity Maaneet FF" (2)

  1. Alrite, i have read maaneet stories on many blogs and it was great. And here the story was excellent even though, u killed the geet character.. I was like so involved.. I cried along with maan when he read the dairy. Itz so touching and heart wrenching. At the same time i can see the perfection here. Ofc, not every story has a happy ending! Well done 🙂

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